More Free Tide with New $1/1 P&G Coupon

The P&G from today’s insert for some includes another $1/1 Tide Detergent with no size exclusions. Many Target stores carry the Travel Size 1 Load Tide 2x for around $1 (priced at .97 at my store) which makes it FREE with coupon.

Tide 2x Ultra Travel Size (1 Load) .97
-$1/1 ANY Tide Detergent 4-4-10 PG x4/30

*Note- using Qs on travel size items at some Target stores is a chore- and may be a ymmv even though the Q states ANY.

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  1. Roni- you were able to print them???? I’d love to be able to do that!

    Anna- the coupons beep because the Tide price is 97c. The cashier either has to “accept” the coupon (most do) or “re-adjust’ the coupon price (I’ve only had 1 cashier adjust the coupon price)

    I usually don’t purchase Tide, but I love the samples! Each package is pre-measured so my kids don’t waste my laundry soap when they do their laundry!!

    I’ve also discovered shopping during a “peak” peroid is better for using coupons.

  2. bring a copy of target coupon policy with you to the store if problems…it has helped me to pay at courtesy counter too

  3. Just used mine this morning, had 15 and got 15 for free + $.45 towards printer ink! Basically got a small bottle of Tide for free….Thanks for the tip!!!! 😀

  4. I tried to use these tonight without success. I stopped shopping at Target for a long time ago because they make couponing so difficult! The other night I used some of the $1/1 Reach floss and and the $1/1 Clean and Clear and it went OK so tonight I went back. The manager was so rude and making up the coupon policy as she went along. I am sure it won’t do any good but I will complain tomorrow. This is not specific to Target but I’m noticing I have more trouble with couponing very late at night. I think rush hour is the time to shop. 🙂

  5. I am going to use mine later this week, these will work perfect this summer when we are traveling around playing baseball!!

  6. I find that this one isn’t worth the hassle. The coupon always beeps even if I am at other stores, including Walmart. Cashiers tend to point out that is says “redeem for product size(s) indicated, even though it doesn’t indicate an actual size.

  7. yes it is a chore, and i’m finding that the finds print reads ‘redeem for product size(s) indicated” which obviously means that the picture of a jug of tide is not a travel packet. then i struggle ethically with it!! any thoughts?

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