Target Daily Deal: B1G1 Mossimo Sun Dresses

It has been very difficult for me to post today due to some nasty thundersotrms that keep zapping my electricity on and off! 🙁 All part of Florida summer weather I know, but quite inconvenient. I just gave up for a while- but I will try again to get through a few posts uninterrupted.

So today’s Target Daily Deal is still available and a pretty nice find – Mossimo Sun Dresses are Buy 1 Get 1 Free at $21.99.  These stripes won’t do anything for my figure- but they have some nice solid colors to choose from as well. You can also use coupon code TCJ09UAB to get an additional 10% off at check out. And you can shop through Shop at Home (for 5% Cash Back on your purchases) or Swagbucks (2 Swagbucks for every $1 spent). These are super comfy casual dresses, perfect for summer time and there are a few different colors to choose from. Go HERE to check it out and order yours while they last. 

-Thanks to Bucktown Bargains and Darcie!

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  1. It gave me a shipping discount versus the 10% off but for 2 dresses, paying $18 shipped is FAB! Thanks sooo much!!

  2. rachelle- that is the full discount. you got completely free shipping, plus the % off.
    reg price $21.99 x2 =$43.98 +$5.97 shipping
    -$21.99 for B1G1 free and -$5.97 for free shipping =$21.99
    -% off = ~$17.59 + tax 😉

  3. Yes, I got quite a deal, so thank you! I bought 1 in heather gray and 1 in ebony! Incl free shipping, one free dress and the discount=$18.55!! Awesome deal! Plus I am a listed Shop at home member… 😉

  4. uugghh…did the deal earlier today…now they are B1G1 free at $15. I still got a great deal…oh well. 🙂

  5. I just found your site…so great!! I tried clicking through your link to get the deal, and it does say that they are B1G1 free at $15. I went all the way through checkout to the Place Your Order page, and it was still saying $35.87 with tax and shipping for two dresses. Am I missing a step? Thanks!!

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