Another Episode of… As the Schick Deal Turns

Okay, so if I had music on my blog, this post would begin with some real soap opera kind of music, as I know many of you have experienced quite the drama from doing the Unadvertised Schick Disposable Gift Card Deal. Thanks to Karen who wrote her thoughts to me in an e-mail, I am now fairly convinced that at many stores, the register is seeing the gift card as a MANUFACTURER’S coupon and creating overage of not just $5 but $10. It’s almost like it is crediting the Gift Card twice in your transaction. But not in a good way.

For example, Mitchell and many of you- I am guessing whoever was doing this deal and this deal only in one transaction bought 2 Schick Disposable Razors, and watched as their first $3/1 coupon scanned in at .98, and the second at $0. So here is what I think is happening- for some reason when you buy the Schick Disposables (and this may be true for any Gift Card Deal now with the new register software), the register attaches a $5 credit to each package of razors you buy:

Buy 2 Schick = $10.98, and before you hand over any coupons, the register has attached a $5 credit to each item and sees your total as being .98 cents. This is why when the first coupons scans, the register will only take off .98 cents since the system won’t let the register go into the negative. And as a result your 2nd coupon will scan in at $0. But the register still sees it as you owing the $10. after it took only one of your coupons and morphed it into a .98/1.

Now I think the varying amounts are due to those of you who threw some other things into the mix or perhaps found the razors priced higher. I was hoping that if you purchased a couple other small fillers that their cost would not matter, but all it did was give you more of your coupon value back. For example, today I asked Mitchell to do a little experiment. He bought 2 Schick Disposable Razors, and 2 paper folders for .15 cents each- and his total was now $10.98 + .30 = $11.28. He then used the first $3/1 Schick coupon and guess what? It took off $1.28 instead of only .98 this time. 

So then we did experiment 2, in which I thought you may have to have at least 2 items, but it appears that the amount is what matters, not how many items you have. So you just need 1 or more items in your transaction you aren’t using a coupon for- that cost enough in order to cover the coupons you want to use. Mitchell bought 2 Schick Razors & a Total Effects Body Wash to test this theory: $10.98 + $5.79 = $16.77, he only used 2 $3/1 Schick coupons and they went through fine.

So what’s a shopper to do? Is it that they are really trying to do away with accepting coupons on Gift Card Deals? Or is it just a glitch in the register. Are we really going to have to have enough overage made up of items with no coupons in our basket every time to absorb the $10 the register is considering coupons? And why is it $10 and not just $5 that the register seems to be crediting?  Feel free to add your thoughts, suggestions etc… I am starting to get dizzy 🙁

Don’t know what we’re talking about? See my posts and reader comments HERE, HERE and HERE.

-Thanks so much to Karen and to Mitchell for trying to sort this all out!

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  1. That happened to me today. I tried paying for just the 2 razors and one scanned at .98 and the other at 0. So I went and picked up a pack of hanes briefs for my husband at 7.89 and used a $1 off hanes coupon and the 2 razors and it went through without a problem. I tried my extra @ coupons with a $3.98 toy and the coupons didnt go through. I guess I will have to stock up on razors and briefs.

  2. Does this mean that it is taking off a $5 GC credit from each razor and then also giving you a tangible $5GC for next time?

  3. I posted in another topic on here, but, Target’s wacky system will eventually be the reason I don’t want to shop @ Target anymore. I can not think of a time I shopped there, used coupons and had NO issues with their machines! UGH!! 🙁

  4. It means that it is an imaginary $5 credit for each razor that you never see. The only thing tangible is the $5 gift card you will get at the end of your transaction. So once those razors are scanned, the register in secret interprets the Gift Card deal as a type of $10 coupon, and sees your total as .98, but visible to you on the screen – you see $10.98. But when your coupon is scanned it will only take off .98 cents.

  5. Thanks Kerry,
    My understanding then is that instead of paying 4.98 for both and getting the $5 giftcard we are actually paying $10 and then getting a $5 giftcard.

  6. I agree with Lori. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to go back after looking at the receipt for discrepencies. Saving money and using coupons at Target shouldn’t be this hard.

