Unadvertised Gift Gard Deal on Biore Products

Some unadvertised Gift Card Deals may be regional- so if you don’t see signage- price check your items to be sure your store is participating. I am really happy with this one, since I love Biore and we have some good coupons still available to turn this into a super sweet deal.

giftcardsm3 FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 Select Biore Products*
Deal & Prices Valid until July 10, 2010 and there are several inclusions:
*Biore 6 ct Ultra OR 8 ct Deep Cleansing Nose Strips $5.94
*Biore 14 ct Deep Cleansing Pore Strips OR 60 ct. Cleansing Cloths $8.99
*Biore 5 oz Pore Unclogging Scrub OR 6.7 oz Clear Blemish Cleanser $5.94
*Biore 1.7 oz Dual Fusion Moisturizer SPF 30 $13.99
*Biore 6.7 oz Self Foaming Cleanser $5.99
-$5.99 (use B1G1: FREE Biore Cleanser wyb Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips 03-07-10 SS x5/31)
-$1/1 Any Biore Skin Care Product
-$2/1 Any Biore Skin Care Product PRINT

Buy (3) Biore 6 ct or 8 ct Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($5.94) =$17.82
Buy (3) Biore 4-In-One Self Foaming Cleanser ($5.99) = $17.97 TOTAL: =$35.79 
– $6.00 (use three $2/1 Any Biore Skin Care Product PRINT
-$17.97 (use three B1G1: FREE Biore Cleanser wyb Deep Cleansing Pore Strips 03-07-10 SS x5/31)
= $11.82 – $10.00 (get back two $5 Gift Cards for buying 6 products)
= $1.82 for all 6 products  after coupons & gift cards!

**Note- unfortunately- some stores will not allow a $ Off coupon to be used on the non-free item even if the B1G1 Q does not prohibit it, so deal will be a ymmv. HOWEVER- even if you are only able to use the B1G1 Qs it is still a great deal if you buy the 6 and use 3 B1G1s. It will be $7.82 for all 6 products- or $1.31 each- that is still a really great deal imo.

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  1. Quick question … When using another Q with B1G1 Qs, which should be handed over first? I hope that makes sense! I know you’d want the B1G1 deal, but is there a way to not make the register beep?

  2. Kari – nothing should beep in this transaction BUT from what i’ve seen and experienced lately, hand the free coupon over first, then the one for money off. Target has rolled out a new POS (point of sales system) ((at least the ones in the Dallas area have, so i’m not sure if its been rolled out nation wide yet)) where the cashier has to go to a second screen and select the item that is to be counted as free from a master list of what is included in your transaction, whereas the “old” way a cashier could just type in the amount of the item of which you were trying to buy. (But as i’m sure you can guess so many people would say that the item was for a higher amount than it really was and they ruined it for the rest of us.)

    TO ANSWER your question, it shouldn’t beep, but with the new system, if you hand over the $2 coupon first, it could attatch itself to the free item and not the one in which you are trying to pay for – so in this senairo, you are buying the pore strips and getting the cleanser for free; I did a transaction similar to this and the register took the $2 off of the cleanser, not the pore strips, so when it came time to “attatch” the free coupon to the cleanser, it couldn’t be done properly because the POS had already price adjusted the cleanser (which caused the cashier to look at the screen dumbfounded, and three managers later we figured it out); you would still be able to get the cleanser for free, but you’re essentially losing $2 because that coupon didn’t go towards the pore strips like we all want it to. (The situation can be remedied however, by either passing the bogo to the cashier first or watching the cashier as they ring up all the coupons; should the same thing attatching fiasco happen to anyone else you can have the cashier delete the coupon and rescan it again after everything has been figured out.)

  3. Last week I recieved a booklet with a coupon for a free $5 giftcard with a $50 purchase, I didn’t think I would be making a purchase that big, but now I will be able to use it with this deal to make it a money maker (or at least cover tax to make it completly free).

  4. Dawn – just make sure you hand the $5/50 over BEFORE all the other coupons are scanned because even though you spent $50 or more, after the coupons are scanned and the total gets below $50 for some reason the computer will beep and won’t even let the cashier bypass the message or “push the coupon through”. (that also happened to me recently. I’ve had a lot of fun at target recently.)

  5. I always see posts for using multiple MQ’s in one transaction. My stores will not allow this, does anyone else have trouble? Maybe I’m just not picking the right cashiers.

  6. Thanks K10!!! I have yet to encounter a problem using B1G1 & another Q (knock on wood).
    Sherri … Pick the youngest male you can find! Thats how I do it. The younger cashiers dont seem to care as much. They hate their jobs as it is.
    I had one cashier get confused on the tresemme last week and actually took ANOTHER $3.99 off 🙂
    Good luck and Happy shopping!

  7. Sherri, Many stores are starting to not allow this senerio to go through now. I used to do this at my CVS stores, and now they peep, and it won’t go through. Same for my Meijer store. The truth in reality, is that the coupon B1G1 really is applying to both items 🙁 So we can’t complain if it won’t go through. I see this both ways……
    Just know what your stores allow and stick with it. It keeps everyone happy.

  8. Thanks so much Ladies! I started couponing about 2 mo. ago and my stores are very tight on what they take for coupons. I’ve ended up spending more money than I would have if I had not tried to use the coupons at all 🙂 I get flustered and cave much of the time. The few times I did stand up…even for things that fall under the policy, the store mgr was like..no we can’t take those, we can’t mark coupons down. I even showed her the policy and she’s like…well each store has their own policy! I was not happy with that. I have since started looking for specific cashiers to make it easier but I think the So Cal stores have clamped down or there are many uneducated cashiers about the policy. I”m not trying to get away with anything but I would like to get the offers the policy allows for at least.

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