Scotch Magic Tape 17¢ After Coupon Thru 8/14

So sometimes I have a hard time believing a coupon unless I see it. But I was happy when I opened my Smart Source Insert this morning that the $1/3 Scotch Magic Tape, was in fact off individual rolls, and not the boxed 3-pack tape it usually is. There was also not one, but two $1/3 coupons, which will let you pick up Scotch Magic tape for .17 cents a roll after coupon thru 8/14.

Scotch Magic Tape .50 (Sale thru 8/14)
-$1/3 Any Rolls of Scotch Magic Tape 8-8-10 SS x11/19
= .50 cents for 3 after coupon or .17 cents each wyb 3

UPDATE: Watch how your coupon scans for these. I just heard from Leanne, whose coupon scanned at .50 cents when she bought 3. This seems to be a recurrent problem that happens at many stores, and not just on this coupon. At times, the register CANNOT seem to differentiate between a coupon that is off multiples anda coupon that is off 1 item. If the items you are buying are individually less than the total coupon amount, it will only take the price for 1 item off and you will need for them to manually correct it. 🙁

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  1. I was just at Target and did a separate transaction just for the tape. I bought 9 and used 3 of $1/3 coupons. Of course, it only scanned 50 cents. The manager came over and looked at it and refused to take off the $1 for each coupon. She said it was because each item was only 50 cents. I didn’t argue and went ahead and bought them. Someone’s blog was saying we should call corporate and tell them what happened. On the way home I was thinking Target will get $1 from the manufacturer for the coupon so I should get it too. I may try giving corporate a call and see what they have to say.

  2. My target didn’t bother to mark the sale price on their shelves, but I used the price checker to verify that they are just 50 cents each. Then I tried to use the coupon, and the coupon rang up for only 50 cents off. The cashier called someone over, and they told me that since the tapes normally cost $1 each, the coupon was basically a B2G1 coupon which was why it was reduced to 50 cents. I was about to take my coupon back and walk out of the store without purchasing anything when the offered to give me the full dollar off.

  3. I called our local Target Store and they did NOT have any of this tape left and did not tell me I could get a rain check….why?

  4. Couldn’t find out if there were any coupon issues at my store because they didn’t have the tape! I asked three different team members and they all looked at me like I was nuts. 🙁

  5. Can someone give me target’s corporate number or email please I went to their webpage but can’t seem to get it.

  6. I also had the same problem with the nivea Qs it took off $2.99 off twice because I bought 4 i should just have gone to walgreens but my Qs expired on Sat so I had no choice.

  7. The cashier and 2 managers at my store were so rude about it today. The manager actually said it wrong to try and get 3 rolls of tape for $.50. She told me I use too many coupons. Um, okay. Then my husband and my 5 year old overheard them saying rude things about couponers. So I called corporate. The lady that I spoke with was so apologetic and is even sending me a gift card. 🙂 Why can’t the people at corporate work at the stores? In my experience they are always friendlier and actually understand coupons!

  8. Thanks Susan,
    That is a really good idea to go to Walmart and price match. I will be doing that since my target refused to adjust the coupon in any way and we don’t have another Target within 100 miles to go to. Thanks!

  9. I had the tape coupon problem happen twice to me at Target; so I’m thinking I am going to go to Walmart and get them to price-match. I’m thinking they won’t have the same problem with the q.

  10. Yes, I had an issue with the Scotch tape sale/coupon combo, but I was prepared because I had seen this post last night. After the fiasco (10 minutes for 1 coupon!), my biggest question is: Are they sending these coupons to manufacturers and getting full reimbursement when they aren’t giving the full value to the customers? Does anyone know?

  11. I just had my first really bad experience with Target’s registers this morning with this scotch tape deal I had 3 q’s and bought nine tapes, the register only took off .50 cents for each coupon too. I tried to get them to fix it and the manager said it was because it was “on sale” it was like I was getting one for free. I was like “NO! Technically I am supposed to be getting all 3 tapes for the price of .50 cents. The manager wouldn’t fix it for me so I had them void off all nine tapes! I was so humilated !!! I love couponing though 🙂

  12. I too have started having heaping amounts of problems at Target, however I am now handing over 1 coupon at a time (annoying and time consuming but worth it). I usually go first thing in the morning when noone else is there. I ask the cashier if they mind that I have coupons which is never really a problem and when it gets to the end the last time I was there I started doing the 1 coupon at a time and told her that it wasn’t her it was the registers and I was jut doing this to make it wasier for both of us in the end and she rolled her eyes but when she saw all the problems, she realized what I was talking about. I plan to go get the tape and a couple other things tomorrow so hopefully this will continue to work until it all gets fixed. I called corporate and they said that it must be human error or invalid coupons so who knows.
    HTH solves a little frustration for some of you

  13. Wow, I am surprised that so many people have been having these issues – esp. the Nivea like me. If you don’t notice a discrepancy until you leave the store, is there actually any way to get it fixed? Especially if you do not have any more of the same coupons in question. $2 over paid doesn’t seem like a lot, but when the body wash itself is on sale for $2.99 it is!

