Totally Target is Now Print Friendly

I have good news- I have finally added a Print Friendly plug-in to the site. What this means is that you will now have the ability to make custom lists from my posts or pages. For those of you unfamiliar with a Print Friendly feature- you just click this button on the bottom of a page or post: This will create a separate page for you that looks like this:

Once on this page you can click a button at the top right corner to remove all images from the page. You then click on the deals you DON’T want to do to remove them from the page. Now you wil be left with only the ones you are interested in and you can now print. I have gone through the Price Cuts Page and the Cheap Finds Page and made them Printer Friendly and from now on I will post with this in mind too. I did not do the Current Ad, but I will use this format in the new 4/11 ad/with matchups that I will have up for you tomorrow morning. But for now- the Price Cuts & Cheap finds page are ready to go. I hope you find this new feature useful. 🙂

Thanks so much to Taylor at for this wonderful Plug-In!

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  1. I hope not- i can see myself in my reader. I did experience down time for about 15 min- maybe that just threw it off for a bit. let me know though

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