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So a few of you have e-mailed me about whether or not the FREE Changing table wyb a Crib offer in the ad for 9/5 will be included in other colors. The ad makes it sound as if it will be available in Espresso only, and advertises more color choices available online. There is in fact 2 more choices online for white and light wood. This offer is available at right now, and before tax, shipped it will be $179.98 for both. (The cost of the changing table automatically comes off, and you are given a $19.99 shipping discount down from $39.99). If you are interested in another color, you can look at it as paying $20 for the changing table if you have your heart set on white or light wood.

There is a slim chance I guess that some stores may have other colors available, but based on the ad saying “in espresso finish” and “more finishes available at”, it sounds unlikely. So, I just want to give you a heads up, and maybe you can head on in the first day of the sale, see what your store has and quickly jump on line to order if you want to take advantage of it and still feel it is a good deal for you.

You can also try the code TCW1BE01 which will take off an additional $5 (Thanks Lisa!). I could not get it to work, but I had a friend try and it worked for her. If someone knows of another code, please let me know. But you can always also go through a rewards site like MyPoints where you would get 8 points per dollar for spending over $74 which will be around 1200 points (you can earn a $10 Target Gift Card at 1650 pts). Or  ShopatHome for 5% cash back or Swagbucks (2 Swagbucks for every $1 spent).

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  1. The code I posted a few days ago has now expired. There is a new code for $5 off: TCMY05KE Hurry though. This one expires 9/7/10. I just tested it and it took $5 off

  2. it is an in store deal as well- what I am saying is that you will likely only be able to get it in Espresso in the store. if you want other color choices you may have to order online. If you want espresso you are good to go- but ad states quantities limited, so I would try and get there early. hth

  3. Thanks for this post! I am going to see if my Target either A. Carries it in white or B. Lets me order it and have it shipped to the store to avoid shipping cost.

  4. Okay, I;m a little lost. I actually want this deal in the espresso… Does that mean i can go to the store tomorrow and get the same deal without the shipping OR is it an on-line only deal…?

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