Update on Scotch Fur Fighter

scotch2Make sure you bring your Target ad with you this week – just in case they are out of them at the store. (Most stores display the ad in the front, but just in case!) The ad has the $3.99 Scotch Fur Fighter price with a picture of the product. The $4/1 Scotch Fur Fighter Q is HERE, which will make it free according to the ad price- but some of you may have a hard time since it looks like this may be an error in the ad. 

When I first started doing the matchups I thought this was a crazy price and some of you may had noticed that I pulled the price out of the ad for a period of time until I could double & triple confirm it with Christie. It normally sells for $9.99 in my store- so I thought it was really odd. I am getting several e-mails saying that the sale price on the shelf is $7.99, but so far the stores seem to be honoring the ad price.

Keep in mind that ads include a disclaimer on the back cover that they are not responsible for typographical errors- so I guess it is possible for some stores to not honor the price, but hopefully they will.

UPDATE: Hey all- I just got back- I hunted around all over the place and did find the smaller version of the Scotch Fur Fighter but it rang up at $5.99. My store honored the ad price though and my coupon so I was happy. Hope you all had luck finding it and if there was a price difference your store honored it too.

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  1. I bought the bigger one which rang up at 7.99 without knowing they have the smaller one with the sale price. I used the coupon and took to the guest service to adjust the price and they did.

  2. I found the smaller 5.99 ones. There are 2 different upc on the packages. One rang up 3.99 and another 5.99. They are the same item just a little different packaging. (one says 2008 and one says 2009..the 2008 is ringing up as 3.99) Cashier had no problems giving me the 3.99 price for all plus 4.00 off coupon.

    here are the upc difference:
    051141231860-rings up 3.99
    051141910147-rings up 5.99

    again they are the same exact product, just different packaging, but vary minimal and hard to notice any difference.

  3. My Target trip today was a huge FAIL. My store didn’t have any of the $5.99 kits, so I grabbed a $7.99 kit. And I picked my cashier. I picked POORLY. She was super new. When the kit scanned as 7.99, I pulled out my Target ad and showed her the 3.99 kit. She didn’t know what to do, so she called the front end manager, who brought along a Target trainer from another store. GREAT. After much back and forth, they agreed to give me the 3.99 price. When the cashier tried to use the coupon for $4 off, it beeped. So she called the manager AGAIN. The manager and the trainer both came over and told me that I couldn’t use a coupon for MORE than the price of the item because then, (GASP) I would get the item for free AND they’d owe me a penny. So I told them I didn’t want it. BOO!

  4. I got two yesterday….The larger ones with 5 refills. They rang up 7.99 and I showed the cashier the ad price and she price adjusted it AND let me use my $4 coupon, so 2 totally free!! WooHoo!

  5. I went last night and took one sale-priced at 7.99 to the register, and mentioned the ad price. The manager looked it up eventually found the smaller one, with 2 refills, on an end cap. It was indeed marked for 3.99. Still free!

  6. Pleasant experience for a change! I got a couple and wasn’t hassled for using the coupon. The items rang at 5.99, so I pointed out the ad.

  7. They told me that it the smaller one wasn’t a starter kit and after some discussion the manager said ok. Then my total was wrong I looked at my receipt only one had rung up at $3.99 (the one i previously scanned). They sent me to customer service where they refunded me the 4 but gave me a choice. Either buy them at 3.99 no coupon or buy them at 5.99 with a $4 coupon. So i took my one and left. The funny part is they refunded me the full price and not the coupons. So I scored $16.01. And no i don’t feel bad about that. I would have perferred the product.

  8. I acutally found the smaller ones on clearance for $1.24 at my store! AND was able to get overage (which never happens). But these were the ones for the car which I would assume would be the ones that are supposed to be on sale for $3.99.

  9. I had a horrible experience. They were ringing up at $7.99 and after speaking with both the front-end supervisor and the store manager, I was told they would not honor the price in the ad. Needless to say, I’ll be calling corporate tomorrow morning.

  10. My Indiana Target had these $3.99 fur fighters all on the endcaps of aisles and not with the rest of the pet hair removers.

  11. My store had them marked at $3.99! It’s the Super Target in Riverview, FL for anyone wanting to know 🙂

  12. Ditto to what Megan said, they are a smaller version of the item with 2 refills. My store had to get them from the stock room but they are there.

  13. You need to look on the end caps for the sale items! The 3.99 ones are a smaller version of the 7.99 ones! The 3.99 have the handle and 2 refills as the 7.99 have 5 refills!! I searched my Target this morning too confused but quickly figured it out!! The coupon beeps but the cashier accepted it and reduced it to the 3.99 instead of 4. I found them on the end cap by the pet food isles!

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