    Sorry, I know I’m preaching to the choir 🙂

  7. i tried doing this deal today and that is what happened to me to it only took off 98cents and wouldn’t accept the other coupon. I just took my coupons back and didn’t get the razors =( but i did do all the great deals you posted with the new target coupons, total before coupons was $52 and some change and after $23.71 🙂 so i still left happy

  8. If this is what they are doing then they need to reissue their official Q policy. Having to buy a “filler” product is just silly …they are turning into Walgreens! Having to buy a “filler” to make up for their cockamamie computer system (just b/c I’m a good couponer) defeats the whole purpose of the GC deal. So don’t give me a GC and let me get full value on my Qs w/o having to buy some silly “filler” I don’t even want.

  9. What. The. Heck?! I am glad I didn’t see/notice/try this gift card deal because it sounds like a deal that will make my 7 month pregnant hormonal self go straight into a tail spin!

    I did have great success this weekend buying 20 Pantene products with 20 $2 off MQ and and 20 $1 off TQ. I had a great cashier who didn’t flinch and I will definitely be seeking him out from now on!

  10. Why not just get a manager & tell them your coupons didn’t ring up right & see what they say? I would be doing it right then & see what they have to say about it.

  11. basically yes. however- if you plan your transaction with buying something you can add in to absorb the additional coupon amount, you can then use your Schick coupons. Since just buying the 2 razors and using $6 in coupons (two $3/1) will only leave .98 cents, you now need one or more things that will cost at least $5.02 that you won’t be using a coupon(s) on, and your Schick coupons will go through fine.

  12. I was scared to try this deal last week after reading all the horrible problems everyone was having. I braved it last week and to my joyous surprise, everything went through swimmingly. I was able to use 2-$4 q’s I won from the Schick game. I plan on grabbing more this week. I pray my Target doesn’t get the computer system that is causing all the problems. I will be so sad.

  13. The only thing I noticed.. When our Target did NOT have the Cat machines in place the transaction worked fine. When they hooked those things up, it started to go wonky. I have made transactions both with just the razors and enough to absorb the cost and both come out wonky. So.. who knows 🙂

  14. I did this today and the same thing happened, I didn’t think to put something else in their to absorb the “overage”. They tried to price adjust but it only took off a certain amount. They were still free after the gift card but should have been a moneymaker for me. Very discouraging b/c the gift card deal has nothing to do with the manufacturer coupons.

  15. I just wish Target would fix their registers…I always have problems with beeping coupons, being charged for gift cards or gift cards not activating!

    Happy to help everyone with this! I’ve been wanting to figure out why it was doing this ever since I crashed two registers about a week ago! 😀

  16. I’ll admit, I had no issue at all with this deal, but then I had a TON of things in my bag and the cashier just pushed things in, I was watching tho and didn’t see it go back up, and I’m about t check just to make sure.

  17. I work at Target not a cashier. Sorry, your having so many problems with your coupons but there does seem to be some sort of glitch. The other day, I had a guest bought 48 Fancy feast at .32 each (sale price) and had 4 coupons for $1 off 12. When I went to ring in the coupons they came up as .32 off. Flipped on my light, LOD (Leader on Duty) came over I showed her the coupons and she immediately over road (four times) the coupons. We joked at how fast she could do it! Best part the guest works at Pets Smart! We always honor the coupons at my store. I’ve even sent a guest back to grocery to get an extra box of cereal a Fiber One deal a couple of months ago, just so he could get the $5 gift card.

    Little secret, most Target employees are clearance junkies! Just got a table for the patio $21 down from $189.

  18. Now I know what happened to me the other day…thanks for the post about this…my ordeal was a 45 minute nightmare…and I will NEVER return to that Target again…I was so totally ripped off it wasn’t even funny and then when I tried to get it corrected it wouldn’t correct and they even kept some of the product I PAID for AGAIN…I guess when you get almost free or free GC card deals you will need to make sure you combine with other shopping items…

  19. I was one of those who had trouble with this transaction and left without the items twice before contacting customer service through e-mail. I never really got a solid answer but the third time i tried to make this purchase, the store was busy and they just put the coupons in as target coupons to get me out of there. NOW I am having problems using target coupons with MQ. In the past two days I have had a $1 ring for $.67 and my $1.50 ring for $.87. I don’t notice it at the store because the coupon amount does not show up on the register screen. I will be contacting customer service again. There is no reason EVERY transaction should have an error. Watch your receipts!!!!

