Update on Special Purchase Play-Doh Deal Thru 8/7

The Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice-Cream Shop is included in the Play-Doh Special Purchase Deal where select Play-Doh sets are on sale for $8 and you get a free 4-pack of Play-Doh with your purchase. One of the recurring coupons when you play the Play-Doh You Can Win Sweepstakes HERE is for $5/1 Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shop.

The coupons you get for entering the Play-Doh Sweeps change from day to day, and I believe possibly even person to person. But you have thru Saturday 8/7 to keep on trying for the right coupon to pair with this sale. If you get it, you will be able to pick up the Uce Cream Shop and a 4-pack of Play-Doh for just $3 after coupon and Special Purchase Deal (valid thru 8/7). I got the $5/1 Ice Cream Shoppe, and hope y’all do too, but keep trying each day if you don’t.

Go HERE and enter the code KDN185UV9JN34 to play (no spaces before or after the code or it won’t work). If you don’t win you will be offered the coupon. And just a heads up that it prints at the bottom of the page. Good Luck! Now, if they only have one left by the time I am able to make it back over there. 😉

-Thanks Frugurl and Gretchen in HB!

UPDATE: from reading the comments, it seems that the site may have reached the print limit for today. I hear a lot of you getting errors that you already printed when you hadn’t, so maybe it is because the print limit has been reached for the day. I am not sure, just a guess. It is my understanding you can play and print a coupon each day, so be sure to try again tomorrow. I have no idea what tomorrow’s coupon will be, but we shall see. 

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  1. I have played several days and only get the Burger Factory and the Poppin’ Movie Snacks (sigh).

  2. I got 1 of the $2 fun factory spin n store this morning, then I tried again a few minutes ago and got 2 of the Burger Factory $5 coupons. I only needed one of the Burger Factory Qs, so if anyone wants to trade for a $5 Ice Cream Shop coupon just let me know~ You can email me at LB51480 at hotmail dot com.

  3. I bought two and my receipt only shows 1 MQ coming off as well. Although when I add everything up both MQ came off.

  4. I just read your update and tried playing again today since I was unable to print yesterday…now today a coupon does not even come up at all…such a bummer. Anyone that posting they printed a ton of copies want to donate one to me??? 🙂

  5. I’ll toss my pleast out there… I legitimatly won one yesterday, but was out of printer ink. By the time I got ink, out of prints. Could someone who printed more than they needed send on my way? I really just want one for my daughter…

  6. I also received the Poppin’ Movie Snacks coupon on my first try, nothing on the second, but on the third spin it said I was a daily winner and that more information would be mailed to me. I just assumed I had won the $5 coupon, but when I received the email it stated that I had won $50 Visa card. This seems too good to be true! I guess I shouldn’t be disappointed that I didn’t get the $5 coupon!

  7. I had an issue with only one coupon being accepted when I tried to buy 3 sets. I went to customer service and was credited back only one more, the rep telling me the system wouldn’t “let” her credit the third even though three sets were purchased. When I spoke with the manager I was told I could only use one per purchase (???) The system allowed TWO to be credited! I was highly dissatisfied with how this was handled by Target management. I ended up asking him to return one set and crediting me with a gift card and I repurchased with the coupon and gift card. He was reluctant to do so, but he did, and the coupon was accepted. Luckily, after that transaction, I got a survey at the bottom of my receipt and I was able to let them know how dissatisfied I was with this. Overall, I LOVE Target and do the bulk of my shopping there!

  8. I’d love if someone has an extra $5 off ice cream shoppe they don’t need. I know some were able to print off a lot of qs. I was unable to get one. I will pay postage or trade–or both–I have lots of good qs to trade!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    mandapanda at comcast dot net

  9. Does anyone have an extra $5 Ice Cream Shoppe coupon that they don’t need? I’d gladly pay for postage and would love to get an early birthday present for my daughter. Thanks!
    email me: [email protected]

  10. Nicole – this is prob. a really dumb question- but did you scan? ANd did anyone notice which sets are included besides what was in the ad? I was on a mission yesterday and did not take a minute to look 🙂 lol

  11. I just went to check the site again and this time it printed $3.00 off coupons for Play Doh Poppin Movie Snacks

  12. My local store didn’t have the ice cream shoppe on sale it was the play doh backpack. It also had the free item with purchase… I have the weirdest store! LOL

  13. I went to my target and they had the toy set but no 4 packs…booo.. early bird gets the worm i guess

  14. Man, I hope I get to print these tonight successfully! Great Christmas/birthday/daycare gifts.

  15. I was able to print 2 ,very good deal!Only one Q went through,even though the cashier scanned both.I was able to get my money back at CS.So it worked out!!

  16. Just re-checked my receipt and although it only shows one coupon coming off, my total is 5.95 for two of them, so I know the second coupon came off. Check your totals before going back, it may have come off after all.

  17. I’m so happy! I got 2 ice cream shops and 2 free (4) packs of play-dough all for $6!!!! I’m thrilled! My store in Silverdale had plenty of play dough packs and several sets (ice cream shop and others) on the shelves. Might be buying more tomorrow!

  18. Thanks for posting this super deal! I was able to print the coupon and managed to snag the last ice cream shoppe AND last 4-pack of playdough. This makes a super birthday present for only $3!!!

  19. I was able to score this deal too! Yeah! My receipt only shows one of the manufacturer coupons coming off, but when you add the receipt up, all the coupons did come off. So if you are not seeing all the manufacturer coupons on your receipt, add it up first before you assume it didn’t come off.

  20. I just printed a $3 off the poppin movie snacks set…but went to play again and was told i didnt win and no prompts to print anything.

  21. FYI, there are $2 peelies on some board games that offer $2 off the ice cream factory, but the peelies are expired and my Target wouldn’t take them. I told them they should remove them because you can’t see the date until they are peeled.

    I wasn’t able to print the coupons either. Will try tomorrow because this would make a good b-day gift.

  22. I was able to print the coupon and actually get the deal at Target. Got two sets for $3 each and the coupon didn’t even beep! What a day!

  23. There were no signs up at my target for any of the play-doh but the ice cream shoppe did ring up at $8. I’ll have to go back since I didnt get the free packs…. I guess I thought they were included in the box…

  24. I printed 2 cause that is all i needed but now i am hoping that there will be some left in the store i cant get there till Fri.

  25. I printed 2 earlier this morning and went today to get some. Sherwood, OR had them on an endcap in the toy section facing the electronics section. I got two but there were several more there. The 4 pack of playdoh comes off automatically at the register. Can’t beat $6 for $35 of playdoh toys!

  26. I am echoing Amy’s comment. Check your receipts.I purchased two ice cream shoppes and I saw my cashier scan both coupons and yet only one coupon showed up. She just gave me the coupon and I took it to Customer Service and they fixed it. Great deal…if the coupons work right! 🙂

  27. yeah, it won’t let me print either. i emailed them since i haven’t even printed it once

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