Clean & Clear Products Under $1 with New Stack

The New Target Printable Coupon for $1/1 Clean & Clear can get you a few products for under $1 when stacked with the $2/1 Clean & Clear Manufacturer’s coupon. Prices do vary by region, but this is a list of the prices found at my store. Also keep in mind that there have been quite a few Clean & Clear products clearanced lately at some stores. So take a good look around first. At my stores I have seen them on both the endcaps and in the regular aisles.

Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser $3.54
-$1/1 Any Clean & Clear ETS Target Coupon PRINT x9/11
-$2/1 Any Clean & Clear Product (manuf site) HERE
= .54 cents after both coupons

Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin or Oil-Free $3.74
-$1/1 Any Clean & Clear ETS Target Coupon PRINT x9/11
-$2/1 Any Clean & Clear Product (manuf site) HERE
= .74 cents after both coupons

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser (6.5 oz) $3.99
Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent $3.99
-$1/1 Any Clean & Clear ETS Target Coupon PRINT x9/11
-$2/1 Any Clean & Clear Product (manuf site) HERE
= .99 cents after both coupons

There is also a stack available on the new Clean & Clear Surge or the Advantage Kits, and although I am not postive, I believe the Surge is being retailed around $15 in stores. This product may not be available at all locations yet. And the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit sells for $16.99 at my store. I believe the Acne Marks Kit is a bit higher. I don’t believe I have seen either of the Advantage Kits clearanced, but take a look at your stores to be sure. You can use the following stack to get $8 off any of these products:

$3/1 Clean & Clear Morning Burst Surge or Advantage Acne Kit Target Coupon PRINT x9/11
-$5/1 Clean & Clear Morning Burst Surge Energizing Power Cleanser HERE
-$5/1 Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit HERE
-$5/1 Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Marks Kit  HERE 

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  1. does anyone know the price on the morning burst cleanser? That’s the one I like to use. Thanks~Joan

  2. Hey Joan- I believe the MB cleansers and scubs are around $4.99 at my store. Possibly $5.49 though. I can’t remember- but should be right around the $5 range. hth

  3. Did anyone have trouble signing up for the coupon? It wouldn’t let me change my birth year from 1999 and you have to be over 13 to sign up.

  4. I went today to get some of these (3) and was told that I could not use a man q and a target q….when I told them about the policy…the manager called up a “higher up” who said that if the coupons beep they can’t take them. Anyone else have the problem?

  5. Joan, I just came back from Target (in Miami). I bought two Morning Burst In shower facial cleaners. (reg. $5.49), but they were on clearance for $3.84!!. Final cost = $.84 for each 🙂

    Amy, I also had several of my Qs “beep” including the $2 manuf Qs I used for each cleanser, but I stood firm that Target Qs and manuf Qs can be stacked, and the cashier overrode the beep. Stand your ground with a smile (even when a manager tells you otherwise). I was ready to whip out my copy of their coupon policy which quickly squelched the issue 😉

    I am still bummed about the Fiber Plus cereals not being part of the 3/$6. It killed my $.21 for 3 boxes deal.

  6. I had the same problem signing up. I went ahead and emailed them so hopefully they have an idea as to what to do. I would really like this coupon.

  7. I had the same problem when signing up. I went back and started over again, but selected the year of birth before I filled out any other info. Then I filled out the rest and it went through without a hitch. HTH

  8. There was another clean and clear deal a couple weeks if anyone remembers where it was $2 and with the coupon it came out to free. Well that coupon beeped and I purposely took the whole sheet of paper with out cutting out the coupon. Since the coupons says any product and below on the extra things that print out it had a picture of several of their products I would show it to them. I haven’t printed the coupon out right now since I am out of ink, I have to go buy some. But if it’s the same one I would suggest taking the whole sheet to show them all the products that it includes. Hope this helps!

  9. My clean and clear target q says “Expect more, pay less” and doesn’t have an amount. Is anyone else having this problem?

  10. I can never print the C&C manufacturer coupons from their site; something with my internet/PC I guess, dang it!

  11. Well… just came back from Target ( Missouri), had no problem…. I always hand them my coupons one at a time, so they know that I have purchased the item and I know what I am doing. Got 2 Clean and Clear one sensitive skin and one oil free (3.74 ea.)… stacked my Q’s no problem.
    Got Colgate toothpaste for 5 cents… stacked my $1.00 TQ with a MQ from SS 6-27-10 $0.75. yay!
    Got more Pantene hairspray free with my one $1.00 off trial size…. All the Rayovac Batteries in the dollar spot were 25 cents…made a quarter with my one dollar off Q. got more Glade fabric and air spray for 94 cents. and I had a BOGO for Febreeze Air effects in this weekends SS and $1.00 off febreeze from a P&G mailer I got last thursday!! weee… I was bumed out that I had no Q for my coffee creamer since the Q has not reset online… but it was on special with a price cut at $2.45 as supposed to wal mart at $2.78… so I still saved. I am waiting a bit since I have a Swiffer sweeper BOGO and free refill plus a $3.00 off the starter kit… so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a price cut soon or a sale.

  12. I know this is a different brand but does any body know the price of the Biore Steam Activated I have the $2/1 Target Q and a $2/1 MQ

  13. I purchased the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Steam Activated Cleanser (clearanced at $3.84) last week before the TQ. I had the $5/1 Morning Burst SURGE…but I opted to “try” using it on the steam activated one…and IT WORKED!!! I think the girl pushed it though…and gave me the full $5 off. Woo! Hoo!

  14. just wanted to let you know…that i contacted corporate today, about my shopping trip yesterday. I was told by someone at CORPORATE that i could only use “TWO COUPONS PER VISIT”!!!! I almost choked when she told me this…I told her to point that rule out in the policy, and she put me hold for about 5min…then I got another rep on the phone who told me that, that was not correct…obviously I told her..but if i’m calling Corporate for information shouldn’t they have all the correct information…I knew more about the policy then she did. I’m going to try this deal again and this time I have my Ref # to call Corporate from the store if I have any problems. Wish me luck! 🙂

  15. Joan, the Morning Burst Cleanser, orange bottle, is also on clearance in So Cal for $3.84.

  16. Is there a difference between morning burst and morning burst surge? Or are the orange bottles the same? My store in Austin,Tx had the shower steam activated on clearance for 3.84 plus it came with a small bottle of eye makeup remover.

  17. I can’t get the coupon for the C & C on their website. Is anyone else having this problem?

  18. I can only seem to find the $2 q from the link for the surge power cleanser and not the $5 one that I want. Any thoughts?

  19. Hey Megan, it is an old post, I elieve I already updated the TQ page because they took away the $5 one about a week ago. sorry 🙁

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