    The whole reason I went to Target for it instead of Walgreens (which it is B1G1) is because Walgreens registers are very finicky and it’s very confusing with all the “fillers” and “RR” nonsense. But now with this Target stuff, it seems like no matter where I go I will have problems! I just started using coupons and it has been a Godsend because it is the only way I can afford many essentials and even little luxuries like this, I just wish it didn’t cause such a headache and embarrassment for me :/

  14. Had the same issue/solution as Amanda (comment #26), and I’m in central Texas. Scotch tape coupon rang up as 50 cents. I took it to customer service, and they ended up voiding the transaction and scanning the coupon 4 times to make it work (I got 6 tapes using 2 qp). Luckily the manager wanted to work the same deal so she was sympathetic.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve had coupon issues like this at Target, either. So sorry to hear that so many people are dealing with this!

  15. My target trip was baaaaaaad yesterday! I had over $12 in Qs not scan, but bc they “beeped” she figured they went [email protected]@, and tried to to keep them. Another lady came over and moved me to another register to get it straightened out, but even then it took awhile, and another employee had to help. I had 2 tape Qs but since she had to manually push it through, I don’t know if they would have worked or not. It took the bogo head and shoulders and a $1 off something, but after that refused anymore saying “item not found.” The employees were really good about it though, they knew they were valid and everything was on the up and up. The one guy even said, “we get reimbursed for them anyway, just find a way for them to go thru!” I thought it was kinda funny that employee #2 seemed surprised by the whole “we get reimbursed thing.” Surely all the employees have to know that,right?

  16. I work as a cashier at Target and love this sight! I’m always happy to help my customers save money, although I have to tell you that some people do try to take advantage of the system. That being said, I bought the Nivea body wash with the $4/2 coupon last week and didn’t realize until I got home that the cash register had only taken $2.99 off, essentially giving me a free one, but still not what it should have been. I didn’t go back to have it fixed as I figured it was still a good deal. Having said that, I personally am going to start watching my own coupons as well. And I highly recommend that those of you who are noticing this problem, should write to corporate about it. If enough people complain, they will try to fix the problem.

  17. my cashier wouldnt adjust the coupon amount to $1 even tho i was buying 3 but she offered to just scan my same coupon twice which did get me $1 off still but i dont think thats the correct way of doing things lol. it is so annoying when you have a coupon like this or like the nivea $4/2 and it only gives you the amount of one item….just makes couponing that much more time consuming since you have to watch every coupon scan and then the cashier has to adjust a bunch of stuff.

  18. We didn’t get this coupon in our SS insert today (East TX). Is it usual for inserts to be different across regions?

  19. I agree going to Target is becoming more and more of a hassle. We shouldn’t have to police our coupons to make sure we aren’t getting ripped off. Target should care that it’s customers and the manufacturers are not getting a fair deal. Everyone should email corporate and maybe they will listen. If not, I have wondered about the better business bureau. Afterall, they are taking money from consumers and manufacturers aren’t they? It’s unacceptable. Never thought I would have bad feelings toward Target. They are about to lose a very loyal customer. We need to stand up for ourselves and say enough is enough!

  20. They do have a major problem on their hands….the question is are they going to fix it? I had SEVERAL items scan for less or more…sometimes it goes in our favor….but recently the wiskas coupons grab different products (ie. I had b1g1 free coupons for the small can food of wiskas and I had a $1.50 off coupon for the small bag of dry wiskas, the b1g1 coupon grabbed the bag ($3.39) and took that off instead of the .52 cent small can, it then adjusted the $1.50 off coupon down to .52 cents. I guess I made out, I tried to tell them but the cashier just shrugged it off. Also on the same transaction my $1.50 off 4 conagra items came off for 1 can off chef boyarde…87 cents. It is very frustrating. I had bought 8 cans. I mentioned to the supervisor who had come over to help the cashier that they really have a problem on their hands with the registers and the way they are taking the coupons….the supervisor said this is the first time. Well, I know for a fact it isn’t the first time cuz it has been happening for the last month every time I go in. Hopefully they will figure it out and fix it, but I do think we all need to email corporate so that they are aware of the problem. If no one says anything, they don’t know…. 🙂

  21. The registers at the Target I go to are crazy lately too. I had a $1.25 off Oust and a B1G1 free on Glade Premium spray. The Glade was $2.50 each so I bought 4 of them, using 2 B1G1s.
    The register took $1.25 off on of the Glades and took the full price of $2.54 off the Oust.
    I love Target but I plan my trips when one cashier is working because she is always kind, understands coupons and is excited to see what I will save. I just watch like a hawk with any other cashier. And management is not helpful lately.

  22. I am in Orange County, CA and I had the same problem today with the 1.00/3 Scotch tape coupon. It only took off .50 twice (I bought six and used two coupons). I had my toddler with me so I didn’t notice till I was home. Any ideas on how to get it corrected? I don’t have any more of those coupons, so I can’t take it in and show them what I used. I may just have to let it go.

