It’s Friday! Time to Start Searching for Swagbucks

Today is Friday which means Mega SwagBucks Day- a chance to earn BIGGER BUCKS than normal by searching with SwagBucks. Good luck everyone- I hope you all get BIG BUCKS today! 
If you don’t know about this great reward program – read on… 

SWAGBUCKS is an awesome way to earn prizes- including Target eGift Cards and others- just by searching the web. It is FREE to join.  Their search engine toolbar is easy to install and you just search the web as you normally would. The amount of swagbucks you are awarded for searches varies, but it doesn’t take much to earn yourself a gift card. Once you sign up you can refer your friends and earn even more! It is not only rewarding, but fun too. I just love seeing those bucks come upon my screen! Go HERE to join & find out what other great prizes you can get.

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