  20. Hey guys…I’m a target cashier. I have only been with Target a short time but, I know alot about the registers and coupons. I’m big time couponer! I know its frustrating to see “Coupon is not here” Or “One or more missing items.” Trust me I have been there and done that. But I just wanted to point this out to those who thinks it just the registers, please please please ready your coupons! Even the small print, b/c I can’t tell you how many times I have had to give coupons back b/c they didnt buy the right iteam or maybe it was two and not just one. Now as for the schick razoor, I have yet to come across the problem but, if the 98cents pops up, I would just run as a target coupon for the amount of coupon. Problem solved! I can’t say this will work for all the target registers but, it may help to point that out.

  21. My thoughts? Honestly, it’s Target computer engineers fault! I’m an engineer and whatever goes into the system is human input. The computer just functions whatever a human tells it to. Yes, it was EXTREMELY tempting to just hog one line and find the limitations of the computer program, when the deal fell extremely bad for me (45 mins too with dear oh cashier who seemed to worship the machine and thinks I had too many Qs. Of course manager was a little more tech savvy and after many attempts got the deal through). But that’s just occupational hazard. I wrote to Target the moment I got home and obviously nothing’s being done to solve this relatively simple glitch (Yes, reply said email was forwarded to the relavant departments). Oh well, if Apple’s having problems with the iphone4, guess we can’t expect too much from Target engineers?

    I crinche every time I have to check out and it takes guts to go back to Target. BUT….. Kerry does do a good job matching deals and honestly, all her leg work and updates always give me lion’s courage to brave Target beeping machines and sometimes not too friendly Target cashiers. So once again, thanks Kerry! 🙂

  22. These gift card “deals” are the worst. I tried to do the scrubbing bubbles one where you buy 4 and get a 5.00 gift card. I used four manufacturers coupons and the coupon for the gift card. The lady then told me that I could not use the other coupons if I used the gift card deal. I told her that the gift card deal was a Target coupon and they accept target coupons on top of manufacturers. She then told me that she was not going to pay me to take product out of the store. (Because I would have the gift card after I only paid a few dollars.)

    I love saving money, but I am starting to hate people.

  23. This happened to me this weekend, and I was so upset over my $4 in coupons that were scanned but not taken off my total! I thought the cashier did something wrong. Of course I didn’t realize it until I was home and reviewing my receipt. Thanks for some trouble shooting tips. Here I did this deal seperate so I could make sure I got the gift card, should have just done it with all my other purchases.
    On a good note though the venus gift pack that had the olay lotion, and shave gel was on clearance for $4.98 and they let me use a $2.50 Venus target coupon and a $2 venus coupon…so I got it for 48 cents!

  24. I had a whole post typed about this thing and there was an error in the request and EVERYTHING was los 🙁

  25. Anyways, I guess I will just try and keep my story short.

    I went to Target last Thursday to do this deal and everything got goofed up. $20 in coupons wasn’t applied (for a few other items I had as well). I did get other “filler” items and that didn’t seem to make a difference. I bought 3 bags of the Purina Dog Chow Trial size bags for $1 (on clearance for $.85) and I had 3 $2 off manu Q. (Target got to pocket the difference I guess) One coupon took of 85 cents, another 70 cents and the other $0. Then $16 in the Schick $4 off Q were not applied. I analyzed my receipt by the bathrooms for awhile and noticed which coupons were missed. I went to the cashier and asked for my Qs back and went to customer service. I dealt with a real crabby and rude employee. I was trying to be as nice as I could be about her attitude, but I wanted to tell her I could completely tell how she was feeling and needed to treat me better. Anyways, after 40 minutes of standing at the service desk, she credited me the $20 or so in coupons. Then I told her I wanted to return a pair of shorts cuz I didn’t mean to buy 2 pairs and she scanned them. They were $7.99 but the register only wanted to refund me $7.19. She asked if I had a health discount and I said no, I had no idea what she was talking about. She only was going to give me the $7.19 back so I asked for the manager. The manager was confused but gave me the full amount back.

    A month ago, I took my MIL to Target and had a list planned out for her with coupons. Over $40 in coupons weren’t applied! So that is $40 Target would’ve got to make money on. I went back to the cashier and asked for all the Qs back, went to customer service and had a real nice employee. After 45 minutes (dealing with a baby and a toddler in tow, which makes 45 minutes seem like forever!) my MIL got the money back, but now she refuses to use coupons at Target and goes to Walmart instead. All Target’s new system is doing is pushing people to more coupon-friendly stores.

