A Word About Disappearing Target Coupons

Some of you may have noticed that several Target printable store coupons have been doing a disappearing act lately. You go to look for something and say “Hey! Where did it go!?”

I spent some time today updating the COUPON PAGE and counted 10 Target Store coupons that are no longer there in about a week’s time. I am finding more and more that Target is pulling Store coupons early- way before their expiration date. Some of you may have noticed that with the Giada sale. They pulled the coupons right before the sale.  And the $2 Off Air Wick coupon didn’t even last 2 weeks and it was not set to expire until June. So if you think you may have interest in something- print it, don’t wait.

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  1. I have noticed that, and it seems to be a general coupon trend.

    Coupons.com used to almost always let you print 2 of a kind, but more and more often I’m running into coupons there that they will only let me print one copy of.

    Printable coupons in general seem to be disappearing more quickly from their respective sites than they used to.

    I think it has to do with more people getting into couponing recently due to media coverage of “extreme couponing”, and the allotments are getting used up faster.

  2. Hey Cindy- thanks for your comment. and yes- they do update their coupons weekly- usually on Sundays but sometimes more than once a week- but they used to leave their store coupons on until they expired and would just add to them. The manuf. Qs they have on the site come and go often, but the store Qs would remain and they would just ad to them. Just want to give you guys the heads up that not all store coupons seem to be remaining on their site full valid time period anymore- unfortunately.

  3. I really wish they would seperate there coupons from manufactor and Target ones…..I hate printing lots of them.

  4. I do too Jeni- which is why I maintain the coupon page- this way you can see which ones are store coupons- which ones are not

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