Best Deals of the Week at Target 9/26 – 10/2

These are the best deals I see for the week of 9/26. Please keep in mind it is possible for some sale prices to vary by region. This post is just a highlight- the complete ad with matchups is HERE.

It is always a good idea to PRINT the coupon policy and take it with you & bring your reuseable bags for 5¢ credit each. If you are looking for coupons for other items on your list, check the Coupon Database to see where you can find it or if there is a link to a printable available.


giftcardsm3 FREE $5 Gift Card wyb any (2) Pet Items Listed*
*Purina Cat Chow 16 lb $11
-$1/1 Purina Cat Chow 3 lb+ 8-1-10 RP x10/1
*Fancy Feast 24 ct Multi-Pack $11
*Beneful Dog Food 15.5 lb $14

While there are not tons of Qs out for the above they work out to be a pretty good deal on Pet Food:
Purina Cat Chow: Buy 2 (= $22, use two $1/1 and get a $5 Gift Card = $15 for two bags)
Fancy Feast: Works out to be $17 for 2 multipacks (48 cans) or .35 cents a can
Beneful: Works out to be $23 for two or $11.50 per bag

There is a couple Special Purchase Deals in the ad this week in electronics & media, which I listed in the full ad HERE. There are also a few unadvertised deals going on right now. They may not be available at all stores, but you can see a list and deal scenarios on the Special Deals Page.

Not a very hot week at all for the ad, it’s all I can do not to say “blech”, okay, I said it anyway. But you never know what this week may bring that’s not in the ad. 😉 Anyway, here’s the best of what I see…

Digiorno Frozen Pizza, Assorted Varieties 12″ – 2/$9
-$1/1 Digiorno Pizza, any 9-12-10 RP x10/30
= $3.50 each after coupon

Fiber One Toaster Pastries $1.88
-.55/1 Fiber One Toaster Pastries (zip 70707) PRINT
-$1/2 Fiber One Toaster Pastries HERE
-.50/1 Fiber One Toaster Pastries 8-22 OR 9-19-10 SS
= as low as $1.33 each after the .55/1 coupon

Hot Pockets, Assorted Varieties $2
-$1/2 Hot Pockets Breakfast Sandwiches 9 oz All You September 2010 x9/30
= $1.50 each after coupon wyb 2

Kraft Cheese Blocks or Shredded, Assorted Varieties 7 or 8 oz $2
-$5 on (5) Participating Kraft Cheese or Dairy Products HERE*
-$1/1 $1/1 Kraft 2% Milk Cheese Product HERE
-.75/1 Kraft Natural Cheese (Shreds & Chunk) MQ on Target Site HERE

-$1/2 Kraft Natural Shredded or Chunk Cheese 9-26-10 SS x11/7
= $1 each after a $1/1 or the $5/5 coupon. Careful with the $5/5, I believe it is still scanning at $0.00

Market Pantry Eggs, Dozen Grade A $1
*Prices may vary by region but hopefully you will all see a break on eggs

M&M’s, Halloween 12.6 oz – 2/$5
-$1/2 M&M’s Bagged Candy 9.9 oz+Target Coupon PRINT x10/31
-.50/1;-$1/2 M&M Chocolate or Peanut Chocolate Candies (12.6oz +) 8-29-10 RP x10/31
= $1.50 each after a stack

Progresso Canned Soup, Assorted Varieties 18.5-19 oz 2/$3
-$1/4 Progresso Soups
-$1/4 Progresso Soup MQ on Target Site PRINT

-$1/4 Progresso Soups 9-12-10 GM x11/6
-.50/2 Progresso Soups 8-8-10 GM x10/2
= $1.25 each after any coupon

Fructis Shampoo 13 oz or Conditioner 2/$5
OR Garnier Fructis 25.4 oz $5
-$1/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment 9-12-10 RP x10/15
-$1/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment
= $1.50 each for the 13 oz after a $1/1

