Listerine Unadvertised & Extended Gift Card Deal

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listerineThere is an unadvertised and extended gift card deal for Listerine:


FREE $5.00 Gift Card wyb
3 Select Listerine Products $4.49 Each

(Smart Rinse 500 ml Bonus 2-Pack, Listerine Whitening 16 oz, Freshburst 1 Liter & Coolmint 1 Liter)

Gift Card Deal is good from February 7 – March 31st. This was on an endcap display with several varieties of Listerine- but there were some on the display that were not prompting the gift card, so be sure and scan your products. I was able to find the four products listed that were prompting the gift card, but there may be others.

There are several Listerine coupons available too:
$1 off 1 liter or larger Listerene Target Q from $43 Flip Clip Save Mailer
$1/1 Listerine SmartRinse Bottom Right Listerine Kids Manuf Site PRINT
$1/1 Listerine Manuf Site PRINT
$1/1 Listerine Whitening Rinse, Any 16 Fl. Oz.  01-03-10 RP (exp 1/31/11)
$1/1 Listerine Smart Rinse, Agent Cool Blue Any – 01-03-10 RP (exp 1/31/11)
$1/1 Listerine Antiseptic, Any 500 mL. + – 01-03-10 RP (exp 1/31/11)
$1/1 Listerine Antiseptic 500 mL +, or Listerine Smart Rinse, or Listerine Agent Cool Blue, or Listerine Whitening Rinse 16 Fl. Oz. +, – 12-06-09 RP (exp 12/31/10)

Buy 3 Listerine Products ($4.49 each) = $13.57
-$3.00 (use three $1/1 coupons)
= $10.57 – $5.00 GC = $5.57 for 3 products after Qs & GC.

If any of you got the Flip Clip Mailer you will get an extra $1 Off. Also- if any of you get Self Magazine- there was a really good Q in the January 2010 issue for:
$5/3 Listerine Antiseptic or Listerine Total Care (500mL or larger), Listerine Smart Rinse or Agent Cool Blue (250mL or larger), Listerine Whitening Rinse (16oz), any Rembrandt product or any Reach Toothbrush or Floss. Buy any combination of any 3 listed. – Self, January 2010 (exp 1/31/11)
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  1. My dentist office had Listerine coupons for $2 off Total care or Smart Rinse. Expire 8/1/10. I wouldn’t go hunting coupons at the dentist but we happen to have appointments today so they caught my eye especially when I remembered the Target GC deal.

  2. I’ve tried printing the $1/1 Listerine coupon off, off hyvee’s website, AND the manu’s website and it never prints out on my printer. I printed 2 off Hyvee’s site last night, tried twice to get it off the manu’s site last night, and then “reached my print limit” on but never got it. I wonder why it doesn’t want to work! I only need one more, but would love alot more! *sigh*

  3. I just found Listerine in the K-mart add listed for $3.99.
    I was just on the site and got the coupon to print.

  4. Hi Kerry,
    I just discovered that their site is having issues, I had to log in multiple times and I finally found out that at the the top the site didn’t register me as logged in. So I think we have to make sure it says “Hi, [name] on the promo page to get the coupon to print.


  5. Hi Amie-
    I just got an error too. I am not signed up but tried to do so and it told me “Whoops! That they couldn’t process me.” I am going to try again tomorrow- if I can’t get it- I will cross it off the list. If I have time I will call them in the am. 🙂

  6. Hi I just discover you site through Hip2save and I’m so excited bc I LOVE Target!

    On this deal I’m having trouble printing out the $1 coupon for the regular Listerine. I sign in, go to promo, see the offer, click on it and it asks me to sign in again, once I do I just see the homepage again!

    Any advice?


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