Price Cuts & Cheap Finds Pages Updated

Just wanted to let you all know that the PRICE CUTS PAGE and the CHEAP FINDS PAGE have both been updated. I have taken to putting the new ones directly under each header (on CF Page) or Date (on the PC Page) if you are trying to just spot the new ones.

I am always adding new Qs but I usually do my major updates on Wednesday and Sunday nights. Now of course new revisions and updates will start all over again when new Qs come out on Sunday 🙂 but for now, it’s updated!

I also just want to say thank you to my readers who help me maintain this page. Pointing out a broken link or letting me know a new or expired coupon I missed may seem like a small thing to do- but it helps out in a big way. It is very important to me to keep these pages current – and any help – no matter how small- is appreciated!

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