Gillette Deodorant, Select 2.6 or 4 oz $4
-MIR for a Coupon Booklet with over $110 in Savings wyb $50 worth of P&G Products HERE x12/31
-FREE Gillette Body Wash (ETS), Free WYB Gillette Deodorant, Any – 08-29-10 PG x9/30
-$1/1 Gillette Deodorant 9-26-10 PG x10/31
*If your store will allow a $ Off along with a B1G1, buy Deodorant & Body Wash and use the B1G1 and the $1 Off Deodorant to pay $3 for both items

NicoDerm Patches 14 ct OR Nicorette Gum 100 ct $39
*10% Off Other SMoking Cessation Products
-$5/1 Nicorette 50 ct or larger, Nicoderm CQ Patch or Commit Lozenge Target Coupon PRINT x1/29/11
$7/1 Nicorette Gum 100 ct or + or mini Lozenge 81ct or + or Lozenge 72ct or larger
-$7/1 Nicorette Lozenge or Commit Lozenge HERE
= $27 for the 100 ct Gum after a stack

Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash 24 oz – 2/$7
-MIR for a Coupon Booklet with over $110 in Savings wyb $50 worth of P&G Products HERE x12/31
-$1/2 Old Spice Products, 1.7oz.+ 9-26-10 PG x10/31
-B1G1 FREE Old Spice Body Wash (up to $3.99) 9-26-10 PG x10/31
-B1G1: FREE Old Spice Body Spray wyb Old Spice Fresh Collection or Red Zone Product 9-26-10 PG

-$1/2 Old Spice Products 1.7 oz+ 8-29-10 PG x9/30
-B1G1 Old Spice Body Wash ETS 8-29-10 PG x9/30
*If your store will allow a $ Off along with a B1G1, buy 4 Bodywash = $14, use two B1G1, and use one $1/2 to pay $6 for 4 or $1.50 each

Suave Professionals Shampoo & Conditioner 2pk 14.6 oz $3
-$1/2 Suave Professionals Hair Care PRINT
= $5 for two 2-packs or 4 bottles or $1.25 each. If you still have your .75/1 Target coupons for (now gone off the site) even better.

Downy 52 or 60 load liquid OR 105-120 ct Sheets 2/$9
$1/1 Downy Fabric Softener Target Coupon 8-15-10 SS x10/15
-MIR for a Coupon Booklet with over $110 in Savings wyb $50 worth of P&G Products HERE x12/31
.20/1 Downy liquid, any or Fabric softener or dryer sheets 8-29-10 P&G x9/30
-$1.50/1 Ultra Downy Fabric Softener 8-22-10 SS x9/30

-$1/1 Downy Liquid 9-26-10 PG x10/31
= $2 each after a stack

Mr. Clean 40 oz, Select 2/$5
-MIR for a Coupon Booklet with over $110 in Savings wyb $50 worth of P&G Products HERE x12/31
-B1G1 FREE Mr. Clean Liquid 8-29-10 PG x9/30
= $1.25 each after a B1G1

Palmolive Dish Soap 10 oz $1

Play-Doh 4 pks $1

Kodak M530 Digital Camera $97
-$10 off Kodak Camera (Excludes Single Use) Target Store Q PRINT x11/13
*Not positive, but I believe this camera is normally $129, and with coupon it’s like getting $42 off.

3M Filtrete Allergen-Reduction Filter $10
-$2/1 3M Filtrete Ultra Pure allergen reduction filter Target Coupon 9-19-10 SS x10/16
-$2/1 Filtrete 7-25-10 RP x9/30
= $6 after a stack

GE Reveal Light Bulbs 4 pk Long Life $4
-$1.50/1 GE Light Bulb Reveal or CFL Target Store Q PRINT x11/13
-$1/2 GE Energy Smart, GE Reveal or GE Edison Halogen Light Bulbs, Any PRINT
*If your store will allow two TQ printables in a transaction = $2 each for the Long Life 4pk.

Fitness DVD’s, Assorted Titles $12
*Look for those specially marked with a FREE Fitness Subscription Offer that you can refuse and request a refund of $7.13 instead. There will be stickers on these DVDs alerting you to the offer inside. You will need your receipt and the original offer on the postcard to submit for this. This could work out to be a nice buy after the refund offer if you have interest.

