$1/1 Bic Stationary Q = Free or Cheap Pens!

There is a great new printable $1/1 Bic Stationary product HERE that can get you some super cheap and even possibly FREE pens. My store carries the Stic Grip 7 ct. Pens for .99  but keep in mind-  regular prices may vary by region. Be sure to also check the clearance – who knows what you’ll find. 🙂

Bic Stic Grip 7 ct Easy Glide Ball Point Pens .99 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Bic Stationary product PRINT

Bic Cristal 10 ct Ball Point Pens 1.24 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Bic Stationary product PRINT
= .24 cents each after Q

Bic Wite Out Correction Fluid $1.27 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Bic Stationary product PRINT
= .27 cents each after Q

-Thanks for the great new Q, Printable Coupons and Deals!

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  1. I believe it’s rolling- mine cam up as June 6 when I printed it yesterday- u may get June 7th if you print today

  2. Hi Amy- yes isn’t it funny? I am not positive- but I am thinking that it could be sort of the same thing as a grocery chain in my area who has something called A stores in higher income areas – at these “A” stores- one can expect to pay anywhere from .10 and up for a large percentage of items in the store- yet you can travel 5 minutes down the road and pay a cheaper price. If you have more than one Target store to choose from I suggest a little research- bring a little notepad with you and note who has the higher prices and for what. You may see that it wobbles back in forth- ie store #1 has product A for 50 cents and store #2 has product A for $1, but then you also may find that store #1 has product B for $1 but store #2 has product B for 50 cents. But you should note these things- because if store #1 is consistently higher thank store #2 – and if it’s possible to shop at store #2 without spending a fortune on gas to get there- that is where you may want to shop.

  3. Kerry, I know that you posted that the regular prices may very by region, but… i went to 2 different target stores in my area – only a 20 min drive from 1 store to the other, and there was like a 50 cent difference (on the glade oil refils) is that because they maybe in different regions?even though they are like under 10 miles difference?

  4. That’s awesome! Thanks, I will definitely have to print this one.

    I actually tried to email you, but I do not have Microsoft Outlook, so I could not figure it out.

    I went to my local Target today (South Florida), and they had a lot of women’s swimwear for sale including the Merona brand. I was able to get a Merona tankini for $6.98 after clerance and coupon. I posted the details on my blog, but there were lots of sizes and styles to choose between. I checked online, and the one I got is still listed at $19.99.

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