Unadvertised Gift Card Deal on Schick Disposables

There were quite a few unadvertised deals I spotted today and will get to them bit by bit. There was one unadvertised Gift Card Deal- for Schick Quattro Men’s and Women’s Disposable Razors.

Both the Men’s and Women’s are marked as $6.49, but both were scanning at $5.49 for me. So be sure to price check… if they scan the same for you, it is a pretty good deal after coupons as they will end up being .99 cents for a 3 pack after all is said and done.

giftcardsm3Β FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (2) Schick Disposables $6.49
*Schick Quattro Disposable Razors for Women 3 ct.
*Schick Quatro Titanium Disposable Razors for Men 3 ct.
Deal and prices valid until 8/28
-$2/1 Schick Disposable Razor – 06-27-10 SS x7/25
*Play Schick Quattro Instant Win game for coupons HERE

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Schick Quattro Disposables = $12.98
-$4.00 (use two $2/1 Schick Disposable Razor – 06-27-10 SS x7/25
= $8.98 – $5 Gift Card Back wyb 2
= $3.98 after coupons and gift Gard for 2. If they ring up at $5.49, it will be $1.98 for two.Β AND.. if you win $3/1 or a $4/1 coupons on the game HERE, it will be FREE or a money maker.Β 

*If you do not see signage in your store for the above deal- scan your items to be sure they are prompting gift cards. Some unadvertised and extended deals may have product inclusions that can vary from store to store or may be regional deals and unavailable at your store.

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  1. I did this deal today…
    The shavers that are 5.49 you will get the 5.00 gift card also…and there was a new $2.00 off target coupon in 8/22 so you buy two, use 2 of each coupon (manufacturer and Target) and actually earn $3.00 for buying them.

  2. How many people are winning coupons playing the game? I lose the game almost every day. Is there a limit to the number of times you can win? Although it makes no qualms with someone playing once per day as it says that’s allowed.

  3. My experience was that they don’t want to push the Schick coupons through, telling me they “can’t”, even though they COULD enter it in as a target q, or maybe even as a MQ.

    Another troubling thing about this is that we have to somehow analyze what the target registers are pretending each time, such as pretending that the $5 gift card on 2 razors, is a MQ on each one.

  4. I think it would only work only if they were items that you were only using target coupons for. I know many of you can’t use multiple target printables in a transaction, but I am just throwing this out there for an example, but haven’t tested it. If you had 6 cans of ravioli (lets say .99 cents) in your order to absorb the 5.02. you will likely have to use the schick MQs first, but then I THINK the Target Qs should come off, and now bring your order down under the $10 without a problem. AGain its a hypothetical and not everyone has or can use 6 ravioli coupons but it is just an example.

    The reason you have to remember the $10 is because that’s what you start with minused off your total (in ficticiious manufacturer’s coupons) right away. The register is nting them as MQs, not TQs, which is where the main problem lies. I believe that perhaps this invisible credit always happened but was applied a Target COupon, but somehow with the new system it is being applied as a manufacturer’s coupon, which is wreaking havoc by minusing this $10 worth of invisible ficticious manufacturer’s coupons.

    I also feel If the store purshed the $3/1 Schick coupons through as Target coupons instead of MQs, it would work without having to buy any fillers.

  5. ok, Kerry, I had misunderstood and thought that I had to buy $10 of stuff to cover for the “phantom $10 in MQs being applied”. So really you calculate how much filler items you need to buy by figuring the amount of your coupons(ie $6 for two $3 qs) LESS the net amount AFTER phantom MQs are applied ($10.98 – $10.00 = .98). Therefore $6 less .98 = 5.02 needed in filler items.
    But my question still remains: does this $ 5.02 have to be straight fillers without other coupons, or can this $5.02 amount be AFTER coupons? For instance, to qualify for the $5.02 needed, I might get 6 packages of Activia yogurt for 1.89 each , or 11.34, less 6 $1 qs = $5.34. Or would that not work since I’m using coupons on this extra stuff?

