Box Tops for Education Free $10 Coupon Booklet

Go HERE to check your eligibility to receive a
free $10 Coupon Booklet in the mail from BoxTops for Education.

 It states on the bottom of the site that it is for new Box Tops for Education email subscribers only.  I could have sworn I belonged and I figured for sure I would be turned down, but my application went through and they said I could expect to see my booklet in 6-8 weeks!  It is possible I signed up previously with my old e-mail address. I can’t keep it straight anymore! I think this is the 3rd booklet now from Betty Crocker/General Mills in the past few weeks.
It can’t hurt to go HERE to see if you qualify for it.

-Thank you Victoria!

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  1. Great find, I too thought I was registered but got the same message. Looking forward to 6 to 8 weeks to see what we get in the mail!

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