A Word About the Physician’s Formula Price Cut

Many of you seem to be having a hard time with this deal. While most are finding signage in their stores, the products are not ringing up at the correct advertised price. A couple of you have e-mailed me saying that signage previously there has now been taken down. I am not positive about the reasons for the issues- but I will mention a possibility.

Many times- a Price Cut will ONLY include specific varieties of products.  It is sometimes quite bizarre and I will find all but one product included even if they are at the same original price point. In the case of the PF products- it could be that only certain shades are included and the signage saying “Choose From Assorted Shades” is misleading and therefore possibly being taken down. This is only speculation on my part and just a possibility. If your store does not have signage- you may want to scan a few different shades to price check and see if any of them come up at $3.

BTW- If anyone wants to let us know in the comments what shade they bought and wether or not it rang up correctly or not it would be interesting to compare notes!

Even if you have clear signage in your store- keep in mind the troubles that others are having and check your receipt or watch as the products are scanned to be sure they are ringing up correctly. Even though sometimes they reflect the proper price at the self-price check scanners- occassionally they will not ring up at the register correctly. And finally- keep in mind that some Price Cuts are regional and it may not be available at your store. 

(If you missed the original post on this deal- go HERE)

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  1. I went back to the same store today that I purchased the two at on Monday for $3, they rang up correctly then. Signs were down and the self scanner had them ringing up $8 something. So weird! I didn’t need the second two, I just noticed they had expiration dates into 2012 so I was going to stash them.

  2. I purchased two pressed powders in Translucent on Tuesday evening. They both rang up for $3. The only sign there was for the loose powder. I had been there the night before and there was a sign for the pressed as well. Not sure what happened to it by Tuesday but the pressed powders were still ringing up $3. On Monday night I got two of the Creamy Natural color for $3 each as well. I’ll be back at Target this weekend and will check again.

  3. All four of mine rang up at 8.29 but luckily I caught it because my total was so high. Mine didnt have any peelies but I had 2 BOGO coupons.

  4. Hey Melissa- it makes sense about what they are ringing up at- but I just think that means they programmed the registers wrong or activated the price wrong at some stores. The reason I say that is because they would have had to have an error in 2 places on the sign. First where the sign says $3 each (he says it should have said save $3) and then the sign also says “Save over $7” it just seems weird to me. I’m not quite sure what they will do as this price cut is supposed to be until 4/3 and they are still ringing up properly in some areas. But after hearing what everyone has to say- I don’t think it has to do with product inclusions anymore- I think they just got entered correctly into the system at some stores and not at others? I am not really sure how their register programming works- just a guess.

  5. OK.. So I went to do this yesterday and grabbed a couple of them. Of course they did not ring up correctly so I questioned it, they got a manager and we walked over there together. He looked into it, and said that when they printed up the sale tags, that they messed up when they printed them. Instead of suppose to being $3 each, they were suppose to say save $3 on each, so that would make sense since they are all ringing up like that, around 8 each, and the regular price is around $11, so thats about a $3 difference!!! So thats why its such a huge issue 🙂 they did it for me and then took all the signs down !!!

  6. Yesterday morning I went to the West El Paso Target and got one Translucent Medium Pressed, two Translucent Medium loose, and two Buff Beige loose and had to have them all adjusted down to $3. Used to B1G1F and one $2/1 peelie. They weren’t happy, but they did it after sending someone back to check the sign.

  7. I went to get this today and noticed that my coupons were expired. So sad. Our store had both the compact and loose powder for $3

  8. Yesterday afternoon I purchased (2) loose powders and (2) pressed powders, both in the translucent light. Each rang up for $8.29 or $9.09 respectfully. I referenced the $3 Price Cut sign at the register and the cashier must have been aware of the issue prior and price modified all to $3 each. I used (2) BOGO IP Qs and (2) $4/1 peelies. The overage covered the rest of my transaction and I only paid tax. Yay!

  9. I tried to get the lightest shade in the loose powder. Price checked it and it came up 8.69 like some others mentioned. It was late so I just didn’t get it.

