Free Scotch Fur Fighter Starting Sunday 2/21

I have been able to confirm that the Scotch Fur Fighter is in the ad for $3.99 

There are four different printable coupons for Scotch Fur Fighter HERE, including a $4/1 Scotch™ Fur Fighter™ Hair Remover Starter Kit which will make it free!

 -Thanks so much RainRanda5 for pointing out the coupon!

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  1. Love your site! I just found it!!……I don’t coupon too much, so I have a question – when your getting a deal like this, where the item will be free, is there a limit to how many Target will let you get?

  2. I’d like to chime in….Tidy Mom
    There isn’t a set limit but Target has the right to limit quantities. You want to keep in mind that other couponers would like to get in on this deal and limit yourself . I would look at how many are on the shelf and if there’s a whole stock then 2 or 3 wouldn’t be too much (in my opinion). Also, taking the last item on the shelf is just fine but you don’t want to clear out a shelf because it would be unethical and that means that no one else can get the deal either.

    Most of those things fall into an undocumented “coupon code of ethics” for us crazy savers out there. I hope you get some of these and coupon more, spend less. 🙂

  3. Just to let you know, these actually work. I got one as a sample and was so happy the way they pick up dog hair. The pads don’t last long though. I’m gonna go pick up some so thanks for the deal

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