    Also, I asked the employee if they had new computer/register software that could be causing this problem and she had no idea what I was talking about.

  26. I tried to do the Razor deal tonight too. I was bought four packages and had 2 $3 coups and 2 $4 coups. My first coupon scanned for $1.98 and then you guessed it the rest scanned for $0. I had intended to buy these and then use the ten dollars in my next transaction. For ten minutes my cashier, who actually was a supervisor who hopped on, was royally confused. Eventually the actual manager had told him to override them as target coupons. In the meantime I had him ring up the rest of my things. Before he changed them into Target coups and did an override I told him to try scanning them again. Lo and behold all of them scanned without issue. My total was over $50 because I had gotten some clearance clothing deals.

    Because I have had filler item issues at Walgreens before and have had to have them scan coupons in a different order I thought this might work. I agree this is a glitch though and needs to be fixed!!

    To make matters worse the register decided to lock up during Authorization of my credit card and my cashier had to ring everything up again on a different register. Overall he was definitely a trooper and very patient with me and the my coupons. But I did lose about 30 minutes of my life.

  27. I love Target, but I have NEVER seen a store with such a messed up computer system. I have to study my receipt everytime.
    Tonight, I purchased 6 of the Benadryl Itch sticks and used 3 of the $5/2 coupons and it took off the cost of 3 of them, but not the other 3?!! Good thing I look BEFORE I leave the store now, since I have had to go back to the store so many times when I discover a mistake after I get home. It’s getting ridiculous, if I hadn’t checked tonight, I would have been out $6.87!
    Most stores list all of the coupons at the bottom of the receipt, WHY must Target be such a pain?? It takes the fun out of shopping there, and I never thought I’d say that about my beloved Target!

  28. Yesterday, I bought 4 Schick razors and used 4 $3.00 off coupons. 3 of the coupons scanned -$3.00 and the 4th coupon scanned -$1.97. I came across more Schick coupons and went back today and bought 4 more razors. All four coupons scanned -$1.97. The cashier had to adjust each one individually. Bizarre. I’m starting to break up my orders into smaller manageble groups. It’s too confusing to follow their computer and their receipt.

  29. Well at first I would be inclined to buy an extra $10 of stuff for every 2 Schick coupons I used, just so the coupons would scan. But I learned the other day that when I went ahead and had them ring up the razors, and they wouldn’t let me use all of my coupons…..when I returned the razors they wouldn’t let me use coupons for, they CHARGED ME A 10% OFR ‘DISCOUNT’ for returning it. So, even though it was their fault for their system not accurately working, I got charged what seems to be sort of like a RESTOCKING FEE for returning the stuff. Hardly a “discount”, but more like a “fee” since I was never given any “ofr” or any other kind of discount on my original purchase.

    You shouldn’t have to buy other stuff just to make a gift card deal work. The State Attorney General needs to be contacted; corporate Target is obviously not going to do anything about it. “We’ll look into it” is not good enough. They must know their system is doing this. For all those people NOT studying their receipts, they buy 2 razors, give Target two $4 coupons but only .98 is taken off, and then Target collects $8 plus the handling fee from the manufacturer. S C A M M I N G the public!

  30. Had the same problem with the Colgate buy 4 items get a $5 GC tonight… bought 4 items totaling $19.96, had 4 manufacturer coupons, which should have equaled $13.99, but the register only took off $9.96… which is the same $10 glitch…


    What do you call submitting a $3/1 Coupon for its’ full amount when a retailer has allowed only $.98 cents off for the customer? Answer – Coupon Fraud. And what do you call submitting 2,000 $3/1 Coupons for full reimbursement when the retailer full well knows that $0.00 was allowed for the customer? Answer – This one is better known as FELONY CRIMINAL FRAUD and WIRE FRAUD when the reimbursement is deposited electronically. Target has a long record of adjusting coupons down (COUPON FRAUD when a full reimbursement is collected) and POS software problems (Federal Criminal Activity?) when $0.00 is allowed and then the full coupon value plus handling fees are reimbursed. Often times what appears somewhat clear on the surface is very cleverly clouded and disguised underneath.

    My local Target recently stated that my use of $4/1 Coupon and a BOGO Free Coupon for the Olay and Ivory body wash deal was Coupon Fraud. When I accused the Store Manager and Target Corporate of failure to properly train their managers, supervisors, and cashiers, allowing me to purchase 86 body wash deals over a six week period, and for Target’s submitting all of the coupons for full reimbursement, they changed their claims of Coupon Fraud. Target is a store that is quick to make false claims against its’ customers and more often than not finds itself short on employee training and quality customer service.

