Free at Target: 2 Different Gillette Body Wash Products


Still going through all my pictures and notes from Sunday!
I finally got around to double checking a Q so this deal is now good to go!
There are 2 different Gillette Products you can get for free right now at Target w/a Q:

Gillette All Over Clean Hair & Body Wash 8.4 oz $1.99 (regular price)
and Gillette Hydrator + Body Wash 8.4 oz $1.99 (regular price)
-$4/2 ANY Gillette Body Wash or Deoderant excluding trial size 2-21-10 P&G x3/31
= 2 FREE Gillette Body Wash!

You can usually find these product on the sides of the endcaps in the H&B area of the store.

*Please keep in mind that some store prices may vary by region and some insert coupon values may be regional but here’s hoping everybody got the $4/2 too and can find it for free!

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  1. Thanks, Kerry! I’ll take a copy with me next time. I haven’t had this problem before. I have bought other items that were 1 cent less than the value of the coupon (Starkist Tuna Pouch, Scotch Fur Fighter) and I didn’t have a problem. I had intended to donate most of the items to charity that I tried to purchase. It really wasn’t that much stuff nor high dollar items. It’s sad that I was made to feel like I was doing something wrong when I had such good intentions! I still won’t engage in a major battle with Target over couponing, but maybe if I show them the printout of their policy and still remain nice about it this won’t happen again. 🙂

  2. I went to my Target last night and they had these for $1.99 each. They would not let me use the coupon. I tried to purchase some of the items listed in “cheap finds” and they would not let me use those coupons either. They said I cannot use a coupon that is for more than the price of the item. The two Gillete body washes cost 2 cents less than the value of the coupon. This was the manager of the front line that told me this. I was made to feel kind of embarassed like I was trying to rip the place off and other people in line were glaring at me.

  3. At what Target store did you find these 8 oz. Gillette body washes?? I couldn’t find them at mine, but maybe because I didn’t do the scavenger hunt :).

  4. I used the $4/2 on the 1.99 Clinical deodorant as well. My Target had them in the same side cap display as the body washes. All priced at 1.99.

  5. i used the $3/1 coupon for deoderant, and it wasnt anywhere near the trial size, it was right on the side cap with the deoderant!! hope this helps!

  6. Hey all- imo the Gillette Clinical deoderant for $1.99 is a trial size. I know it seems high priced for a trial but all the “clinical” deoderants across any brand have higher price points than “regular” deoderants. It is a .5 oz size and if you check out the travel section I think all the travel deoderants are this .5 oz size. jmo

  7. Kerry, the $4/2 coupon is for bodywash OR deodorant. You can do this:

    BUY 2 Gillette clinical strength deodorant $1.99 ea. (these are small boxes directly above the display of bodywashes, I bet they could technically be called a trial size, but $1.99 doesn’t sound like a trial price!)
    BUY 2 Gillette bodywashes (shown in your post) $1.99 ea.
    Use $4/2 bodywash OR deodorant products (applied to the deodorants)
    Use two BOGO (buy deo., get bodywash free)

    I just got 11 items (6 deo., 5 bodywashes) for -$0.06 as she adjusted the free coupons down, but not the $4 ones. 😉

  8. I saw these on an endcap, not next to the other body washes and not by the trial sizes. The $3 is the bigger sized ones (12 oz) but the smaller (about 8oz) oare $1.99. I noticed that Target likes to have sale items scattered about. Makes it more like a scavenger hunt I guess!

  9. I went to my Target and did this deal yesterday. My store has small clinical deodorant in the same place as these smaller body washes. I was able to buy 11 small washes, 5 small deodorants, 7 large body washes, and 4 regular sized Fusion shaving creams for about $15. I used 4 $4.00 off any 2 Gillette Body Wash or Deodorants, 4 $3.00 off any 1 Gillette Clinical Deodorant, 4 $1.00 off any 1 Gillette Body Wash or Deodorant, and 4 Gillette Body Washes FREE wyb Fusion Shave Prep. I was able to get the full sized body washes with these. To make this deal sweeter, there was a coupon for $1 off the purchase of any shave prep item in last weeks paper.

  10. Sorry April forgot to put P&G- just fixed it 🙂
    Tara & Wendy- sorry your store’s price is so high- 🙁
    & Sally- I’m confused- you need to buy 2 deoderant and then you get the body wash for free. These are both body wash.

  11. There is also another coupon from the prilosec otc if you buy that product doesn’t expire til 4/30/2011 it is $2. off of one gillette body wash. If some one wants some coupons shoot me your email and will get it to u. I am well stocked on this product have four coupons to give.

  12. There is also another stack! 02-07-10 PG has a Gillette buy 1 deodorant, get 1 bodywash free. So if you have 2 BOGO coupons and the $4/2 coupon, you get 4 items free.

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