Free Olay Total Effects Body Wash for Some

Today at my store I was so pleased to see the Olay Total Effects Body Wash 8.4 oz Size Newly lowered to $3.54. It will be likely that some of you will still see it at $5.50 but for those whose stores have also lowered the price- it will mean FREE Body Wash!

Olay Total Effects Body Wash 8.4 oz $3.54
-$4/1 Olay Total Effects Body Wash 6-6-10 PG
= FREE after coupon!

If your store will allow a $ off coupon onย the non-free item when using a B1G1, you can buy the Ivory Bar Soap on Price Cut along with the Total Effects and use the B1G1 coupon too:

Ivory Bar Soap Simply Ivory 10 pack $3.59 (Price Cut until 6/12)
-$3.00 (use FREE Ivory Body Wash Bar Soap or Handsoap wyb Total Effects ย 6-6-10 PG
= .59 cents for both after coupons. (The max value of the B1G1 Ivory coupon is $3)

The Ivory Body Wash and Handsoap are not available at all Target stores, but Michelle reports the Body Wash at her store for $3.09, so that is another option which will cost you only 9ยขย after coupons if your store carries it! -Thanks Michelle!

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  1. So bummed I didn’t get to use my coupons this week yet. One Target did not have them on price cut. The next one was on price cut but totally out. Why don’t they make this easy for us and have the same prices at every store. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hoping to score some this week. I have a ton of body wash so I’m not too worried just would love to score some more! Thanks again for all you do! You are the best!

  2. Corporate says the cashier was wrong. Of course, Kerry is right! I just need to move up your way and go shopping with you! It will be a sad day when the cashiers make me quit going to Target, but don’t think I will ever stop checking this site. Love the atmosphere here… if there is such a thing on the web. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kerry – you are AWESOME!! Thank you so, so much for the hard work you do and having the most informative site. Pat yourself on the back because you have a ton of people who are grateful that you are in our corner!!

  4. My Target refused to accept both coupons. Told me I had to choose one or the other. The lady stated, “you would be getting 4.00 off a 5.50 product and then 3.00 off the soap. We can’t pay you to take our stuff.” Calling corporate on this one…

  5. Semal- when you don’t read a whole post- sometimes that creates a problem- like calling something I posted “a lie”. I consider that a problem. I am not sure how much clearer I can be other than what I said- which is – “It will be likely that some of you will still see it at $5.50”. I also stated at the bottom of my post- “The Ivory Body Wash and Handsoap are not available at all Target stores”. PLease read my posts thoroughly before insulting me. Thanks. I work extremely hard and don’t appreciate basically being called a liar. If anything I am on the conservative side and try and make sure readers well understand that prices, availability, coupon situations etcetera can vary. Because I take such extra effort and more time to do that- I find this comment even more insulting.

  6. this is lie target dose not have sale,bodywash price is $ 5.50 and target do not carried ivory body wash.I went to target monday but theydo not have this items…..

  7. does anyone have the upc? so, I can call the stores before I drive all around town. I have 20 coupons….woohoo!!!

  8. I am bummed out that my store usually does not have most of the price cuts that are shown on the site. I go to the store with a bunch of coupons hoping to score some great deals and most of the time I end up leaving the store with all my coupons ๐Ÿ™

  9. I forgot to mention I was talking about the Olay body wash & I did scan it too.

  10. The Target in a suburb of StL still has it for $5.99=( I had two coupons to use too. I’ll check again another day.

  11. I’m excited to snag this at Tradition some time this week…I used 9 coupons on the Gillette razors and got free pants for the hubby with the overage (love the guy cashiers that don’t adjust the coupon down!) Thanks for all your tips and I TOTALLY love you being local, so I know what I am in for ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hey Tom- I’m not in West Palm- I’m in St. Lucie. It is not a dated Price CUt- just a lowered price my store and some other readers are reporting finding in their stores too.

  13. Hi Kerry, what store in West Palm Beach did you find this deal at, and when does the Price Cut end.
    It seems to be hit and miss down in Broward county.


  14. What a bummer of a trip to my Target today. The Gillette razors are still full price and are not marked down for clearance. My Edy’s ice cream is marked down to $2.50, but neither of my four (from 4 different newspapers) SS 5/16 ads have an Edy’s coupon in it. The Quaker stuff is not B3G1, but instead is 3 for $8.00 and the Olay Body Wash is still full price. Wahhhhhhh! What’s wrong with my store?!!

  15. Not on sale in Brandon, FL. Went this morning, scanned them and they were $5.50! Bummer, hoping they drop in price soon!

  16. I can’t seem to find the same kind of deals. Olay was $5.50; Ivory 3.59/10 bars. Still if I split the $4 cost between the two, I end up paying .20 per bar, .05 less than my lowest so far in my couponing. I was able to do 2 deals at my local store; but the store across town refused to accept both coupons. Even talked to manager. I was hoping to use all 6 of my coupon sets and have 1-1/2 years of bar soap for making laundry detergent!!! Will watch to see if Olay drops in price over the next few weeks.

  17. I just got back in MI, ran over on my lunch hour. Although the price said $5.50, and 1 even said $5.54, I took one and scanned it, sure enough, it was $3.54. Yahooo! I’ve been wanting to try this! So to the person who called their store first, I wouldn’t take their word for it…. Happy shopping!

  18. Price cut in the Davie store, at the corner of Stirling Rd and University Drive. Davie Fl.

    Price is $3.54, sold out tonight, New Truck Tuesday.

    Will check Pembroke Pines store tomorrow after work.

  19. My target had the Ivory body wash for $3.09. Ended up with 2 bottles of body wash for .09 OOP.

  20. If you are being given a hard time I would bring in the whole P&G wih you then- the coupon picture is tiny- but the advertisement next to it clearly shows a multipack of bar soap. hth

  21. i was told the free b1g1 free bar soap q is only good on the single bar even though the value goes to 3.00

  22. Hey Jennifer – yep- that is why my deal ends up being 59 cents- the coupon will cover up to $3, the cost is $3.59- so you will have to pay 59 cents.

  23. The b1g1 coupon with the Nivea & Ivory says up to $3.00 for the free item.

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