  6. Hey Jennifer, if you are using two $3/1 coupons, you actually oly need $5.02 worth of items to have it go through if your razors are $5.49. $.549 + $5.49 = $10.98 – “phantom $10 in MQs being applied” = .98 cents. Now you have $6 in MQs to apply so that equals $5.02 in fillers you will need. BUT it will go through if your store realizes it is a register error and applies the coupons as TARGET coupons instead of manufacturer coupons. SInce that does work. It would seem to me that if you say bought $5.02 worth of items that you now have TARGET coupons for, TQs would scan and be applied, while additional MQs would not. not positive about this, but I think it would. Would be an interesting experiment anyway.

  7. I have a question….or is anyone reading this?….
    I’ve pretty much figured out that for every 2 Schick disp razors you buy, you have to buy another $10 of stuff, in order for the 2 coupons for razors to come off. And this has worked for me to buy $10 worth of produce or other stuff that does not have coupons; my razor coupons are deducted at the correct amount then.
    But I’m wondering: what if I buy $20 of other stuff that has$10 of coupons…..will that work when you buy 2 razors? In other words, for every 2 razors you buy as long as the net amount AFTER coupons, of other stuff, is at least $10, will it still work for the coupons to come off?
    Or does that $10 of “other stuff” have to be completely without coupons attached???

  8. I have the same problems at one Target store with the cashiers gossiping about people who use coupons. After I paid for my order, I was checking my receipt near the cash register, the cashiers were not able to see me. Four of them gathered at one register and proceeded to talk about customers with coupons while one of them was processing an order for a customer. After they were almost done with their gossiping, I went up to two of the front end managers who were in the ealier conversation and asked them if their behavior was professional. One them was one supposed to be a trainer got very fiesty. I called the store manager and told her about the incident and she apologized profusely for their unprofessional behavior and I also email Target coorporate. Next time, the cashier and front end manager will think twice about gossiping about customers.

  9. I agree with Jen on 7/30. I bought a TON of stuff today and on my receipt it only shows two of the 4 $3 coupons for the Quattros. But, I literally tallied up my entire receipt (with out the two $3 that I did use) and it came to $150.15 – which is $6 more than the Sub Total reflected on my receipt, $144.15. So the receipt is screwy, but I still got my credit for all 4 coupons!

  10. I bought 4 Schick disp razors, plus over $20 of other, non-couponable items (produce, etc.), plus other items that I used coupons for. I gave the cashier the 4 $4 coupons first for the razors and it came off fine. But on the receipt, it only showed two $4 coupons. However, the total reflected the other two $4 coupons!

  11. At my store same issue Exton, PA when only buying 2 pascks of razors and using the 2 $4 Q’s. However I had her add my 4 packs of .88 construction paper and a Bakugan trap big ball marked at $3.74 yesterday and then it took the Q’s no problem! they just want you to spend more it seems…

  12. My suggestion is to maybe call or write to the COMPANY of your particular MQ and explain to them what Target it doing. Tell them to come to this website and read all of the comments. I think that Shick and P&G (Olay) would be appalled that they are paying Target face value plus S&H but that Target is only trying to pay us a FRACTION of the face value for the same MQ. Talk about COUPON FRAUD!!!! What do you guys think about this?

  13. What I’ve come to find out about the new system and how coupons work is this:
    Anytime you have a coupon good for multiples such as $5/2 Benadryl Products, the coupon will ONLY take off the price of the FIRST item. Case and point I bought 2 Benadryl Anti-Itch Sticks at $2.29 each, when the $5/2 coupon scanned it took off $2.29, when I had the cashier scan it a second time it took off the remaining $2.29 for the second item. I also bought clearance Rayovac batteries for .50 each, I used $1/2 and the coupon only took off .50 until I had her scan it again for the 2nd item then it took off the remaining .50.
    Shanyn in post #23 says how she used a coupon for $1/3 Hunts Snack Packs that were .95 each and it only took off .95. The software cannot distinguish when there is a quantity of more the 1 on a coupon therefore it only takes off the amount for the FIRST item. HTH

  14. I when to my target yesterday what a disappointment the welch’s jucie was not marked to a lower price, then when to try my luck with the razors and in my store have to buy 4 of them to get the gift card.. no other deals to be seen….. and I love to shop at target but if this keeps up will put it on the bottom of my list to shop at.