  10. My store was completely wiped out of the 3.00 ones :(, but I did manage to but tow of the 12.69 ones, and used 2 of the 4.00 off coupons. Then used a B1G1 coupon which took off an additional 12.69 which made it 4.69 for both or 2.34 for each one. Not as good a deal as others, but I was pleased since the whole aisle of Physician’s formula was pretty well cleaned out!

  11. I bought one loose powder and one pressed powder, both in the translucent natural or light, whatever the lightest shade was, and the both rang up correctly at $3, plus the B1G1 automatically took off $3, they didn’t have to enter it manually. I believe I went Monday.

  12. I purchased two of the mineral powders, the sign read $3 but they rang up at $8.69. I also purchased 2 concealers at $3.69 each. I was using two B1G1F coupons and 2 dollar off coupons. To my surprise, the B1G1’s took off $8.69 twice, so the powder was completely free and I got a super deal on the concealers. The cashier noticed it, too and said “oh well”. LOL I guess I got lucky. (Puyallup, WA)

  13. Got 5 of them! Each rang up for $3 and all had $4 peelies. The cashier said no b/c it was over the amount of the product and I told her to adjust it down to $3. The manager happened to be walking by (this never happens!) and she said to the cashier to accept them. Made $5 off the deal which paid for some little presents for my daughter! I usually have problems at this Target so this lucky streak is very out of the ordinary for me.

  14. I got two of the pressed powders at my Target in Alabama yesterday. They rang up for around $9, but I caught it and asked them to fix it. They price-checked it, saw the sign, and gave it to me for $3 each. I used a BOGO coupon and a $1/1 coupon and got both of them for just $2 total! I was surprised they were so good about it. I’ve had quite a few problems at my store!

  15. tucson, az
    I got 2 buff beige loose powder. Had a BOGO and a 2.00 peelie. Rang up at 3.00 = .50 ea and no problems. Very unusual not to have problems at my target but nice.

  16. Mine was marked with the sign and also rang up at the correct price. I used a BOGO coupon and a $1.00 off coupon without a single problem. I love my Target! (I live in Oregon, by the way)

  17. I got 2 loose powders in creamy natural and used the BOGO coupon. There was nothing posted about them being $3, but I price checked them and sure enough they were $3. Also lots of the Physicians Formula products had a $4 off peel-off coupon which I used to buy some blush.

  18. I went in last night to the Federal Way WA Target and bought Translucent Light and it rang up for $8 had to get it corrected

  19. i got translucent medium it rand 8.49 but i got the sing and they price adjusted it. i got 2 used a 5.00 gc and paid 1.00 for both

  20. I got the Translucent Medium loose mineral powder and the Creamy Natural pressed powder. They both rang up as $3.00 and I got lucky and found a $2.00 peelie! So with my BOGO coupon, I paid 50 cents for each.

  21. I’m kicking myself. The other night I bought 2 of the compacts in Buff Beige. They showed up correctly both on the self check and at the register. I had a second coupon, but since the signs were up on both the compacts and the loose and there was plenty of product, I thought I would pick some up on another trip. I went back last night, and the loose powder signs were down, and there was no product under the compact signage which was still up. I checked the loose powder on a self check just in case the sign had been knocked down, but it showed the normal price. Since then, I have hit 4 other targets, none of which have the signage or the $3 price on the self scan.

  22. I had difficulty with this purchase. I went to buy the Translucent light shade and it rang up at $8.69 ($10.69 is reg. price). I explained the signage and they gave it to me for $3.00 (after I went back and doubled checked for myself). It worked out well though because I used the BOGO Q—got 2 for $3.00!

  23. I bought Creamy Natural, Translucent Medium, and Natural Beige mineral powder in Derby,KS. They all rang up correctly for $3.00 each. Regular price was $11.49 at this store and with the buy 1 get one coupons I saved $19.98 on the purchase of 4! Thanks for letting us know about this great deal!

  24. I bought 4 boxes of Mineral Loose Powder and they are all for $3 and here are the shades
    1) Creamy Natural x 2
    2) Translucent Light
    4) Translucent Medium

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