New Price Cuts in Household & Lysol Deal

Here are the New Price Cuts from the Household Aisles. 🙂

Disposer Care 4 ct Box $2.49
-.55/1; $1/1 Disposer care, any one size – 03-07-10 SS x6/30

Bounce Dryer Sheets 120 ct Box $4.50
-.20/1; .25/1 Bounce Sheets any size – 03-07-10 PG
-.75/1 Target Q from Flip Clip Home Mailers
Dawn Refill 46 oz $3.99
-.20/1; .25/1 Dawn any size – 03-07-10 PG x4/30
Clorox 2-Pack Toilet Bowl Cleaner $2.50
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner $2.50
Lysol Neutra Air Fresh Matic 1 ct $6.00
-$4/1 Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Starter Kit, any – 03-14-10 SS
GDA: $2 each after MQ- very good price for a product that typically sells for $11.99


I am not sure if any of you have noticed- but before you print the $1/1 Airwick Target Store Coupon it reads “or Lysol Freshmatic” like you see here in this picture. But- once you print the coupon it only reads $1 off Air Wick I Motion Starter kit. I have not tried it yet- but it is possible that the coupon is coded for the Freshmatic as well and would work just fine. This TQ stacked with the $4/1 MQ would make the Kit only $1. In my opinion it should be honored since it is advertised on their site that way- but that’s jmo and will be a ymmv.

But even if you’ve used all your Target Qs on the Air Wick- the Lysol is only $2 after the MQ- which is a very nice deal for this product.

UPDATE: I had a reader comment that this coupon did not beep for her- so if you would prefer the Lysol for $1 over the Free Air Wick I would give it a go.

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  1. Hey sa- sorry- typo there- the MQ you can stack with is a $4/1 not a $1/1. it’s corrected now:) Thx for pointing it out

  2. I just tried to stack this coupon with the $5 Air Wick in 3/7 SS. It beeped and said item not found. He pushed it through anyway reluctantly. Has this coupon beeped for anyone else with stacking the $5 Air Wick Ultra with the $1 TQ when buying the Ultra I motion for $6?

  3. Sherry, which one beeped for you? I just used the $1 Air Wick (Lysol) on the Lysol Freshmatic + the $4 Lysol 3/14 SS. It all went through fine.

    In fact, I got an awesome haul tonight.

    The 26 oz Tide Stain Release powder is marked down to $4.88 and the $3 off Tide Stain Release from the 3/6 P&G works! So $1.88!

    Also, at my store Crest Kids toothpaste is on sale for $1.49 and Target has a current coupon for $1 off!

  4. I purchased 4 of the Air Wick I-Motions and used 4 5/1 from the 3/7ss and stacked with 4 1/1 Target coupons so I got them all for free! At my Target (muskegon, MI) the registers always beep that the item is not there so they always just push them through 🙂

  5. Thanks! The guy I had was inexperienced so he thought maybe it had to do with using 2 coupons (one Target and one MQ) because he pointed to the where the TQ said one per offer (meaning I can’t use MQ on it). He was in a supervisor position, too. I wish stores would educate their cashiers on their coupon policy.

  6. I got the Freshmatic last night and even though the coupon beeped, the associate pushed it through without a single question.

    Come to think of it, in the past two weeks or so, everytime I coupon at Target, no matter what coupon beeps, the cashier pushes it through without a second thought. Before then, they would painstakingly read every single word on every single Q and attempt to interpret what the manny may have somehow possibly meant by placing certain images on the Q. It was insane, but now, even if it beeps that the item for Q isn’t there, they just override it.

    Has anyone noticed this at any of their own local Targets?

  7. Just came home from Target with two Airwick starter kits for FREE! Yay! Thanks for the heads up. I used two $5 off coupons and two $1 off Target coupon. I paid .34 each sales tax. Can’t beat that for a product that is originally 11.99!

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