Gift Card Status at the Self Price Check Scanner

Many of you have asked me “What will I see if an item is prompting a Gift Card?”
So I decided to take a picture and show you. I hope this helps. BUT I have heard that some older stores with older scanners don’t neccessarily show the Gift Card Prompt on the screen. Can anyone confirm this to be true? And if that is the case, then perhaps asking an employee to scan it with their PDA may tell you for sure to save you frustration and disappointment at the register. However, I am not sure if a PDA will definitely tell you that information either.

I remember trying to verify the X-Box Gift Card Deal only advertised on-line a couple weeks ago as there was no sign in the store and I obviously couldn’t break into the cabinet and drag it to the scanner. 🙂 But an employee checked it on his PDA and confirmed that it was a deal. But last week trying to confirm the Listerine deal (which started last week, but was unadvertised until this week, an employee who was scanning items for me with his PDA said none of them were coming up as part of the Gift Card Deal. But when I dragged them to the scanner to check they were. But at the very least you can see below by my photos what we are all talking about.


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  1. I am so glad to see what it looks like to see a gift card on the screen. My store has the older scanners and it looks nothing like this and never states a gift card is available. I thought I was losing my mind when so many people would say that it would definitely state one way or the other. Whew…I’m not losing it after all…at least not over this.

  2. bummer my store has the old scanners! I don’t want to hassle store clerks either. I feel bad enough with my wad of coupons at the checkout!

  3. My stores definitely do not do this! I scanned a box of Quaker oatmeal that was definitely in the last deal just to see what it did and it didn’t prompt for the GC.

  4. The older scanners are just a thin line for the readout so they don’t give gc info. Found your site thru printable coupons and deals and you are getting added to my favorites!

  5. Both the Targets near my house have older scanners. You are correct. They do not tell you what prompts gift cards.

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