Fruit Chillers Q on RedPlum


UPDATE: Not sure what’s going on with the RedPlum Q- I clearly see it but it is not letting me print it either!?
Sorry Guys- the only working printable one right now is here:

-$1/1 Fruit Chiller Tubes or Cups (manuf. site sign up or in)

Del Monte Fruit Chillers are on Price Cut until 3/13

Del Monte Fruit Chiller Cups $1.83
Del Monte Fruit Chiller Tubes $2.10 

The coupon makes the Cups just 83¢ each and the tubes $1.10

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  1. Hey Tracy- how weird is that that we can see it but it’s not printing? I also see a Ponds too- and that’s not printing either. Oh they shouldn’t torture me like this- my son LOVES those fruit chillers! 🙁

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