FREE DiGiorno Deep Dish for One After Coupon

 So a reader, Happy, wrote to me pretty convinced that DiGiorno made a Deep Dish Variety in their DiGiorno for One Line. Since they are 2/$4 this week in the ad (thru 8/7), Happy also reminded me there was a $2/1 printable available on facebook that had no size exclusions.

I hadn’t remembered seeing the Deep Dish for One at my store. But since I was terrified my store was going to sell out of Play-Doh before I got a chance to use my $5/1 Coupon I ran up there and got my $3 Play-Doh Deal and checked on the DiGiorno, and Happy was right! So if you are willing to allow the DiGiorno Facebook app and post a silly picture on your facebook page- you can pick it up for FREE after coupon!  -Thanks so much to Happy!

Digiorno For One (Deep Dish for One included) 2/$4
-$2/1 Any Digiorno Deep Dish Product HERE*
*when you allow the app and share a picture 

= FREE after coupon

If you don’t have a facebook account, or don’t want to allow their app, besides the insert coupon, there is also a printable for $1/1 DiGornio Deep Dish if you haven’t printed it yet:

Digiorno For One (Deep Dish for One included) 2/$4
-$1/1 Any Digiorno Deep Dish Product HERE
-$1/1 Digiorno 08-01-10 RP
= $1 after coupon

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  1. Smart girl Karla, I always go in and get them off my connection list too! I printed both (2 of each) and plan to get myself 4 boxes @ .50 cents a piece! Heck of a deal! =D Thanks Kerry!

  2. I was hesitant to put the pic on my facebook page, but I deleted the post as soon as I got the coupon printed!

  3. I did the deal. Got the playdoh set, the extra playdoh, and the two pizzas for $3.60 after tax. Thank you!!!

  4. Now you made me even more nervous about scoring the play-doh deal. I can’t get there until Thursday 🙁 About the pizza, I did the photo thing a little while ago and was able to get a coupon for free pizza. Yay! But I did take the picture off of my FB profile right away 🙂

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