Wags Price Match on Kellogg’s Gift Card Deal

There are a LOT of cereal inclusions on the Kellogg’s Gift Card Deal & I will list what I found tonight after dinner. For now- I had a reader ask me if we could price match the Walgreen’s ad for the deal which is showing Select Kellogg’s Cereals for $1.99. From my notes- the only one that a price match would apply to that fits the right specs is the Rice Krispies. The smallest Frosted Flakes I saw was 17 oz. You may be able to find Raisin Bran too- but I only went by signage in my store when I noted them- I did not scan ALL the cereals. 🙂

Anyway- the size given in the Wags ad is 12 – 15 oz.and the 3 cereals shown are Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies and Frosted Flakes and the ad reads “Select Kellogg’s Cereal” and Limit 4. It has been my experience that things need to be exact for me to price match. Whenever I see the word “Select” I know my store will only let me price match what is pictured and in the right size. They will allso hold me to any limits set in a competitor’s ad. So IMO and in my experience it is a yes only on the Rice Krispies for a price match.  But you each know your own store better than I do and will have to adjust your scenarios accordingly- but here’s a quick example:

Buy 4 Rice Krispies 12 oz Box $1.99 (price match Wags Ad) = $7.96
-$1.50/3 Kellog’s® Cereals 10 oz or larger ANY flavor MQ PRINT
= $6.46 – $5 GC = $1.46 for all 4 boxes or .37 cents a box

NOTE: You are still entitled to a gift card when you price match. I know some people have had trouble with this- but as long as you are purchasing the correct items that prompt a gift card- you should still receive it. I suggest checking out at the CS desk when price matching, and bring the complete ad with you. If you have any trouble and are refused a Gift Card when you price match- I would call corporate. I still can’t guarantee you will get it solved but hope that you do.

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  1. Hey Sally- I was sitting here chuckling to myself as I fixed it- saying- I can’t believe no one noticed my math was wrong! 🙂 PS Actually marshmallows are on PC until 4/3 for 96 cents. PCs will start coming tomorrow or tues. 🙂

  2. Thanks! This worked for me, but I did want to note that the 12 oz boxes did NOT have a sign to include them as part of the sale in my Target store. I scanned a box and found the price to be reduced so I asked a cashier if it was included and it was. Sneaky! I also got 4 bags of marshmallows to go with my cereal so we’ll be on a RK Treat run for a while 😉

  3. Hey theresa- it sound like they are trying to reference the gift card as aTarget coupon- which it is not. so it is not a valid argument – but I am well aware that some stores give people a hard time about this. No cguarantees- but you can try calling corporate to see if you can resolve it

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