Another Update on Juicy Rewards

So I spent some time this morning speaking to a supervisor on the phone from the Juicy Rewards Program. After our conversation, these are the conclusions I have come to.

1. For those of you that successfully participated in the Deal of the Day on 5/26, and redeemed points for the FREE Product coupon- Tropicana has every intention of honoring that order and getting you your free coupon.

2. Everyone who successfully participated will not only get their coupon, but should have been credited back 9 points as well. These points are not a refund (even thought it calls it that in your account), but rather a gift from Tropicana in addition to the original coupon for the inconvenience of their technical difficulties.

3. For people who successfully participated, you should have either gotten a pop-up screen to ask for address re-submission upon logging into your account to ensure the mailing of this coupon OR you should have received an e-mail with instructions and a link to re-submit your info. You may want to check your spam/junk folders for this e-mail. It should have been sent on 5/28.

4. If you did not get the email or the pop up screen- at that point you can call Tropicana Juicy Rewards at 1-888-289-2384 and they can verify that you participated and take your mailing info over the phone to ensure the receipt of the coupon.

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  1. I participated in the deal of the day on 5/26. It asked for my address info and said I would receive the coupon. I however could not get the additional reward. I never received an email or a pop up upon login. I did receive the 9 points ‘gift’. I called this morning and they said that as long as I was able to enter my address originally it was fine. The email or pop up would only appear if there was a problem entering originally. They said the 9 points ‘gift or refund’ was because I was not able to redeem for the additional reward. They did not take any additional info from me when I called. Hope I get it.

  2. I did not get an email, nor did I get the 9 points, but was able to submit my address on 5/26 .. was 4 per household, other 3 accounts all got the 9 points .. hopefully i get at least 1 coupon!

  3. I take it back, I had one original account, just remembered the name of the account I created and it has asked for my address, has 10 points in it, here’s hoping

  4. I too got in early with no problems on 5/26. My account shows 9 pts. refund (no gift, pop-up or email). I called and was told that they see I participated ,but no coupon was being sent (I could have gotten someone that didn’t know anything because I was on hold for 5 minutes while he checked). He verified my address and said I would get it in the mail in 7 – 10 days. Your information was GREAT! I just wanted to make sure because the difference of a gift and a refund (a gift sounds like that’s in addition to your coupon, but a refund sounds like nothing was awarded).

  5. This is now posted on Facebook:

    As a reminder the 5/26 Deal of the Day was: Redeem five points at for a FREE Tropicana Pure Premium… See More® coupon (max value $4.99) PLUS a reward of your choice (exclusions apply).

    The email was only sent to people who had five points deducted during the 5/26 Deal of the Day, but weren’t able to submit their mailing address during the redemption process in order to receive the coupon.

    If you were able to submit your mailing address as part of the redemption process on the 5/26 Deal of the Day at, you will still receive your coupon within 7 to 10 business days.

    In addition, points were awarded to your account if you did not redeem a reward of your choice on the 5/26 Deal of the Day. However, you will still receive the coupon if you provided your mailing address.

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