A Few Words about Target Mobile Coupons

mobile2A few of you have e-mailed me with questions about how the mobile coupons work and a few who signed up did not get them.

As far as how it works- this is my first experience with mobile coupons too, as I don’t have any stores in my area who accept cellfire coupons. Basically I signed up the other day HERE, was asked what time I would like to receive my coupons, I chose the time, submitted, and I received a welcome message. This morning I got a message that my coupons were available and was told to go to Target.com/Save to get them.  Once I went to the site on my phone, I was asked to enter my mobile number and when I did, the Qs popped up.

If you only have text messaging on your phone and not internet, you will not be able to pull up the coupons. Also- remember that text and data rates will apply- depending on your plan is what you will be charged. If you don’t have unlimited data and want to see what the coupons are before you download- you can also visit Target.com/Save from your computer, enter your mobile, and view the coupon offers on line to see if you want them. You must be signed up with a mobile number though- or you will not be able to view the offers from your computer. I am not sure if it will be the same link every week to view the coupons- this is all new to me as well.

For those of you who signed up and did not get the coupons sent to your mobile- try going to Target.com/Save from your phone and enter the number you signed up with. Hopefully since your mobile number is in their system already- it will pull up the bar code for you. Let me know if that works for anybody.

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  1. I wonder if there was a cutoff date. I signed up either on Friday and didn’t get anything on Sunday. I called the customer support this morning and she had no idea — said she’d pass it along to technical support. When I go to target.com/save, my info can’t be found but when I just signed up again I received a text saying that I was already signed up….

  2. Hey all-
    I did not even get to use mine today! The Venus were all gone- every single last one and that was what I wanted! Arghhh. As far as those who did not get them today- maybe there was a cut off point for signup for this week’s Qs? You will know for sure next week. And Heather- the wording is this: “each individual offer within the coupon may only be used once”. I just laugh completely out loud at the way Target words things sometimes. 🙂 But my guess is yes- or at the very least once per transaction.

  3. Yep I did that Kerry. No 1 or dashes. Also, I did try to sign up again and it says I am signed up. But then when i go to target.com/save it says unable to authorize access to the offer.

  4. Got mine this morning. I just opened the text msg & clicked on the link, went right to my coupon with the bar code. Planning to try it out today. Should be a good deal with the razors.

  5. I just got my text, but I couldn’t click on the link that was sent in the text (I have internet on my phone, so that’s not the problem). Did anyone else have that problem?

  6. Katie- you probably did this already but no 1 before your number and no spaces or dashes. I would also try signing up again on the site.

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