5% Discount for Using a REDcard Starting this Fall

I got a few e-mails from readers about a new Rewards program that Target announced yesterday that will begin this fall.  This new program will award Target shoppers a 5% off instant discount at check-out every day when they use a REDcard at any Target store or on Target.com. If you are unfamiliar- there are 2 different types of Target REDcards. There is a Target Check Card which works like a Debit Card through your checking account and there is a Target Credit Card. You can go HERE to see the differences and apply for both- but you can also just apply in the store.

The good news is- this discount will be for BOTH the Target Credit Card & Target Check Card. This new Rewards program will replace the current one where you earn a 10% Off Coupon, but the current program will remain active for cardholders until the new one is activated this fall.

Target has had this program on a test run in Kansas City since October 2009. Jenny, who is in Kansas City has been using it since it started and loves it. She said that you get the 5% off upon payment and the discount shows up on your receipt. The discount is taken after all coupons and before tax. If any other Kansas City folk that have been able to take advantage of this programhave any other thoughts on their experiences with it please feel free to comment below.   

Target also announced a change to the Pharmacy Rewards program. Starting this fall, guests will receive a coupon good for 5 percent off a future day of shopping every time they fill five prescriptions at a Target pharmacy with a Target REDcard. You can read the full article on both of these new programs HERE.

-Thanks so much to Jenny, Ray and Julie & all the KC readers for helping clarify the terms!

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  1. Yes, I was there yesterday (October 13) and they started the 5% discount at my store too (Lino Lakes, Minnesota). I also used my 10% rewards card so I received 2 discounts!

  2. I’m excited about this program coming to our area. I have a Target Credit card. I am wondering if anyone knows if I can get a Target Check card as well. I like the idea of using the card and having the money come directly out of my checking account. Takes out the extra step of walking over to customer service to pay the credit card off.

  3. If you get the credit card please be careful and read the fine print. The interest rate is pretty high so if you don’t pay of that credit card in full each month the 5% discount at Target is probably not going to be worth it.

  4. This will be a good deal for sure as long as they don’t jack up the shelf prices to compensate them for the discount. Don’t mean to be a downer, but I am always suspicious of corporate motives. It always seems that the consumer gets the wrong end of the stick. But here’s hoping for the best.

  5. I’m in KC – the 5% off does stack with the 10% pharmacy rewards cards. I bought a new TV a few weeks ago and got 15% off by using both! I pay for our prescriptions with the red card and get 5% off my copays. I have noticed that the 5% discount does not show up when redeeming pharmacy coupons for new/transfer prescriptions.

  6. I applied for the target check card today at the store and it DOES ask for your SS#. Then I was told they needed more info and I would get a letter in the mail in 7-10 days explaining what they need. We already have the Target credit card so I can’t imagine why they need more info. I was having a hard time with the pen pad accepting my inputs and I hit “no” twice for one of the questions and it flipped the screen I was on and then another one so I am wondering if it took a no answer when I should have answered yes to something. I didn’t like that I had to input my SS# as I am not sure why they need that.

  7. I’m in KC and love the 5% discount! I now use my Target card a ton more then I used to (I’m sure this is the purpose). My only complaint is that you can’t pay your credit card bill with gift cards (at Kohl’s you can use your % off coupon then pay with your charge card then turn around and pay the bill right away with a gift card). My pharmacy tech said the % coupons you earn from them stack with the everyday 5% savings.

  8. I work at Target. You can sign up for the check card at any register or at guest services. Make sure you have both your checkbook and your ID with you and you are good. I will tell you that for some reason when I signed up for mine I first got the whole “we need more time to process your information” bit. However my card showed up in the mail not too long later. I’m really excited to hear about this program, I actually haven’t even heard about it from Target yet!!!!!

  9. Is there somewhere that tells you what will happen with your current point balance? I have a TON of potential 10% offs but since they only come once a month I’ll probably loose them.

  10. I am in KC, didn’t know this was regional. Really wanted to get the card, but DH said no to a CC. How do you sign up for the check card?

  11. I live in the KC Metro area too and love my 5% discount, I honestly didn’t know it wasn’t everywhere. Its always nice to see that extra 5% come off after all my coupons, and $0.05 credit for my reusable bags.

  12. This is a much better deal!

    Let’s say you spend $50 a week at Target every week. You’ll save $2.50 a week with the new program. $2.50 * 52 weeks a year = $130.00/yr savings for doing literally nothing!

    Under the old (current) program, you need to spend $1000 to get ONE 10% coupon. At $50 a week that would take 20 weeks to reach meaning you would reach it less than 3 times in one year. To save the same $130 in a year that you would under the new program, you’d need to spend $1300. Since the 10% coupons are good for one day only, that means the $1300 would have to be spread out over only 3 days or so of shopping out of the year or $433 each time you used one of those coupons. Not too many people spend that much in one day, and if you tried to you’d probably be buying stuff not at rock bottom prices to get there.

    Under this new program, you can wait for the best deals and get your discount incrementally day after day after day which is awesome!

  13. I’m in KC too and love this – 5% everyday and 10% with the pharmacy rewards. What I’m not clear about though is with the new program, can you stack both the 5% pharmacy and the regular 5%? If not, what’s the point?

  14. No for the check card you just show them one of your checks and it comes right out of your account every time.

  15. Wow. I will be so excited for this. I love getting my 10% off especially around the holidays. But I think I will save a lot more with this!

  16. Wow! This is awesome! We use the check card and just got a 10% off day that we need to use soon, but to know that this fall we’ll be saving 5% every single day is even better!! I’d much rather have the instant savings rather than have to wait and accumulate over time!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  17. I love my Target card…and the 5% discount! I have recently switched over to online bill pay as 2 payments I sent to Target never got posted to my account resulting in late fees and interest charges…! These 2 payments happened exactly 1 year apart. So, I would make sure you watch your Target accounts if you do decide to do mail in payment! 🙂

  18. I’m in KC, too, and this has been AWESOME! I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up when this rolls out everywhere…it’s free money!

  19. it’s 5 percent off everything I don’t think it’s gcs though not sure. It’s after coupons but before tax. If you use gcs those are deducted prior. I love it! It’s easy and the extra savings are nice. Check card is so easy to get and it’s great. I save so much more vs the old one. The old way had to spend 1000 then you get the 10 percent . I spend about 100 to 150 each week. So took 8 weeks then I would only save like 15 or 20. Now I save 5 to 7 each week.

  20. Also when they rolled over the program, I had just received a bonus 10% day, but then since they were ending it, they gave you another 10% bonus day to clear out your points so I ended up getting 2 in a row, which is awesome:) I hope this happens to you too!

  21. I am in Kansas City also, the 5% discount is after coupons. It’s off your final total amount and doesn’t deduct until you swipe your card. In my experience I also got 5% off pharmacy co-pays, which I was surprised to see.

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