Free Benadryl Itch Relief Stick & Advice

When the $2/1 Printable came out for this I posted this deal- but this time it is a freebie thanks to a new $5/2 insert Q n this past weekend’s Red Plum. But many of you had trouble last time because for some reason several stores claimed it to be a trial size. A second problem some of you may have is that the coupon is for more than the cost of the products and will need to be adjusted down. 

So here’s my advice- if you don’t have it printed already- print a copy of the Target coupon policy HERE to keep with you. The policy states that the coupon may be adjusted down if it is more than the product. My second piece of advice is to bring the phone number for the McNeil J&J info center with you. It is 1-877-717-2824. If you are denied use of the Q because the store feels it is a trial size, you can politely explain that it is not, and you can call Benadryl for them if they would like. Maybe that will be enough.

If it’s not- you can call that number and get a rep on the phone who will explain to the manager that it is not a trial size product- in fact it is the only size they make in that product. (I called myself to be absolutely certain.) 

Benadryl Itch Relief Stick $2.29 (regular price)
-$5/2 Any 2 Benadryl Products (ETS) 4-11-10 RP x7/31
= FREE  after Q wyb 2

-Thanks to Jennifer for the reminder on the new Q!

*Keep in mind some Prices may vary by region- you may find it higher or lower at your store- but my guess is it will still be free or pretty close to it!

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  1. My daughter tried using the $5 off 2 coupon today and they wouldn’t let her use it because they said that they don’t price adjust a coupon down when it is off of 2 products They only price adjust for a coupon on one product. I told my daughter to call corporate when she got home because I don’t think that is right.

  2. I used my coupon today, didn’t have any trouble. Thanks for all the work you put in to this website.

  3. I haven’t been able to find these at any of the Michigan Detroit area Targets. I have been looking in the allergy section but are they somewhere else? Thanks for your help!

  4. I tried using the $5/2 coupon on the Benadryl and the lady refuse to adjust the price downwards as well, though she did it for the $0.97 Tide detergent (with a $1 coupon). I was in a rush to pick up my son so I didn’t have the time to point out the discrepancy. It did leave a sour taste cuz I also had problems with my B1G1 + $1 off Head & Shoulder deal. I actually managed to clinch that deal on an earlier transaction and thought I’d run into the shop again to grab another set. I went back to this cashier thinking that I’d have no problem but she was like a different person! I politely reminded her that the manager was around to help up earlier (like 5 mins ago) with the earlier similar transaction. Of course she wouldn’t bulge. So can I really use a B1G1 + $1 off 2 items like in the Head & Shoulder deal?

  5. Hey Andrea- at many Target Stores and grocery stores and Drug Stores this is perfectly acceptable. I am not sure why some Target stores have issues with this. A reader the other day commented that she has trouble at her store because her store’s register attaches both products to the B1G1, therefore kicking out the $ Off coupon because both items are taken. I have never run nto this problem though but unfortunately if your store does not accept it- you will have take it up with corp. and I am not sure what they will say. But it is widely acceptable use of coupons unless a coupon specifically prohibits you from doing it. (an example is the B1G1 for Purina Busy Bones in the 03-28-10 SS that has this type of wording – I think it says something like no other coupon may be used to make these purchases)

  6. Hi Kerry! Thanks for letting me know that this B1G1 + $ deal is acceptable. It was really my first attempt at this and I was glad it went through the 1st time. I really have no idea why it didn’t get through the 2nd time and was starting to have some self-doubt that I was lucky the 1st time (though the cashier did get a prompt from the machine to call for a manager then). I will try again tomorrow and hopefully I manage to get the shampoo and conditioner that each had an additional travel size attached. So that was extra bonus for me and I wanted to grab the last 2 on the shelf. 🙂

  7. Thanks Kerry, I was able to do this tonight and she gave me the overage! No problems at all! 🙂

  8. Look in the anti itch cream section instead w/ the Benadryl. Mine was there. Also if you give $1 off coupon first then B1G1 it should work then.

  9. You guys are all lucky! My store wont even let me use Target internet printables, multiple employees told me this. Called corporate, they said they would call the store and then call us back and never did. 🙁

  10. Thanks! These were $2.54 at my Target in Northern CA – and though I might be in the minority on this, I would actually rather pay the .08 than have a big scuffle over the coupon. Great deal!

  11. I looked in my Red Plum insert, but can’t find that coupon. Is it a regional coupon? I would really like to take advantage of this!

  12. Hi Laurie- it does say $5/2 other things besides Benadryl- if you see Benadryl Qs in your insert look in bottome right corner of that Page spread- it was $5 off 2 of Benadryl or Zyrtech etc. If u don’t see that- than it may not be in your insert and regional.

  13. Found them! Thanks for the deal and the location of them. I am lucky that the Target by me has AWESOME cashiers who are very helpful. I always go to my favorite cashier and go over my coupons with her first so she knows which ones to adjust down. She appreciates it because then she can just adjust them down as she rings up each item. I got free lightbulbs, the Benadryl itch sticks and the satin care shaving gel free today. Also the $5 gift card coupon for buying 3 scrubbing bubbles actually was ringing up as a $5 coupon so I got it off instantly. My cashier said she had other people with the coupon and thats they way it was ringing up in their system. So for 3 scrubbing bubbles I paid 50 cents after my coupons! Thank you for all the hard work you do to save us money!

  14. I didn’t have these coupons in my paper either!? I was able to get the $1.50 off one benadryl from there website not nearly as good of a deal but still pretty cheap!

  15. I didn’t have a problem either at my store in Brandon,FL although I did take the last two. Kerry we love your site 🙂 I didn’t try the other Target since I had one semi happy shopper and one left at home!

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