  32. I had a terrible ordeal with a Lead on Saturday. I had 8 bags of trial size Purina with 8 coupons- 4/$2 off manf. and 4/$1 off Target Q’s. First she told me I could not use the Target Q’s that is when I explained to her that there is no size restriction on the coupon so she angrily scanned the Q’s. Then when she rang yp the Manf., Q;s they only took off $1 for each 1, which I did not fuse about b/c of not being required to give overage. I also bought 4 packs of Friskies cat treat priced at .89 each. I used 2 manf. Q’s that stated $1.50 off when you buy 2. Well it rang up $0 and I brought it to her attention and she asked me aren;t these on sale and I relied “yes”, so she said I could not use coupons. Then she decided to explain that would make products free and I was very irritated at this point so I told her 89+.89=$1.78 so there would be no overage. So she argued with me and I told her that I was tired of getting attitude about using coupons, that I am NOT STEALING and Target gets their money back for the coupon plus .08 cents and I realize that they do not for Target Q’s. She rolled her eyes at me (this is all happening in front of my 7yr old son that asks why is she being mean to me?) . So I told her that I would go to customer service and call corporate and she said ” I am tired of people doing this, they do it all the time,NO”. So she handed me my recipt and walked off with me still standing there. No good bye, have a nice day or kiss my foot. That is when I told my son never treat anyone like that, it is very displeasing to God. So he then said he would pray for her to be nice to people:) Children are truly amazing, they are so very innocent.

  33. Wow this stuff is crazy, I have never had any problems at my Target! Thank goodness! They are always very coupon friendly. I have not and will not be doing this deal cuz it’s not worth it to me. Hopefully they fix the problem soon though.

  34. Store manager said it depends on the store and policy. This store is setup to view the gift card as a “store coupon” which adjust mc to leftover amount. She informed me that the store was “losing money on overage and new system/policy eliminates the issue. We tried different transactions with the razors and each time the scanner rang up the gc then adjusted the mc to price leftover. There wasn’t any overage with filler items, scanning one razor or anything else.

    I bought some clearance glade products and toothpaste should have had close to $5 overage each coupon was adjusted to price owed with no overage.

  35. We should not lose sight of Jodi’s comment: “the store was “losing money on overage and new system/policy eliminates the issue.”

    Target Store Management knows full well what they are doing. This is willful and intentional. You can put lipstick on a pig and its still a what? If it walks like duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a what? And if you (Retailer or Consumer) willfully use a coupon for any other purpose, including accepting tens of thousands of coupons for significantly less value and then accepting reimbursement for the full value, it must by what? Simple answers – A PIG. A DUCK. And COUPON FRAUD!

  36. I had a recent experience with them not taking the whole coupon amount off. I bought 2 deodrandts and had a coupon for 3 dollars off of 2 and they only took 2.50 off, when I asked the lady she said I just scan it. I thought that was wierd, and just went along my way. I hope that Target isn’t trying to do away with coupons.

  37. I don’t like Walmart at all. I REALLY don’t like Walmart and have not shopped there (except to get free diaper wipes) in a long time. But, from what I am reading here and on other sites it seems their coupon policy is more user friendly… even with employee issues. At least it is not a computer screwing up and no body knowing how to fix it.

    Very sad… because I use to love Target so much.

  38. Is this happening even if you give the cashier the the Manu Q first. I always hand over my q’s in the following order – Manis for free items (ie. Buy item A get item B free), then regular manu q’s, then target q’s, then target gift card q’s. I know that is a lot of work, but I have them sorted before I get to the register to keep the coupon hating cashiers from demanding them all at once. I still may have some beepage, but not nearly as much as I used to have. But my GC deals always go through w/o a hitch. My target store has the new registers.

  39. Ok, because I had some time I called customer service and asked to speak with a supervisor. We discussed the issue I had with the scrubbing bubbles and the issues everyone is seeing with the schick deal. I also directed her here to see what others are saying and about the different experiences in different areas. (Don’t know if she will check but I gave her the website name.)

