Free Coffee at Starbucks on April 15

On April 15, you can get a FREE brewed coffee by bringing in a reusable travel mug into any local Starbucks. You can also join Starbucks and make a pledge HERE to switch from paper cups to a reusable mug. You can also get 10¢ off any time at Starbucks off any beverage when you bring in a reuseable mug.

-Thanks Starbucks! & Thanks Miami Mommy Savings for the heads up!

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  1. You may want to call ahead to the Target Starbucks to see if they are participating. My local store said they were, but they’re not advertising it.

  2. What I found out today…. If you don’t want a brewed coffee, you can request an iced coffee, hot tea, or shaken tea to be poured into your reuseable mug!

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