  15. I had issues as well last week at 2 different stores. Olay TE Body wash was only taking $3.00 off. Benedryl Itch sticks only taking $2.29 off rather than $5.00. I called cs and told them about it. She said she’d check in with my stores. I then went to a third store yesterday and no issues – used about 15 coupons, (some manu, some target) and NO problems. All went thru w/o a hitch. So I don’t know if that means everythign is fixed now, or if that store just didn’t have the original problems. I sure hope it’s fixed b/c I’d like to try this Schick deal.

  16. I bought 2 Benadryl Itch sticks with the buy 2 save $5 coupon and it only took off $2.50 instead of $5- she scanned it a second time and it took off another $2.50 giving me the full amount off- but it seems Target is having a register issue with the Q’s…

  17. I was able to purchase 2 men’s titanium quattro packs with 2 $4/1 qs, however, when I used another coupon in the transaction for facewash, the register reduced that coupon down to .44 instead of $2, my suggestion would be trying this deal separately or when you are not using any other type of coupons except for this deal.

  18. Yep, happened again today. The register took off 98 cents. This time I wasn’t having it. I asked for a manager, I got 2. The one wanted me to purchase each one seperately and use the coupon. I was like.. Um.. No. The deal is I purchase 2 I get a $5 gift card. It doesn’t say anywhere, that coupons are not accepted. So the manager finally agreed. He rang up one, then did the coupon. It took off $4. Then rang up the other, which prompted the gift card. Then he had to manually enter the $4 cpn. In the end he said, there just must be some glitch in the system.

  19. So I went on Thursday and bought 18 Schick quattro disp razor packages, and got 9 gift cards. The first two $4 coupons scanned, then the third one took off a mere -.82. I told him to reverse that, that I would go to customer service which I did after putting my razors in the car.
    She scanned my receipt, then one coupon, and it took off $4, but when she tried to scan another, the machine gave her a message about duplicate savings or too many coupons or something. So she just gave me $4 for the one coupon. She did this again two more times, separately. Each time, she scanned the receipt, then the coupon, and gave me a refund for the coupon. So as long as you start all over, it’ll let you take off for the coupon, for a refund of that amount. She did this 3 times, but then she was worried and called her store manager over, who said i couldn’t do this for every coupon. They gave me one more $4 refund, for a total of 6 coupons applied: 2 at the register, and 4 at cust service. I went and got the remaining 12 razor packages to return to them, but they shorted me $3.60 as mentioned in last post.
    On top of that, I lost out on the sales tax on the $4 coupons, since I’m in Texas. Here, the sales tax is taken off with the amount of the coupon, so I should have gotten back $4.33 back for each coupon refund at customer service, instead of just straight $4.00.
    I thought the manager was going to let me buy 2 more razors, so I bought back 2 more. But the $4 coupon only took off .98, so he voided that coupon and then after that scanned a $4 coupon and gave me another $4 back. But then he wouldn’t do the second coupon, so I just told him to return those 2 razors. All in all, I should have been in and out of the store in less than 20 minutes if the coupons had scanned accurately, but instead I was in there almost 2 hours.
    What a waste of time!
    They COULD just manually enter the $4 coupons at the register, but no…

  20. It’s really sneaky…and when I returned 12 of the razors when they wouldn’t let me use all of my coupons on Thursday, they didn’t give me the full 2.99 back (5.49 less 2.50 for gift card), but charged me an “OFR 10$ DISCOUNT” (not a discount at all) of $3.60. So instead of getting 2.99 x 12 = $35.88 + tax back, I got $34 something! When I asked the store manager what the “OFR 10% discount” was, she said “oh that has to do with getting the gift card”.