These are just a few of the deals going on right now. For more great deals you can pick up be sure to visit the CHEAP FINDS PAGE and also check on the PRICE CUTS PAGE to see what else interests you. For unadvertised Gift Card Deals OR if you have one of the Target Coupons for a $5 Gift Card you may want to check out the SPECIAL DEALS PAGE too. These pages are all updated weekly and I usually finish these updates every Saturday evening.

Market Pantry Frozen Veggies Asst. Varieties .99 (Regular Price)
Market Pantry Frozen Steam in Bag Veggies Asst. Varieties $1.09 (Reguar Price)
-$1/1 Archer Farms or Market Pantry Frozen food item  Target Mobile Coupon x10/1
FREE to .09 cents depending on variety you choose

Lysol Neutra Air Fabric Mist $3.39 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Lysol Fabric Mist Fabric Refresher Target Q PRINT x11/13
-$1.50/1 Lysol Fabric Mist, any – 09-12-10 SS x10/12
-$1/1 Lysol Neutra Air Fabric Mist Home Solutions
= as low as .89 cents each after a stack

Kodak Kiosk (only at select Target Stores) 4 x 6 prints .29 each (Regular Price) x20 = $5.60
-$1/20 4×6 digital prints Target coupon PRINT x10/30
-$5/20 4×6 instant Kodak prints when you enter Facebook Posessed Pets Contest HERE x10/22
= 20 FREE prints, or if you print each coupon twice you can get 40 FREE prints!

Huggies Baby Wipes Tubs, Assorted Varieties, 64-72 ct $1.99 (PC Until 10/16)
*NOTE* The $2.50/3 MQ will scan at $1.99. Watch for this and have them correct it immediately.
.75/1 Huggies Baby Wipes 64 ct. Or Larger Target Coupon PRINT x10/13
-$2.50/3 Huggies Wipes 64 ct or Larger
Your best deal will depend on how many identical Target Store coupons your store will let you use in one transaction. Even if they only allow one, with the $2.50/3 MQ it is still a  nice deal at $2.72 for three or .90 cents each. Even better if they will let you use more TQs.

Reach Dental Floss (Just Regular Floss, comes in a white container in a Pkg) .97 cents
Reach GumCare Floss 50 yard $1.92
Reach Total Care Dental Floss $2.99 – $3.04
-$1.50/2 Listerine 1 liter OR Reach Floss OR Reach Toothbrush Target Coupon PRINT x11/30
-$1/1 Reach Dental Floss or Toothbrush PRINT OR use another $1/1 from list HERE
-B1G1 Reach Total Care Dental Floss 30 yd – 01-03-10 RP – valid up to $3.99 x1/31/11
= FREE for regular floss or even if you just have the Target Coupon .22 cents each
= .13 cents each for GumCare after a $1.50/2 TQ and two $1/1 MQs.
*Or as low as .49 cents for 2 Total Care floss depending on how your store lets you to stack your Qs

*Clearance varies from store to store- there are no guarantees you will find the same. Try and give yourself a little extra time this week to take a good long look around the whole store. There is lots of clearance going on in many areas of the home sections- Bedding, furniture, accessories, decor, frames and much more so take a good look around. Also look for TUMS bonus packs, Febreze Set & Refresh, Finish Quantumatic Starter Kit spotted for $4.24, Chapstick Ultra Smooth, SunMaid Raisins, ZooPals re-useable cups, and Kleenex 3 ct Bundle Packs. If you are looking for a coupon for something I mentioned, try checking My Coupon Database, to see if there is one and where you can find it.

Remember- If you are short on coupons  you can use a clipping service (I recommend My Coupon Hunter) and see what’s available. You can also search for coupons on eBay.

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  1. My $5/5 Kraft rung up as $0 today. After grimacing, staring, and otherwise making me feel like a criminal the associate along with his manager manually entered it. I am so tired of Target and their coupon problems. Does anybody know when they think this will be corrected? I think it is easier to price-match at Walmart than to go through this torture.

