Another Shot at Red Baron Pizza by the Slice for 50¢

If y’all missed the $2/1 facebook coupon- guess what?!  There is a new $2/1 up on Smartsource! The price cut on Red Baron is valid until 7/24 so more cheap pizza! And fortunately my store has completely re-stocked! Yay! Although I would probably never pay full price for it- I will pay 50¢ a pop!

Red Baron Single Serve Products Asst Varieties $2.50 (Price Cut until 7/24)
(Pizza by the SLice is Included in the Price Cut)
-$2/1 Red Baron Pizza by the Slice Product HERE
-MIR Red Baron Pizza by the slice Try Me Free 04-25-10 SS x7/25
Use the $2/1 to get them for .50 cents each!
And you can submit the rebate for the full purchase price too and have it be a $2 Money Maker

*Thanks so much to Honey- my Coupon Fairy Godmother!
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  1. some price cuts do vary by region Anja, but you should always check the products at the self check scanner as not all stores always have signs. THere is no way for me to tell if something is national or not.

  2. I could never find them at all in my Target store. My first coupon expired yesterday so, I just went to Wal Mart and ended up paying a $1 for it. I was back at Target today and still couldn’t find them. I guess the next time I go, I will just ask someone if I am missing them.

  3. I couldn’t search any web on the SWAGBUCKS.COM earlier,but now is OK.Sorry making you confused.

  4. Just got more today. The red baron fairy was restocking the shelves with supplies just as I walked down the aisle.

  5. yeh, for $.50, I’d buy them too…I got some for the MIR and on a day when I didn’t feel like making me a lunch, I popped one in the microwave, and I was pleasantly surprised. I was actually expecting them to be hard, or burning hot on the outer edges and frozen in the middle, or not very tasty. But it was none of those things, it was actually pretty good , esp. for a quick meal, every now and then! Hope my target has the good price!

  6. Does anyone know how I get the rebate for the Red Baron pizza? Someone told me there was a rebate in the 4/25 SS, I checked and mine didn’t have one.

  7. Didn’t have at my store. Wanted to get some for DS as we are going on vaca on Saturday and he is staying home to work.

  8. I was looking for the rebat as well, could not find it, anyone else get one? find it? Thanks!

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