  21. OK, totally not a comment about the razors but about how the coupons are ringing up whacky. I bought 3 pkgs of Hunts pudding cups for .95/ea. and had a coupon for $1off 3pkgs. The coupon rang in at only .95 off. What????? It’s like the register programmers are trying to sabotage getting a deal! Esp. because Target is going to get credited the full dollar plus .02 when they send it in! Are they trying to make money off of us????? What gives? LOL

  22. oops…accidentally submitted comment too early…

    They rang up 30 razors. The first 3 coupons took off -$4.00 each, then a smaller amount , something like -$2.64, then it said “item not found”, so he pressed “K1” and it said “0”. The managers said it wasn’t taking the full amount of the coupons because I got gift cards.
    Then they tried just ringing up 2 razors, got the gift card, and then when he scanned one coupon, it only took off “-.98”.
    I ended up getting no razors. I wonder if it would work better if I just bought the razors, used 3 coupons,
    paid, and then went to customer service to have the remaining coupons taken off. Would the problem be the same at the customer service register?

  23. I got a bunch of Schick Quattro titanium coupons for $4 each and was excited about the overage I’d be getting. I wish I’d read all these comments first.
    They rang up 30

  24. Same thing here in Indiana.. Bought 2 pampers wipes 2.39 ea. had 2.00 off… first one scanned 2.00 off second scanned 1.00 off. Cashier doesn’t bother to do anything so I asked front end supervisor before I left the store. I told her what coupons I had & what check out I used. After she verified it was “there” mistake she offered me a 3.00 store coupon or my 1.00 back…I took 3.00 store coupon. Total up your purchase before you get to check out so you know exactly what your spending. My order had no gift card deal attached so that argument doesn’t hold water. Also if they take your coupon & don’t give you face value then I believe that is fraud… they get face value for every coupon they turn in plus .07 – .09 for handling (used to work at a grocery store). check w/your local bbb on that matter. If time allows check your receipt before you leave. Good Luck

  25. I bought 4 razors in one transaction. One coupon came off at $4, the next $3.64 and the other 2 at $0. He voided them and scanned the other ones, then I paid, he said he was just going to do a coupon refund for me…but the register crashed! Tried again at another one…crash again! The manager ended up coming over and manually putting in the coupons as Target coupons. I paid $7.96 and got back $10 in gift cards. Not sure how that worked, but hey, I’m not complaining! πŸ™‚

  26. Mega problems with the Schick deal even with newspaper cut out!

    Bought 6 razors. Rang up $5.49 for me each, so woo hoo. First 3 MQs took $4 off each (had the $4 Qs). Tick. Then next 3 took $0.90 off! This is newspaper cutting I’m talking about. Then cashier took the $0.90 off and tried to rescan the original MQs that earlier took $4 off. Now those were now taking $0.90 off! So cashier took all the MQs off and rescanned the Qs. Guess what! Now it’s ALL reading $0.00!

    (I’ll leave my comment as objective as possible as I had really lame excuses from the cashier as to my coupon value being over the item price, which was clearly not and constant mumbling that I had too many Qs while waiting for the manager to come. Pardon my rant but there was really more gossiping amongst the cashiers, in all audibility, while waiting for something or someone to make things happen. Super sigh.)

    Manager came, and after 5 mins of trial and error, managed to force the MQs in. Then the computer hung! So over to counter 2. Rescanned all the items again and the SAME THING happened! This time manager forced it in as TQs. But, coupons that beeped fine for my 3 other items didn’t get captured. So had to tell the cashier value wasn’t right and cashier realised the missing Qs and forced it in as well. Fortunately this time the receipt printed. Took me 30 mins to check out 9 items.

    I would suggest one do the GC deal seperately each time and leave that to the last transaction. Something is really wrong with Target machines (this not the only experience recently) and I would seriously suggest scrutinizing every item in the receipt, even calculate out the final value (which I’ve had problems before) and tax when one gets back. Feels like the dinosaur age before scanners and barcode arrived eh? πŸ™‚

  27. Did not work for me! The first $3 coupon rang up for $2.72 and it would not take the second coupon even when he tried to push it through. We are obviously using the correct coupon for the correct product so I don’t get it. I guess they don’t mind losing the business. (I obviously passed on the deal!)