  23. I don’t know if its just me (my store) but lately I’ve had lots of coupons scan for less then they are valued at.
    I have to keep an eye on all my coupons ALL the time now 🙁
    What’s going on with Target and coupons ? Anyone else have that problem ?

  24. I also am having lots of problems recently at Target with thier coupons and their employees. I went a few weeks ago, and it was very busy so I did not go back to customer service about my problems until the day after and when I did they had found 37.00 in coupon errors. The guy at the counter was very understanding and I just brought back all the items I bought and walked through the purchase with him. When you find a good one who is willing to spend the time with the respect everyone deserves it is a gem. I have only found two employees who are willing and patient and I always try to get them. They said that with their new system they are having coupons come up as 0.00 and the check out people act as if they are so busy that they cannot help. Though I have been warning them in advance of my stack of coupons and if they minded working with me with them or if there was a register they prefer me to go. Even the managers are getting bad. I love couponing but am starting to get too much anxiety about the people who I encounter that I am thinking about taking a break. I just want to say thank you so much for your time and dedication to this site. It is amazing! I cannot thank you enough for all the money you have saved me. 🙂

  25. I did the deal with the magic tape. Didn’t realize until I got home (20 minutes away) that it only took off .50 twice instead of 1.00/3 twice. (I bought six tapes)…should I email corporate or go to their customer service?

  26. Thanks for the heads-up. Too late for me. I couldn’t figure out why my 3 tapes cost $1 instead of 50 cents, now I know why! Gotta go back for a refund??!!

  27. This is just UNBELIEVABLE to read these stories of the SAME problems going on with Target’s crazy registers!!! I am SO sick of it! I really don’t think I’ll be rushing in there anytime soon with coupons, or, at this point, AT ALL!!!!!!
    NEVER, ever thought I’d feel this way about Target! 🙁

  28. Yep, I had that happen with the Nivea $4/2 coupon this week too. It’s super frustrating. Thanks for the info, Mike, I am going to email Corporate. It definitely makes me have less desire to coupon at Target, if I have to watch the registers like a hawk.

  29. I am SO sick of target’s registers. They need to fix it soon, or they are going to have a bunch of ANGRY coupon people on their hands.

  30. We all may have to shoot out some e-mails to corporate and kindly ask them for our money back and to ask them to correct the error in the registers.
    They updated their registers to “adjust down” coupons and that is great but it only works if THE COUPON IS OFF 1 ITEM.
    They failed to take into account that some coupons are off 2 or 3 items. What happens is that if a coupon is $1.00 off 3 and the cost of “1” item is less than the coupon amount, in this case 1.00 the register adjust it down. This is incorrect. In order for the register to adjust down a multiple item purchase the value of the coupon should not exceed the value of the quality indicated to purchase.
    Just keep e-mailing corporate and requesting a refund and give them the numbers from the barcode on your receipt and soner or later they will fix them problem
    We speak in numbers!

  31. My target says they can no longer push coupons through if the register won’t accept them, even on one of their own. I had a $1/3 Hunts pudding coupon that I got out of one of their mailers and it wouldn’t scan. The cashier and the “manager” said that it didn’t matter that due to the new system they can’t do any adjustments. If it doesn’t scan you’re out of luck. Has anyone else had this problem and is there anything that can be done? FYI, this is the Fultondale, Alabama location.

  32. The coupon reduction thing happened to me the other day with the $4/2 Nivea Body. It only took off $2.99, and I asked why? The cashier said “because it’s on sale.” I said, “but it’s $4 off 2, and two are $5.98.” She still said no, and would not correct it. I bought 4, so ended up paying $2 more overall. I didn’t have the time or patience to deal with it. Management at that store is awful. They always say that their registers “cannot” make a mistake.

  33. I went this morning and the coupon scanned “Item not found”. The cashier read the coupon and pushed it thru. It took off a $1.

  34. I’m wondering… if the register wants to count the Q as $.50 could we just purchase one tape, use the same Q, and get it for free? I had the same problem with the $1.50/4 ConAgra Q last week when I bought 4 cans of Ravoli. They only took .99 off and no amount of argument could get them to change it to 1.50. I finally gave up since I was still getting 1 free can.

  35. Just to let you know I just went and used the SS $1/3 Magic Tape coupon for this item and it scanned at 50 cents. She adjusted the coupon but just wanted to give everyone the heads up the coupon may scan incorrectly. It was the right coupon and all, but the register just took it crazy. Great deal though!

  36. So is it the coupon that is good until 8/7 or the deal? The article says 8/7 but the headline says 8/14. I don’t have the paper yet so I am wondering since today is the 8th.

  37. You know what’s weird? Our ad looks just like that except it says “Scotch Magic Tape $1” at the bottom in small print. So my question is what are they advertising for $.50? I’ll have to check the store.

  38. Bummer, I didn’t have this coupon in my SS! I also didn’t have the coupon for the 5-star notebook!

  39. I believe there is a $0.50/1 printable on the Scotch website for the donut tape, making it free!

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