    Anyway, she said she has never heard of this happening. I gave her specific examples other than mine (taken from the posts here, no names mentioned.) and she agreed that it is odd. She asked if any of the Q’s had exclusions, such as not valid with any other offer. I told her no. Told her about the computer ringing up coupons for 0 value, etc. Also told her that this is a frustrating situation for both consumer and employees, so it is a no win all the way around.

    Got the standard “they will pass on the information”, but at least someone else knows about it. Told her that I sure wish something is fixed quickly because there are alot of unhappy people.

    Anyone want to hold their breath?

  40. lol well thanks for trying…I’m going to Target tonight and I’m kind of dreading going now…Every single time I go now I have at least a few issues…Maybe I’ll just keep my items down to minimum so it will be easy to catch any issues

  41. Thanks to all the posts here regarding the Schick razors. I went to Target well prepared I think. I did what Kerry said and made sure I bought enough items to cover the value of the coupons I had for the razors which were 2 at $4.00. I bought the items to receive the ConAgra coupons in addition to the razors and received the gift card without any problems. I was very reluctant to try the Schick deal because I usually always have issues when using coupons but this time there were none. Thanks to all those who did the troubleshooting!!!!

  42. I agree with Christine….thanks so much for the info. I went today and was able to get 4 sets of razors. I made sure I had $20 extra in merchandise (which is easy for me to do) in order to get the razors for free. It is frustrating to have to do all this extra work but I still think Target does a great job with their match ups.

  43. So what if you were to purchase a giftcard close to whatever increment you would need to make the deal go through? Would that work instead of buying something now you might not necessarily want or need?

  44. I was wondering if I purchased an additional item to make the deal go through if I could return it and get my money back.

  45. No, buying a gift card does not make a difference, at least not when I bought one with the razors.

  46. They’re just playing dumb when they act like they hadn’t heard of this happening, and then saying they’ll pass on the information to someone else.

  47. My husband and I tried to purchase the Benadryl Itch Sticks the other night and our $5/2 coupon did not work – it just took $2.54 off the 1st one and $0 off the second one. We then just left the store without the items. I guess our great thing is coming to an end. Walgreens is also coming to a slow end… This really stinks.

  48. Hey everyone! I really think if you’ve had problems with this deal and/or other deals you should call Target customer service at 1-800-440-0680.

    I spoke with a very nice woman and told her about this experience as well as other bad coupon experiences i’ve had over the last few months. I apologized for complaining so much but told her I dread going to Target with coupons each time because 75% of the time the coupon amounts are messed up or not applied and 95% of the time, the register says the item isn’t there even though it really it…exact same thing, exact same brand, exact same size. I also told her how long it often took at customer service for everything to be figured out and that I am tired of having to “sort things out” many times I go there, especially with a baby and toddler in tow.

    She is mailing me a $10 Target giftcard in return for my hassels there and you may or may not get this offer…I was happy I did since i’ve wasted much of my life at the Target registers and customer service desk, lol…but if you don’t get offered such a thing, I think it is still wise to bring it up because hopefully if they get enough complaints, they do something about all their register problems with coupons. Just a tip!

  49. Thanks Kerry for the suggestion about buying additional items to cushion the cost of the coupons. I went to Target today and had no problem with using my 2 $3 schick and $0.75/2 ortega coupons since I was also buying an additional ~$6.30 worth of items. Before I even tried to check out I stopped at customer service to see what their explanation is about the coupons. What they told me was that the gift card makes the razors a “sale” item and therefore you cannot use coupons with it. I don’t believe they knew what they were talking about and just left it at that.

  50. I just got off the phone with Target after trying to do this deal last night. The man I talked to was very nice and helpful. He said that next time this happens in store to call the customer service number while at the store and they should be able to help the store be able to make the coupons work, so I guess I will try this next time I go in.

  51. I’ve pretty much figured out that for every 2 Schick disp razors you buy, you have to buy another $10 of stuff, in order for the 2 coupons for razors to come off. And this has worked for me to buy $10 worth of produce or other stuff that does not have coupons; my razor coupons are deducted at the correct amount then.
    But I’m wondering: what if I buy $20 of other stuff that has$10 of coupons…..will that work when you buy 2 razors? In other words, for every 2 razors you buy as long as the net amount AFTER coupons, of other stuff, is at least $10, will it still work for the coupons to come off?
    Or does that $10 of “other stuff” have to be completely without coupons attached???

    Of course, it shouldn’t be this way….no one should have to buy $10 of other stuff just to get 2 razor coupons to come off!

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