Clearance, Clearance, & More Clearance!!

*Note- Clearance varies from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same things- BUT it’s fun to hunt and nice to be prepared if you do find it- which is why I post the clearance. 🙂 Thanks so much to all the readers who contributed their clearance finds and pictures- you guys rock! Let us know in the comments what you’ve found!

I found the Gerber Onesies 5-packs on clearance yesterday for 30% Off down to $6.28.  There are some coupons available to print that you can use to get an even bigger discount too. I saw girls and boys- some on an endcap- some mixed in with the regular stock. There are Gerber coupons HERE: $2/2 Gerber Onesies, $1/1 Gerber Apparel & $2 Off $10 Gerber Apparel or Bedding purchase.

Nicole found adorable spring dresses for little girls clearanced at 50% Off down to $9 at her Target in Puyallup, WA. She said they just had a ton and picked hers up for $8.98.
-Thanks Nicole!

Check out the Halle by Halle Berry 0.25 fl oz Eau De Parfum Spray that Tara found at her Target for 75% off marked down to $2.98!  There is a $/1 Halle by Halle Berry Berry All You coupon HERE that would make it free if you can find the same!  -Thanks Tara of CombatClippers!

Jade found these Webkinz for $2.49. They were not marked as clearance but scanned at that price. (Thatta girl! Scan Away! :)) She also found Tyson Fun shaped nuggets for 1.58 & Tyson Spicy chicken patties $4.88. And there is the following coupon: $1/1 Tyson Frozen Breaded Chicken, Any – 04-25-10 SS -Thanks Jade!

I am surprised I didn’t hear about any cheap bathing suits or other clothing items! I personally did not get a chance to look at the clothes- although I did check out the sunglasses and not a clearanced Merona one in sight! 🙁 And Even though the Merona Handbag Q is gone- Jen, Lynne & Susan have all been thrilled with the huge amount of clearance finds in the purses. Jen found the purse in the pic on clearance for 75% Off.   -Thanks Ladies! 

Stacy got some great clearance on electronics: She found a TomTom GPS for $75 at her Fargo, ND store- clearanced at 50% Off down from $150.  She also bought a vtech 6.0hz cordless with 2 bases for $22, and $5 digital picture frames with three display pictures. She saw lots of other clearanced electronics- ipod docks, tv accessories, gps accessories, and much more. She also had a home mailer Q for $15 off a $100 electronics purchase- which was valid on a combined purchase for a truly awesome deal! Oh- and BTW she also picked up an ice scraper for 12¢ ! 🙂
-Thanks Stacy!

Melissa and James both found Crest toothpaste on clearance. Melissa found it at 50% Off for $1.34. They were packaged with a travel size Crest Pro-heath and a single use Glide floss sample (as well as some coupons!). There is a .75/1  Crest Toothpaste 4 oz  + from the 5-2-10 PG. But Meissa also had a Flip Clip Mailer Q which helped sweeten her deal. -Thanks Melissa & James! 

Jen found the SpongeBob Ortega Taco Kit on clearance for $1.74 – she used the $1/2 Ortega Products HERE and paid $1.34 per box.   Tiffani found Old El Paso Gordita dinner kits for $1.18 – she had a $1/2 tearpad- but there is the .60/2 Old El Paso Products HERE  -Thanks to Jen (Confessions of a Couponer) & Tiffani!

Meredith found Silk Chocolate Milk on clearance 30% off for $1.88. She bought 4- used two .75/1, two B1G1 and paid $2.26 for four of them! She said it was only the Chocolate being clearanced. I’ve listed available Qs below.  -Thanks Meredith!
-B1G1 Any Half Gallon Silk Soy Milk  04-11-10 SS x7/31
-.75/1; $1/1 Silk Soymilk any half gallon – 04-11-10 SS x7/31
-.75/1 Any Half Gallon SIlk Soy Milk (goes straight to printing)

I brought all my gum & candy coupons with me yesterday and I am glad I did. I even had to run out to the car and cut out my B1G1 Tic Tacs out of the papers I had bought because I found the TicTacs for 52 cents. I bought 12 packs, used 6 B1G1 and payed $3.12 for all 12. There was Trident, Stride and more- all clearanced. There really was a lot. It took up like 2 shelves on the clearance endcap in Grocery. The Trident and 5 Gum were .64 each, & Stride was .58 cents.
B1G1 TicTacs Any Singles Flavors (excludes multipacks) 5-2 SS OR PRINT
.55/1; $1/2 Mentos Gum, Any Bottles  02-21 OR 04-25-10 SS
$1/3 Trident Gum, Any Single Packs, Multipacks Or Bottles  04-11-10 SS
B2G1 Stride Gum, Any Single Packs – 03-14-10 SS – valid up to $1.49

Lucy noticed certain flavors of both the International Delight (Sweet Buttercream) and Coffee-Mate (Italian Sweet Cream, Fat Free Cinnamon Vanilla) on clearance for 30% Off. The COffee-Mate was $1.25, the Intnl Delight was $1.11. There are several coupons on both for a great deal if you find it too. -Thanks Lucy!
-.50/1 Nestle Coffeemate Liquid 5-2-10 SS x8/2
-.75/1; $1.50/2 Any Coffee-Mate 15 oz or larger (sign in or sign up) 
B2G1 Free Coffee-Mate 15 oz or + HERE
$1.50/2 Coffee Mate 15 oz or + HERE
 -.55/1 International Delight any flavor pint (manuf site) PRINT
-$1/2; .55/1 International Delight, any 2 Pints – 2-7-10 or 3-07-10 SS Both x5/31

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  1. I wanted to mention that I received a Target mailer that had some electronics coupons inside…including a $15 off a $100 electronics purchase. I used that on my COMBINED purchase of clearanced electronics items for even more savings!!

  2. i found the girl spring dress for 4.48 and crest toothpaste and colgate for 1.34. lots of gum too. they had fur fighter refills for 3.48. i live in WI.

  3. My store was all out of the Gerber onesies, will have to check another! But I find some great stuff, got 9 outfits and 2 pants for my baby for just under $40!!!

  4. Hey Stacy-sorry I left that part out- just updated the post- definitely need to give credit for savvy shoping where credit is due!!! 🙂

  5. Together my friend and I found 24 clearanced Merona purses. The first day we went they were 50% off, so they were $5 and $6.48 (we only bought 4 this day) so it was a great deal with the $5 coupon, but then 2 days later they were 75% off so they became money makers for us! It was awesome and we had great cashiers that let us use them with overage!

  6. I went this morning and after 5 weeks of watching the boys toddler size formal easter outfits on clearance they finally went 75%. I got a blue 4 piece blue blazer/tie suit and a pin stripe 4 piece suit for my son for $6.24 each!

  7. The gerber onsies run really small. I bought the 12 months and they washed up to a 3-6 months size.

  8. my guy was a preemie and so slim until about 6 months- so I loved them because they were so narrow- but yes- definitely eared toward slim smaller babies.

  9. I got the Gerber onesies a few weeks ago on clearance, with a $1 off coupon and used them for a baby shower gift. Also found a blanket 1/2 price to throw in with them. Ore Ida Steam and Mash was also $1.74 a few weeks ago so I got two and used two $1 coupons. I used the Merona handbag q to get two purses FREE! They were both $2.48 and the cashier let me use it to cover both! I keep waiting for our Easter baby clothes to go better than 30% but that’s still what they are.

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