FREE Dove Travel Hairspray & Other Cheap Finds

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So I got a chance to print some of the new RedPlum coupons and I am very happy to report that a few of them do NOT exclude Trial Size! You may be in store for a beep or 2 and a little drama- but they all do in fact say ANY with no exclusions.

Dove Travel Size Extra Hold Hairspray .97
-$1/1 ANY Dove Hair Care Product PRINT
= FREE after coupon

Axe Travel Size Deodorant .97
-$1/1 AXE Deodorant or Body Spray PRINT
= FREE after coupon

Axe Travel Size Body Spray $1.47
-$1/1 AXE Deodorant or Body Spray PRINT
= 47¢ each after coupon

Degree Deodorant Travel Size Men or Women’s .97
-.75/1 ANY One Degree deodorant or body mist PRINT
= 22¢ each After Coupon

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  1. @Jessica, I think it depends on the cashier. I’ve noticed that I get more beeps at Target than anywhere else I shop. (I don’t know why.) From my experience: Some cashiers just push them through, some stop to read the Q then push them through, one time the cashier told me I couldn’t use my Q for a trial size because the Q was for more than the item (she was wrong) and sometimes they call over a mgr. You might try printing out the target Q policy to take with you so you can show them it’s okay. Good luck!

  2. My target will NOT accept coupons if I get the “beep” even if they say they are for that item (like you say you might get the Beep, but it doesn’t exclude trial size on the Q- they won’t let me use it)… Am I the only one? Should I start shopping at a different Target?

  3. The Axe Spray was 1.97 at my target too… ugg, that is CRAZY! 🙁 but i did pick up the deodorant cuz my lil bro loves Axe

  4. I grabbed all of these today; great for me and hubby to use at the gym….but the AXE travel-size spray was $1.97 at my Target.

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