Another Episode of… As the Schick Deal Turns

Okay, so if I had music on my blog, this post would begin with some real soap opera kind of music, as I know many of you have experienced quite the drama from doing the Unadvertised Schick Disposable Gift Card Deal. Thanks to Karen who wrote her thoughts to me in an e-mail, I am now fairly convinced that at many stores, the register is seeing the gift card as a MANUFACTURER’S coupon and creating overage of not just $5 but $10. It’s almost like it is crediting the Gift Card twice in your transaction. But not in a good way.

For example, Mitchell and many of you- I am guessing whoever was doing this deal and this deal only in one transaction bought 2 Schick Disposable Razors, and watched as their first $3/1 coupon scanned in at .98, and the second at $0. So here is what I think is happening- for some reason when you buy the Schick Disposables (and this may be true for any Gift Card Deal now with the new register software), the register attaches a $5 credit to each package of razors you buy:

Buy 2 Schick = $10.98, and before you hand over any coupons, the register has attached a $5 credit to each item and sees your total as being .98 cents. This is why when the first coupons scans, the register will only take off .98 cents since the system won’t let the register go into the negative. And as a result your 2nd coupon will scan in at $0. But the register still sees it as you owing the $10. after it took only one of your coupons and morphed it into a .98/1.

Now I think the varying amounts are due to those of you who threw some other things into the mix or perhaps found the razors priced higher. I was hoping that if you purchased a couple other small fillers that their cost would not matter, but all it did was give you more of your coupon value back. For example, today I asked Mitchell to do a little experiment. He bought 2 Schick Disposable Razors, and 2 paper folders for .15 cents each- and his total was now $10.98 + .30 = $11.28. He then used the first $3/1 Schick coupon and guess what? It took off $1.28 instead of only .98 this time. 

So then we did experiment 2, in which I thought you may have to have at least 2 items, but it appears that the amount is what matters, not how many items you have. So you just need 1 or more items in your transaction you aren’t using a coupon for- that cost enough in order to cover the coupons you want to use. Mitchell bought 2 Schick Razors & a Total Effects Body Wash to test this theory: $10.98 + $5.79 = $16.77, he only used 2 $3/1 Schick coupons and they went through fine.

So what’s a shopper to do? Is it that they are really trying to do away with accepting coupons on Gift Card Deals? Or is it just a glitch in the register. Are we really going to have to have enough overage made up of items with no coupons in our basket every time to absorb the $10 the register is considering coupons? And why is it $10 and not just $5 that the register seems to be crediting?  Feel free to add your thoughts, suggestions etc… I am starting to get dizzy 🙁

Don’t know what we’re talking about? See my posts and reader comments HERE, HERE and HERE.

-Thanks so much to Karen and to Mitchell for trying to sort this all out!

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  1. I’ve pretty much figured out that for every 2 Schick disp razors you buy, you have to buy another $10 of stuff, in order for the 2 coupons for razors to come off. And this has worked for me to buy $10 worth of produce or other stuff that does not have coupons; my razor coupons are deducted at the correct amount then.
    But I’m wondering: what if I buy $20 of other stuff that has$10 of coupons…..will that work when you buy 2 razors? In other words, for every 2 razors you buy as long as the net amount AFTER coupons, of other stuff, is at least $10, will it still work for the coupons to come off?
    Or does that $10 of “other stuff” have to be completely without coupons attached???

    Of course, it shouldn’t be this way….no one should have to buy $10 of other stuff just to get 2 razor coupons to come off!

  2. I just got off the phone with Target after trying to do this deal last night. The man I talked to was very nice and helpful. He said that next time this happens in store to call the customer service number while at the store and they should be able to help the store be able to make the coupons work, so I guess I will try this next time I go in.

  3. Thanks Kerry for the suggestion about buying additional items to cushion the cost of the coupons. I went to Target today and had no problem with using my 2 $3 schick and $0.75/2 ortega coupons since I was also buying an additional ~$6.30 worth of items. Before I even tried to check out I stopped at customer service to see what their explanation is about the coupons. What they told me was that the gift card makes the razors a “sale” item and therefore you cannot use coupons with it. I don’t believe they knew what they were talking about and just left it at that.

  4. Hey everyone! I really think if you’ve had problems with this deal and/or other deals you should call Target customer service at 1-800-440-0680.

    I spoke with a very nice woman and told her about this experience as well as other bad coupon experiences i’ve had over the last few months. I apologized for complaining so much but told her I dread going to Target with coupons each time because 75% of the time the coupon amounts are messed up or not applied and 95% of the time, the register says the item isn’t there even though it really it…exact same thing, exact same brand, exact same size. I also told her how long it often took at customer service for everything to be figured out and that I am tired of having to “sort things out” many times I go there, especially with a baby and toddler in tow.

    She is mailing me a $10 Target giftcard in return for my hassels there and you may or may not get this offer…I was happy I did since i’ve wasted much of my life at the Target registers and customer service desk, lol…but if you don’t get offered such a thing, I think it is still wise to bring it up because hopefully if they get enough complaints, they do something about all their register problems with coupons. Just a tip!

  5. My husband and I tried to purchase the Benadryl Itch Sticks the other night and our $5/2 coupon did not work – it just took $2.54 off the 1st one and $0 off the second one. We then just left the store without the items. I guess our great thing is coming to an end. Walgreens is also coming to a slow end… This really stinks.

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