Quaker Easy Express Oatmeal for .02 Cents!

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0207001551Wow- this was a big surprise when I got to the store today. I was wandering about- a little disturbed that everything I wanted seemed to be wiped off the shelf but then I stumbled upon a great deal! Quaker Easy Express Oatmeal are included in the gift card deal!

Buy 5 Quaker Easy Express Oatmeal ($1.02) = $5.10
(Golden Brown Sugar Flavor)
-$5 Gift Card = .10 cents for five or 2 cents each!!

There was a ton on my shelf so I bought 25 in 5 separate transactions by rolling the gift cards. I was shocked they were still there- but they are way up high and the sign is hard to see. I actually had to hold my camera up over my head to get the sign in. I was thrilled though and I ended up paying 50 cents for 25 cups after gift cards!

It is only the Golden Brown Sugar flavor as far as I know. Christie from Big Fat Piggy Bank & I couldn’t wait to tell each other just to find out both of us had found the same thing! And only on the same flavor- the Golden Brown Sugar. You can check out her haul from today HERE! So if you have no Qs- this is an awesome way to get some super, super CHEAP oatmeal!

UPDATE: Christie printed out the following coupon from the matchups and it has NO size restriction!
-$1/1 Quaker Old Fashioned Quick Oats or Instant Oatmeal Any (must “create a day” and then you will be directed to print a coupon) PRINT
It reads: $1/1 on ANY Quaker Instant Oatmeal or Quaker Quick or old Fashioned Oats!
Depending on how many computers you have- if you can print 5 Qs it can be up to a $4.90  Money Maker
-Thanks Christie!!

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  1. This did not work at my Target today either. Also had hubby and kids in the car so didn’t run back to find the sign. They also screwed up my venus razor and free Olay body wash coupon deal. I will be returning the not so free body wash!

  2. hey in regard to it not ringing up sometimes with a giftcard, it was a system error, they SHOULD be honoring it because it is included, its just that the system didn’t get the update to allow this, at the store I work at we have had alot of these and our managers just take the 5$ off the order and not give the GC, guess our stores more customer friendly lol

  3. I’m happy to say I visited another Target…they even had a sign up at this one, but for the golden brown sugar one only no other flavors…I got all the remaining ones on the shelf:) The cashier was not sure that she could take the three coupons for the instant oatmeal that came in Sunday’s paper because they said “boxed oatmeal”. I just asked if it would not accept when scanned and she gave it a try, and of course it did:)

  4. Wow. This is such an awesome deal! I got five of these (which is all they had left on the shelf) yesterday, thinking my husband could keep them in his desk @ work in case he has to run out the door without breakfasting. He was also impressed at the price. 😉

    Thank you!!!

  5. It worked today at my Target in Central PA…they had three flavors Baked Apple, Golden Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Roll…the Cinnamon Roll was the only one NOT ringing up under the GC sale, but I had a manager come and she gave me the GC’s anyways!!! They also had the $5 GC sign up right under the shelf of these at my Target so I can’t believe they aren’t honoring it everywhere!!!

  6. looks like I’m going to Target before I head to school tomorrow… oh I hope they have LOTS left!!!! 😀

  7. Jade- I am glad you brought the sign up front and that they honored it. It stinks that they gaa=ve you such a hard time- especially with the sign being there!

  8. didn’t work at my target today, i tried even though the scanner didn’t say anything about the deal. Since it didn’t prompt a gc i had her remove them from my order. I will try my other target later this week (my hubby was in the car waiting with the kids, or i may have pushed a little harder since there was a sign up that they were in the $5 gc deal).

  9. I was told by 2 Targets that they were not included yet a sign was posted. Finally after going back to get the sign myself they issued the gift card. As I was walking away heard the two girls complaining and one said she is taking this sign deal down.

  10. Hey Princess- if you are in again this week- take one to the scanner and see if it prompts the gift card. Two weeks ago when I was tring to get an end date for the XBox GC deal- I had to plead with them to scan it because they told me it was NOT a GC deal. He was very surprised when he scanned it and came up. It may very well not be included- but I would take your own word for it and scan the product. It will show up on the screen as 5$ GC if it is included. Be sure it is the Brown Sugar flavor you try.

  11. I took some up front and she tried at the register, she told me they were not on the deal…

  12. Unfortunately the Target in Missourri in the KC area did not offer the gift card deal! I don’t understand how that could be, I assumed they would all do the same gift card sale nationally. I will try the Kansas side though. Sure hope it does its a great deal!

  13. Thanks so much. I saw this at Hip2Save and headed to Target right after Superbowl! Our flavor is Cinnamon. Didn’t bother with using coupons though because I also got other Quaker products to do another deal. Did this twice. And will link you on my blog. Thanks again, Kerry!

    Have a great day!

  14. I went to get this at my Target in Nashville after you posted about it. AWESOME deal! Mine were $1.12 here in the Nashville area.

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