Leapfrog Leapster Games Sale

FYI- pretty disappointing- but so far only 3 reported titles are being found for the $15 Advertised Price:

Disney Fairies, Pet Pals, Star Wars Math

A few have been found for $16.99 but most other Ttles were $19.99. Still a savings on the others with the Qs- but definitely not as nice as the $15 ones. Stephanie found some not on sale at all- but meanwhile the ad says “ALL other Leapster Software also on sale”.

-Thanks Mike & Stephanie for reporting on the sale!

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  1. Hi Shannon-
    -Several MQs for Leapfrog Learning Path Members HERE: http://www.leapfrog.com/en/login.html?redirect=http://learningpath.leapfrog.com/learningpath/overview/validate/true (Follow the link, sign in or create an account. Once signed in make sure you are on Learning Path Tab- go toward the bottom right where it says Exclusive Savings. There is a -$5/1 ANY Leapster Learning Game x6/30. You should be able to bring it in to Target to the CS desk and do a missed coupon. hope that works for you.

  2. Well, when getting ready to check out yesterday I realized my Leapster Manufacturer coupons expired on 3/27! Argh! I guess this deal wasn’t meant to be for me. Foiled again!

  3. Kerry-

    Yes, it is definitely a Target Coupon, not a Manufacturer Coupon, per the verbiage at the top of the Catalina. I bought a few grocery items and paper products and some hair dye to wash away my gray, LOL. I did not buy any toys or kid-oriented items. I plan to do this deal on Wednesday. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks!


  4. Hey Shannon- it should come off before they are applied. forgive me for asking but- are you sure it is a Target Coupon? I know the catalinas spit out with big Target logos all over them but does it say Target coupon along the top or manufacturer’s coupon? Also- what did you buy to get the catalina if you don’t mind me asking? TYVM!

  5. I just went to do this deal and forgot my Leapfrog coupons at home! However, when checking out I received a 20% off Leapfrog Software Catalina coupon. I think this may work out better than the $5 off Target coupon. I’m thinking:

    Leapster Fairies $15
    Leapster Up $16.99

    Total: $31.98
    minus Target 20% coupon (-$6.40)
    minus 2 Leapster Manufacturer coupons (-$10.00)

    Total out of pocket: $15.58 for two Leapster games

    Does anyone know if the 20% Target coupon will come off the total before or after the Manufacturer coupons are applied?

  6. I just bought my boys the Leapster 2 and needed some games and was looking for a sale on them. I think I did pretty good considering that the regular price at Target is $24.98 each.

    I bought:

    2 of the Leapster Pet Pals- on sale for $15 each
    2 of the Leapster Finding Nemo- on sale for $19.99 each
    2 Bop-it Toys- on sale for $14 each (they have a promo that you get a free card game (choices are Monopoly Deal and Scrabble Scram- these are valued at $5.24 each ) – I bought 2 so I got one of each

    Coupons used:

    Hasbro.com has a $5 manuf. coupon for $5 off Bop it- I printed 2 of them

    Target has a Target web coupon which you get $5 off $30 or more any Leapster purchase- I printed 2 of them

    Target also has a Target web coupon for $3 off Hasbro toys which includes Bop it- I printed 2 of them

    If you go to Leapster’s Learning Path and sign in or register if you don’t have an account, you can print $5 off coupons for Leapster games. – I printed 4 of them.

    Total before coupons was $108.46
    -$5.24- Monopoly Deal Card Game
    -$5.24- Scrabble Scram Card Gam
    -$5 off $30 Leapster (Target coupon)
    -$5 off $30 Leapster (Target coupon)
    -$5 manuf. Leapster game coupon
    -$5 manuf. Leapster game coupon
    -$5 manuf. Leapster game coupon
    -$5 manuf. Leapster game coupon
    -$3 Target web coupon for Hasbro toys
    -$3 Target web coupon for Hasbro toys
    -$5 manuf. coupon for Bop It
    -$5 manuf. coupon for Bop It

    Total before taxes and after coupons-$51.98

    I thought it was a pretty good deal on 4 Leapster games and extra toys.

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