Free or Super Cheap Band-Aids at Target

Okay- so we all know that we can get cheap or free Band-Aids in the travel section at Target w/ the $1/1 ANY Band-Aid from the 1-3 RP. But wouldn’t it be nice to get a 20 ct box AND have more choices than Hello Kitty? 🙂 Several varieties of children’s 20 ct Band-Aids sell at most Target Stores for around $2 or under. I remember seeing Strawberry Shortcake the other day in my store for $1.89. So now you have 2 coupons you can stack together to snag some free or super cheap Band-Aids:

-$1 off Band-Aid bandages (excludes trial size) x4/11 HERE.
-$1/1 Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Brand Product, Any – 01-03-10 RP x3/31

I believe there are a couple types of the adult bandages
that are in the $2.19 to $2.39 range as well.

*It is my advice to bring a copy of the Target Coupon policy with you when shopping. You can go HERE to print a copy. Since the coupons will likely exceed the price of the item- you can point to where the policy says that coupons may be adjusted down.

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  1. What is RP and where can I find this coupon (sorry, I’m new!)? I thought it might be Red Plum, but I can’t find a Band Aid coupon anywhere on their site.


  2. Hey Lis- it is Red Plum- but it is not a printable. If you are new- 1st -welcome!, 2nd – go up to the basics tab and read through – it will be helpful later on and you will know what we are all talking. You can also sort the posts by category (on the left about halfway down) if you click on the FAQ Basic category it will bring up all related posts. It may be helpful to read those as well 🙂

  3. Thank you! I didn’t realize RP was also an insert. Is that in the Sunday paper?

    I will go and read the basics now 🙂

  4. Can you stack a target manufacturer coupon that has the logo with a manufacturer coupon from the newspaper?


  5. I did this deal today. A few of the character boxes have 25 +8 free=33. My little shopper picked out Dora and Scooby Doo.

  6. I did this deal yesterday too! I printed out two target coupons and I had two manu. coupons. My daughter picked out two boxes of Dora bandaids, which was 33 for 1.82, They used all coupons and I ended up making money in the end. I had .36 towards other items I bought. Does this normally happen?

  7. Am I the only one who’s target wont adjust their own coupons down?
    I used the target coupon in the travel size, coupon said any size. They refused to take it.

  8. Not all inserts have the same coupons in them, so yours from that date may not have the bandaid coupons. Mine doesn’t either. Some of the biggest “markets” more populated areas, have more coupons in their inserts. If you can get a bigger cities paper where you are, it may have the coupons. I am 3 hours from Chicago, don’t get the good coupons. Used to be that I coupld get the Chicago Sun Times and get them, but just when I got into it, they quit putting coupons in the Chicago paper they sent to our area. Don’t know why
    Hope this help, hate to think you are driving yourself nuts looking for Q’s that aren’t there! 🙂

  9. so it says with participating band aid products – does this include ALL products? when i read that it makes me think only some boxes of band aids count but the MIR rules just say to circle the band aid product on receipt when sending in???

  10. Hey Lacy- they have so many pictured on the form I think you will be fine. I didnt notice any specs listed either. I would not try Trial sizes though

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