FREE Motrin PM at Target with Coupons

There was a coupon in this Sunday’s 4-18-10 Red Plum for $3/1 Motrin PM. It is likely a regional coupon- but for those of you that got it- you should be able to score FREE Motrin PM (or very close to it- depending upon price in your region) when you stack it with a Target Coupon.

Motrin PM 20 Ct. Ibuprofen Caplets $3.99 (Regular Price)
-$3/1 Any Motrin PM Product ETS 4-18-10 RP x8/24
-$1 off Motrin pain reliever (shows pic of Motrin PM) Target Q PRINT x7/15

*This is a fairly new product and may not be available at all stores

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  1. It is just hit and miss sometimes with certain cashiers. I had them tell me this weekend that they can not adjust manufacture’s coupons down only target coupons can be adjusted. I was trying to buy the Benadryl itch pens. Also, when I tried to purchase the ottoman’s on clearance and use my coupon they told me I could not use a coupon on a clearance item. Go figure? I still got my purchases I had them call over a specific manager that I always go to with coupon issues and she is really super and awesome!!!

  2. It sounds like the cashier wasn’t very well trained in dealing with coupons. My coupons beep allll the time at Target ( it always says ‘ item for coupon not found’ , though of course the item IS there) and the cashiers just hit some button, it deducts, and they keep scanning my coupons. The only time I ever had a problem was when a customer service lady told me they couldn’t adjust coupons down anymore, which I was pretty sure was incorrect, but didn’t have the policy to refute her with.

  3. curious if you gave the MQ before the TQ? I would try it the other way around if you did. It should not matter- the coupons are both correct- and it is their policy to accept both and if the problem is the penny overage they should be adjusting it down by the penny. I would go to CS desk next time- if the cashier says no then just ask for the mgr. good luck- hth

  4. My manu. coupon beeped and the lady didn’t know what to do so she just told me she can’t do the $3.00 coupon? I had 2 yr old with me and knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere so I let it go.

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