Target Store Coupons vs Manufacturer Coupons

Target allows the use of one store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon on an item, but I believe many are confused when it comes to deciphiring which one is which. For all of us who have been couponing for a while- I think it is easy to lose sight of how confused some of us were when we started out. I know I was, & I know there are so many newbies jumping in every day. This post is for those who may be confused about the difference between Store Coupons and Manufacturer Coupons. This post is also to those of you who are frustrated that your store is not allowing you to use coupons how I have them listed in my deals- so if either of these topics interest you, please read on.

This example is of a Target Store Coupon. Many newbies see that Bullseye logo and automatically think it is a Target Coupon when truly what you should be looking at is a box that almost always appears at the top of any coupon- wether it be an MQ (manufacturer’s coupon) or a TQ (Target store coupon). When it is a Target Store coupon- it will read Target Web Coupon or Target Store Coupon or Target Coupon.

This is an example of a manufacturer’s coupon. Yes, it does have the Target logo on it- but if you reference that same black box at the top- it says Manufacturer’s Coupon. It can also sometimes say MFR Coupon which is also a Manufacturer’s coupon. My advice would be to leave the logo out of the equation and focus on the box.

When I printed the new manufacturer’s coupons I posted about earlier today- I reported that the logo is now missing from the coupons. If you notice on the MQ shown above- it has the wording www. toward the upper right hand corner of the coupon. This wording is also now gone from the new MQs available on the Target site. I have a sneaking suspicion that Target will continue this- as there are many MQs redeemed as Target Qs. I like to think that most of that is unintentional and due to the confusion that having things like “” and their bullseye logo on an MQ causes.

I also know how confusing it is to have both manufacturer coupons and store coupons up on the web site together. If you reference the Target Coupons Page (use the tab on the top of my site to get there)- you will notice that they are all grouped into MQs and TQs. I also always list the Target Store Coupons in red and manufacturer’s coupons in blue.

I also want to take an opportunity to let you all know that I am just as frustrated as you are about the troubles some of you are having using coupons at Target. While I wish I could help each one of you get to the bottom of it or respond to each e-mail or comment I get, it truly just isn’t feasable and I have to accept that and hope you can understand. I can only offer you the same advice I have offered in many posts before- and that is to call corporate if you can’t work it out with your store. I can’t guarantee that will work either. I know how things should be- but it is beyond my control to make it happen. While I am human and do make mistakes- I try very hard to read all my coupons carefully so that I know they are all being used properly. If anything- some of you may realize that I am overcautious. 

While I do wish I could don a big red cape with a bullseye and be a Target Super Hero and swoop down  to set your store straight- I am still just a very busy Mom- writing a blog- trying to bring you the deals.

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  1. you do an awesome job! i talked to the manager at my target and got clarification for next time. she was nice at least.
    anyway, thanks so much! i can’t believe how much money i am saving. i love your blog, am referring friends, and i find your format good and easy to read. thanks

  2. Thanks! I am new to your blog and I love what you have done! Thank you! You explain things very well and I just love Target!!

  3. Thank you very much! After finding this blog I have saved a lot of money everywhere I go! Understanding how to use coupons is the most important part of couponing. So thanks again for helping me make the most of what money my family does have.

  4. Sorry, also, I have tried and tried to get target coupons to print! I just can’t and I have tried to install the coupon thing they tell you to do???? Any suggestions????

  5. Kerry, you’re doing a great job! I’m glad Target has taken their logo off the MQs as it means we can use them wherever we want without being hassled about that red logo. I can see how it would confuse some of the newbies AND cashiers, too. Keep up the good work!

  6. Can you clarify for me how many copies of the online coupons you can print? I thought in the past I was able to print two copies, but this morning, I could only print one copy of the 7th Gen Spray/Wipes coupon. I’m wondering if it’s different for the Manufacturer coupon vs. Target store coupon, even though you get both kinds from the Target website. Thanks! Love your site!

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