Pictureka Included in Free Card Game Promo

There are actually lots of games that qualify for the FREE Scrabble Slam or Monopoly Deal Card Game Promo going on at Target this week. One of them is Pictureka Flipper. Sarah found signage in her store on the Pictureka- and said the register just rang the card game up at zero even though The Pictureka was clearanced. When picking out your free card game- look for ones that are specially marked with a little yellow starburst in the corner that says “Save $5”. They contain a $5 Off a Hasbro Game Q inside (shown above) that includes Pictureka.

This is great news for those of you who are able to find the Pictureka Flipper Game clearanced for cheap as now you can roll! Once you make your first Hasbro purchase from this week’s Promo- if you found a specially marked Card Game, you can pull out the Q, buy a Pictureka, get another Free card game and do it again! I on the other hand was not so lucky- as about 20 or so Pictureka Flipper Games are sitting on the shelf still at $9.50! I will be checking back at my store again though- I really hope they go lower this week as I would love to get a few more games for my gift closet!

-Thanks to Sarah the Savvy Shopper!

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  1. ok, i am writing 1 more thing. after reading various notes to other people on other blogs….i realized that my above emails could have upset someone….i hope i didn’t offend someone that i cleared out the pictureka flipper games. and that it doesn’t seem like i am greedy or anything. i am really new to this couponing thing and learning the etiquette. so i truly hope i didn’t upset anyone and i will try not to be greedy….i do plan on donating alot of it…..

  2. wait just to clarify the above- the total i spent in both transactions at target was around $20-that included the 3 connect 4 games, twistable crayons, and toilet paper. then i got 6 pictureka game and 9 scrabble slams free!

  3. thank you for posting this deal, i checked your site before heading to target and i cannot believe what i got for free—-ya wanna here? i couldn’t have done it without this site and the comments on this topic

    ok-so this week is my sons birthday, last week his favorite game connect 4 was on sale,but my target was out of them. i got a raincheck for 3.

    this week, my target was out of them still so went to a different one today, since his bday is wed.

    ok, so i here the employees trying to figure out how to do a raincheck and it is like some price adjust key. i think, hmmm…this week you can get a free card game with connect four could it actually work?

    so in transaction 1 i bought
    3 connect 4 with my raincheck at $7 each, i got 3 scrabble slams with coupons free (except one was missing a coupon :P) used 3 $4 off connect4 coupons. they wouldn’t let me use the target q

    then i had 2 coupons from a previous scrabble card purchase so i bought 2 pictureka flippers for 4.77 got 2 more sets of cards with coupons. used my 2 coupons to get pictureka for free

    and i bought some crayons. so i got 3 connect4 games, 2 pict.flipper games and 5 card games for $9 oop. plus the $4 for crayons with tax came to $15

    then, i went to the car opened my card games got 4 more coupons, cause 1 pack was missing its coupon
    and i went back in and bought toilet paper, 4 pictureka flipper games and 4 scrabble slam games ….after coupons and sales and stuff, i only spent $5 and that was on the toilet paper.
    i got a total of 6 pictureka games and 9 scrabble slam games for free!!!!!
    plus i still have coupons in 4 of my games that i just got!

    now, this deal was a bit special cause i had that raincheck from last week….but maybe some of you got that too….

    anyway, i cleared out the p.flipper games at the watchung target.

    thanks so much. i have a ton of gifts to store in my attic, plus i will probably donate some to people who lost so much in the recent flooding……

    hope this is able to help someone else, like you have helped me!!!!!

  4. In our area they were on clearance for $4.77. I had 2 of the $5 off Q from the card game deals I scored last week. Got them both for free and the remaining .46 cents went toward my filler purchase. used my $3 off Hasbro Q on the 3rd Pictureka…..only paid 1.44 for that one.

  5. this is what my girlfreind scored yesterday at our local store and she was so excited that she called me as soon as she got back home. our target has those on clearance for only $5.24, and it still qualifies for a free card game with $5 off coupon inside. so she just pulled out the coupon once card game was scanned. and only pay $.24 + tax for the pictureka and card game, i thought it’s a fantastic deal.

  6. I just got through going to the play saver website and the coupons have been reset which is great for me because I did not print the coupons I had wanted to print. Yay!

  7. My son was picking out games for his birthday…he got Connect 4×4 (sale $14-$3 Target Q-$4 Connect 4 Q) = $7, free Scrabble game. Got the $5 Q from the Scrabble box, bought Pictureka Flipper ($7.24-$5Q) =$2.24 and got the Monopoly card game free! My 6 year old will be a coupon pro & make his wife very happy someday! 🙂

  8. Wow, I agree! I said outloud, “wow, that’s terrible.” Someone should have a seriously guilty conscious!!

  9. I was so excited to get the free scrabble card game with a $5 coupon for another game, until I realized someone had removed all the coupons from the boxes. I hope whoever did this is reading these comments because they have some bad coupon karma and it will catch up with them eventually. Bad deeds always do.

    On a side note, someone also steals the inserts out of the papers from my local paper machines. It’s probably the same lousy person.

    If I ever witness someone doing things like this, heaven help them because they’ll have me to answer to!!

  10. Hey Letty- It’s pretty bad that someone would stoop that low to actually open the box and take the coupon out- that really really stinks.

  11. My target does have the pictureka flipper game marked down to $5.98 which is great but the cards that have the 5.00 off coupon have all been opened and the coupons have been removed. The other target did have the flipper game markdown to $7.98 and the card deal did have the $5.00 off coupon.

  12. Toys in most Target stores are usually marked down on Wednesdays or Thursdays- though each store’s schedule may vary. You can ask your store which day markdowns for toys happen and check back on that day.

  13. Pictureka was also about $10 at my store – bummer! Do you have any thoughts around when they will take the next price cut? Someone had told me sometimes it is Thursday??


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