Update on the Scrubbing Bubbles Sale

So I got a chuckle out of the signs at the store today. Usually, when I see something in the ad that I know is lower at the store, I see the “even lower” sale signs, and mutter to myself about how the sale price IS the regular price, so they advertise a higher price, so that they can put a sale sign up for an even lower price, which is actually the regular price. *sigh* 

I expected to see “even lower” today and mutter to myself, but instead, they had “As Advertised” $6.99  as I clutched the ad in my hand that read “$7.99”. So, I chuckled instead. Hey, whatever… LOL. I hope lots of you find the “As Advertised” price of $6.99 too. 😉 Some other Scrubbing Bubbles items are on sale too, including the Power Sprayer Refill. If you find the lower sale prices at your store- and have all the right coupons the Deal gets a little better:

Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean Power Sprayer $6.99
Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Refill $3.49

DEAL IDEA: Buy 1 Power Sprayer ($6.99) & 1 Power Sprayer Refill ($3.49) = $10.48
-$5/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter 6-13-10 SS x8/8
-$1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Refill, any – 06-13-10 SS x8/8
= $4.48 COUPON for FREE $5 Target Gift Card wyb Power Sprayer AND Refill 8-1-10 SS x8/22
= .52 cent money maker after coupons & Gift Card Coupon.

There was also a B1G1 coupon for a FREE Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Product when you buy Toilet Cleaning Gel in today’s SS. The Toilet Cleaning Gel was also on sale, and there is a $1/1 Toilet Cleaning Gel as well- so here are your choices:

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel $3.49 (On Sale thru 8/7)
Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Starter Kit $6.29 (Regular Price)
Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 12 Ct. Refill $3.94 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel HERE (Thanks Shanna!)
-FREE Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Product wyb Toilet Cleaning Gel (up to $5.70) 08-01-10 SS
If your store allows you to use both coupons when buying 2 items:
You’ll pay $2.49 for 2 Toilet Cleaning Gel or a Toilet Cleaning Gel & a 12 ct. Fresh Brush Refill.
OR pay $3.08 for the Gel & the Fresh Brush Starter Kit, since the coupon will only cover up to $5.70.

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  1. Had a nightmare at Target today doing the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean gift card deal. The computer was only taking $3.49 off for a $5.00 coupon. The gift card coupon clearly states that you can use a manufacture coupon with it. Customer service fixed it but I am so fed up with how the computers handle coupons. I hate the gift card thing anyway. Nothing but hastles!!

  2. I have had issues the last 3 times I’ve used coupons at Target. Yesterday I went to get the play-doh deal. I bought 2 and it only took off ONE of my $5 coupons. I have been blessed in that each time I go immediately up to CS and they fix it. The only hassel they gave me was the B1G1 Vanish deal a while ago. I really only go now for the clearance and forget about the coupons- too much hassel.

  3. OMG – this P&G thing is crazy, does anybody have any solutions yet??? Kroger killed me last week, I had 16 items = 4/$4, so that would be $16, right? Different items. My receipt only had ONE 4/$400 off. That was disapointing. I have a msg in to P&G and Kroger. Kroger NEVER responds!
    Then @ TARGET — I tried to do a price match with the Dollar General ad in my paper for the 3 for $5 Oreo, including the golden ones(!) & the manager declined that one, because it said 3 for $5 & listed all the different types including the the golden ones? That was my first price match with Target…….. Also, someone said that the $1/Tide from the 8/1 P&G said “ANY” & I took two .97 to the register with my $1/any size TIDE cpn — well, same mgr said NO. Oh, well. I know that Wal-Mart would’ve probably done the 3 for $5 on the OREOS… Darn Target this week!
    But, I must say the P&G thing, especially at Kroger is crazy. I bought 16 items, which should have been 4/$4 credit & I only received one credit of $4 with $12 still due. Someone on another blog said to just return them. It might be my best bet, if I can only receive a $4 per 4 of ea,ch that I purchased, there would not be a problem. Did anyone else run into this problem this past week? Mine happened on 7-31-2010.
    Oh, well, it’s still not too late.
    Can someone please advise me in the morning.
    Thanks for your wonderful website!!!


  4. TNK
    That is my question I’ve wanted to know. I was hoping someone has done the leg work and called like P&G and asked them the process of coupons do they know that they marked down my Q’s to .97 or do they give them 1.00???

    Guess we need to call the coupon companys and ask!

    I think 1.00 coupon should be worth a 1.00!

  5. I’ve been having the same problem at Target recently. On Saturday I made a lot of purchases before the P&G coupons expired and there were numerous items that only took off partial amounts. They were not going to override & was told that the computer knows what amount should be taken off so it did it for a reason. When I pointed out that they would be reimbursed the full coupon amount by the manufacturer, while I only got a partial credit, they then did the override. There were some items I didn’t catch though & I’m going to be returning a few items today – I would have never bought the items if I wasn’t getting the full coupon amount. Something has changed.

  6. Im getting a little upset about Target right now. I don’t know what they did recently, but their computers are so jacked up. In order to get the correct amount off, you have to literally stage a riot. We tried to buy their roseart colored pencils get a crayon free deal, and the register only did ONE deal. I had to go to customer service who then only refunded the price of the crayons (no taxes paid).

    So many people probably didn’t bother with the mistake, but.. 20 cents times how many people.. thats a LOT of money.

    The coupons.. They charge you $6.99, then take your $5 off coupon, but then the computer just takes off whatever it feels like. So does anyone here know how Target actually gets reimbursed for those coupons? Do they get full face value or are they getting whatever it rings up at in the computer?

  7. COUPON for FREE $5 Target Gift Card wyb Power Sprayer AND Refill 8-1-10 SS x8/22
    I did not see this coupon in my smart source. Does anyone know where I can purchase it? Thanks!!

  8. Hey Bobbi Jean- aw you are so swet! TY, but I actually do have some on the way to me from a great trading buddy- but TY!!!

  9. Kerry-I received two TQs for Morningstar and am not going to use them if you want them they’re yours

  10. So I went to Target today to do this deal and while the cashier was scanning my $5 OFF the sprayer Q, the register only took off $3.49, the price of the refill! Is that not the most ridiculous thing ever? I had a $1 OFF Q for the refill, $5 off the sprayer and a FREE $5 Target GC. So when I protested, all she told me was that if the $5 Q for the sprayer was taken then the sprayer would be only $1.99, and I was like SO? I was with my son and in a rush so I just accepted it and moved along, I just think that it’s so unfair! FYI, she also told me that this had happened earlier today to someone else and the manager did not override it, who knows if she was telling the truth? BTW this was in HOUSTON, TX!

  11. My Scrubbing Bubbles refill kit had a set of four coupons in it. I can’t truly recall them, but I’m pretty sure there’s a toilet gel in it!

  12. Just a heads up, the last time there were target Qs out for these, I had some major issues with the registers charging me for the $5 GC and not taking it back off in the end. Keep an eye on those receipts ladies! I havent tried it yet this time around…once bitten twice shy.

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