  28. I went to use the $3 Q’s I won on the match up game…
    found the razors marked $5.49 ea.. but no GC sign

    went to check out and Coupon only scanned for $1.98 the second at $ 0.00
    since they were printables, they wouldnt do anything.

    Pulled out the $2 any disposable schick Q’s and only 1 would scan…

    Manager says ” Limit 1 per purchase ” said I am purchasing 2 so should be able to use 2 coupons… Not 1 per Transaction.

    She said since there is a gift card that the registers are attaching it to 1 product so thats why only 1 coupon would work.

    I ended up doing 2 at a time…

    2 – Quattro womens razor $10.98
    1 – $1.65 Q
    – $5 GC ( already had 1 )
    Total: $4.33 ( $2.17 ea. )
    Received $5 GC

    I would have passed, but I can resell at $4 quickly.
    Thanks for the heads up on this, wish it would have worked out better,
    I will watch it though the week to see if it corrects itself.

  29. Problems today… Tried to use the $2 off Red Baron Pizza by the slice and it said the coupons were not valid. It also took 3.08 off one razor pack, and then $4 off the other. he had to enter the red baron cpns manually.

    Second transaction, it took off the $2 for the pizza. However, then it rang up the manf. coupon at 0 and 2.98 for the razors. He entered ONE coupon at $4 manually.

    I did notice that today they had those cpn spitting out machines at each counter. Not installed yet.. but yeah!!!!

  30. Our store here in Colorado had the mens version on the gift card deal. The womens was not (but who cares, I use guy razors all the time I mean its just armpits and hairy legs, lol). In any event, I used 2 of the coupons that were in the Sunday paper I think two weeks ago (unknown though).Save $4 on any Shick Quattro Titanium Razor, Trimmer, or Refill (Expires 7/25/2010).

    Everything rang up with no issue. Free.. plus moneymaker. Going back to redo again πŸ™‚

  31. Same problem here in Arkansas! I went to do the deal with the $4 Q’s and it would take off one of the Q’s after she rang the first item but would not take the second after they scanned to gift card. Gift card amounts are counting against now I guess! Something to keep in mind on future deals…which doesn’t make a great deal in my opinion. I also opted out of the deal πŸ™

  32. Christine…. i had a similiar problem…

    I had a Weird experience using the 4 off 1 coupon… i got two of the razors, and i got the free 5 dollars gift card. When he tried to scan one of the coupons, it only took off 1.96 and scanned the 2nd and it came up INF, but k1’ed but took off 0.00…. they had to take the gift card off, then ring them up… So expect a problem with them:)

  33. My store had it tagged at $7.49 so that made me nervous. I scanned them and it rang up $5.49! I used the $4/1 Schick coupons and got a $2 MoneyMaker! Thank you! I love your site. πŸ™‚

  34. I won the $3 off Qs and they rang up 5.49 at my store so I was excited to get them free but when she scanned my Q it rang as .98 off only! and it told her too many Qs?? I had 2 items and 2 Qs! They said they woulnt override as it was an IP so I said no thank you … πŸ™

  35. Aww shucks, tried once and didn’t win jack …!! Kind of glad though as I am out of ink on the printer attached to desktop, would rather win on the Laptops where there is ink in the wireless printer. I got all matchups with 29 secs to spare, I’ll try again later.


  36. Sorry to hear that. When you print a wedding registry at my store it has coupons on the very back page. I noticed this a few weeks back when I printed a registry for a friend and held on to it. I did have to print it at the store though, I am not sure what would happen at home. I am in TX. Good luck!!

  37. Annette – Can you explain further about the Wedding Registry thing? Was this at the store or home? I just pulled up a wedding registry and printed it, but no coupon came up. Thanks!

  38. If you print the Target wedding registry the back page has a Target coupon for $1.00 off the Quatro razor. I printed two of these when I realized that making the razors free after gift card!!

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