B2G1 Dannon & Bare Naked Granola Deal Update

So the Special Purchase deal I found in one of the online ads today, was in fact at my store. I hope those of you who have interest find it too. And the good news, is that other Dannon Varieties are included besides the Light and Fit. I found the Dannon All Natural Plain and Vanilla were included – AND you may even find them priced lower at your store like I did! (Deal Valid thru 7/31 Only)

FREE 12-oz. Bear Naked Granola wyb (2) Dannon 32-oz. Yogurts $1.97 ea
-$1/2; .75/1 Dannon product, any 32 oz excluding Light & Fit – 06-06-10 SS
-.75/2 Dannon All Natural Products PRINT AND PRINT 
.50/1 Bear Naked All Natural Granola 12-oz. Target Store Q 
PRINT x8/21
-B1G1 Bear Naked Granola (Facebook Q under Offers Tab)

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Dannon All Natural 32 oz ($1.97) & 2 Bear Naked Granola ($3.50) =$10.94
-$3.50 (get one free Bear Naked Granola with Target Deal
-$3.50 (use B1G1 Bear Naked Granola (Facebook Q under Offers Tab) HERE
-.50/1 Bear Naked All Natural Granola 12-oz. Target Store Q PRINT x8/21
-$1/2 Dannon product, any 32 oz excluding Light & Fit – 06-06-10 SS
= $2.44 for two 32 oz Yogurts and 2 Bags of Granola. You can try a 2nd .50/1 TQ but it may not fly. 

*Watch the B1G1 Bear Naked Q at the register- its been ringing in $0 & must be entered manually

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  1. Just to let everyone know. I tried this deal today, and they would NOT honor the B1G1 Bear Naked Coupon with the Dannon deal. I don’t know if I got a bad cashier or what because my Target (in Streamwood, IL) is usually great about taking multiple coupons on the same item. But for whatever reason, they wouldn’t take it and wouldn’t take the 2nd 50cent coupon.

  2. I was using the B1G1 coupon with the 2 target Qs because I forgot about the yogurt deal. I didn’t realize until I got to the car that the coupon rang up as $0. When I went back in they gave me such a hard time about it and basically made me feel like I was trying to steal from them. Usually my Target is great about coupons, so this was an exception. In the end, she decided to give me $3.00 back instead of the $3.50. I questioned that decision saying that I was pretty sure the manufacturer would be giving them $3.50 back, and she gave me the full amount. NOTE: I would not normally agrue about $.50, but they had made me feel so bad about questioning the B1G1 Q that I guess I just needed to prove a point. 🙂

  3. Do you lean around and crane your neck to watch the cashier’s screen or do you watch that little arm screen when they are doing your coupons? It seems like half my coupons ring up at $0 on the arm screen but when I check my receipt they are all there at the correct amounts. Is my Target the only one like this?

  4. I try and watch the cashier’s screen and may times the target coupons ring up 0.00 because it takes the amount right off of the total price on the receipt instread of having a separate line item for the discount. This is the second time in a couple of weeks that a man B1B1 Q has actually showed up as 0.00 on the receipt. I have to watch more carefully so I don’t end up in another embarassing situation like I did yesterday.

  5. I was able to use the b1g1 Q with the Dannon deal, but it did ring up 0 and they had to over ride. Would not let the 2nd .50 target coupon fly.

  6. The cashier gave me a hard time about the BOGO, mostly because she was not aware of the sale and thought the coupon had already come off when she saw the first one come off for the sale. I explained that I should be getting two free, one from the sale and one from the coupon. It took a while and she hesitated for a long time as she was looking at the coupon, but put eventually put it through. I only tried one .50 b/c I didn’t want additional drama. I get so nervous when that happens!!!

  7. My deal didn’t work at all (Shoreview, MN). Like everyone said, the B1G1 coupon rang up as zero. She fixed it and off I went but the noticed that the other granola that was free with the yogurt was never deducted. I was going to go to customer service but noticed that the cashier entered it the B1G1 coupon as a ‘store coupon’ so I figured they wouldn’t believe me and well, it would be pointless. Oh well.

  8. I was hesitant to try this today, because I have heard so many horror stories from those using coupons at Target. I got the two yogurts and two granolas along with some other things, and used the B1G1 coupon, the 50 cents off coupon, and the .75/ 2 coupon. The B1G1 rang up as 0.00, but the cashier manually entered it and it was fine. So I ended up with both granolas and both yogurts for 2.69. I am so excited that this worked! I will definitely have more confidence to use coupons at Target.

  9. It sounds like it has a lot to do with the cashier you get. It would be so much easier if they were all trained the samw way, but I can imagine that is hard since they are such a big customer. It is just a little embarrassing to have to go through what seems like “negotiation” sometimes with the store. I will defintely take a closer look as things get rung up.

  10. Totally shot down in Atlanta, GA. I even went to Customer Service to do a missed coupon; the cashier must’ve been new and was getting flustered. Manager refused to honor the B1G1 on the free item..and I wasn’t even trying to use ANY Target Q’s on the granola (figured I’d keep it simple).

    So one of the granolas got returned then and there. Also as an aside-did the 1.25/1 LaCroix and got two. Neither of the Q’s would scan at the register; so I took them to CS as well. Only one would scan-and the manager tried to tell me it was b/c of the “one coupon per purchase” nonsense.

    Even after I defined “purchase” and “transaction”. So one of the LaCroix got returned also. So frustrated with Target; makes me never want to go in again!!!

  11. I did the yogurt/granola deal today. Had a dollar off 2 yogurts, used the b1g1 granola and one 50 cent off granola. The b1g1 did not take anything off but the cashier realized it and manually took it off – so I ended up with all of it for under 2.50. This was a different Target than I normally go to but am thinking that I might make it my new Target…really didn’t have any issues at all whereas my normal Target has been an incredible pain in the booty!

  12. I tried to do this deal today with 4 yogurt and 4 granola. The store would only let me use one of the B1G1 coupons since I need to “buy” one, spending money out of pocket on one. I figured it was still kind of a nice deal, so I went along with it.

  13. I also told them right away the B1G1 coupons are ringing up at zero, so to watch for it and correct it. My cashier was very willing to correct that error.

  14. I believe I have a solution to the problem. buy 2 dannons and 2 granolas. have the cashier scan the 2 granolas first. then hand him the b1g1 coupon. it should take off 3.50 no problem. then have the cashier scan 2 dannon. computer will take off 3.50 on granola for buying 2 yogurts. then hand over your yogurt and .50 target granola coupon. I believe this is worth a try.

  15. I had a hard time with this one as well. I didn’t have anymore b1g1 coupons b/c hubs LOVES bare naked cereal so as soon as these came up we marched to target to get some. I tried using the .50 off coupon for my free cereal and it was a no go. I have had trouble with this particular cashier in the past.

    This trip I gave her my coupons and she said I hope I don’t forget these. I told her in a polite voice that I wouldn’t let her forget them and I chuckled. She looked at me and said “Oh I know YOU wont let me forget.” Sigh, why do they have to be so mean to us? I am just trying to save enough money to stay at home with my baby? People are so mean 🙁

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