  2. I used my Kraft $5 coupons the other day, and both rang as $0. The manager came over and did a price adjustment after verifying I bought 10 packs of cheese, and when I mentioned that Giant had no problem accepting my other ones. I also made sure I took on pack with the Kraft stickie advertising the coupon.

    I have emailed corporate twice complaining, once about a rude manager who gave me a problem over my $4 game coupons, and another time when a cashier didn’t ring my coupon in but kept it. They gave me a case number and phone number to call next time I had a coupon problem. Yesterday went fine so didn’t have to do it, but now I even though I watch to make sure the coupons go through, I don’t leave the store until after double and triple checking my receipt. I actually have added a new column to my shopping list…the amount of each coupon used. Now I can go down the receipt and check off each coupon and if I see an amount missing, I know I’ve missed one. Luckily I can usually leave my kids at home so this works for me.

    And Cristina…if you returned the wipes that manager was required to return your coupons. They all have a key to unlock the register so that’s a total lie on her part. I would call corporate and complain about it.

  3. I also had problems with coupons at Target. Just last week I was buying the Michelina’s Frozen Meals. I believe they were .83 a piece. I bought 5 and I had a coupon for $1 off 5. So it should have brought down the price of the meals to .63 a piece. The coupon rang in at .83. I didn’t fight over the few cents but this isn’t the first time I’ve had either pricing issues or coupon problems.

    Also I noticed if the coupon doesn’t ring in alot of the cashiers will just go right past them. I was looking at my reciept once and noticed 2 $3.00 coupons didn’t ring up. So I went right to customer service. I got the are you crazy look. Finally they went and checked the cashiers bag and she had them in there. She goes I wasn’t sure if they rang up. It was like no big deal.

    I love the deals you get at Target but sometimes I feel like its a hassle more than anything.

  4. I also had a problem with the $5/5 Kraft coupon today. It rang up as $0.00 off. When I went back immediately after the sale, the cashier gave me a $5 cash refund for the coupon, so I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. The cheese that I bought actually had a peelie on it with details about the $5/5 coupon and how to go print it. If there were any problems, I was going to point out the peelie on the packaging to show that it was a valid coupon.

  5. Tried using the $2.50/3 Huggies wipes today and got a manager that refused to adjust the coupon as well. It only took off $1.99. He said that he could not adjust unless corporate gave permission and they had not given permission on that coupon. Guess I should email corporate now. On the bright side, they did except all 3 of my target coupons so final cost was $1.87 for all three tubs.

  6. I’ve been avoiding Target because of all the grief they give me about coupons. It has to be a really, really great sale for me to go there now which is too bad cause I still have 5 gc from them. I figure I’ll use it eventually.

    BTW, I thought I was the only one not impressed with this week’s ad, 😉

  7. I am becoming more and more frustrated w/target, and hope someone can help…EVERYtime I try to use a coupon that is 2.50/3, $5/5 I have issues and cashiers/managers that will NOT adjust. I am always polite and -they- are always polite in explaining that since the diaper wipes were 1.99 that it will only take off 1.99 instead of the 2.50/3. I never know what to say, so I say nothing, but leave frustrated. How are you able to get the cashier to adjust?

  8. Melissa-Since my closest target is 30 minutes away, I usually price match at Walmart unless TQ’s are involved. It is pretty easy just make sure the items are the exact ones advertised (size, brand, etc.) and just let the cashier know before she scans the items. (She has to push a few buttons first). You can use coupons when you price match the items. Just be careful with the $5/5 coupons as mine scanned for $1.50. The cashier was really nice about it and just kept scanning the coupons (I had 2 of them) until we got the $10 off. I hope this helps you out. Good luck!

  9. I had a problem with the Kraft $5/5 last week (took off $0.00). I knew about the problem with these and had been avoiding them but I wasn’t thinking and used that AND the Smart Ones $5/10 (only took off $1.80). I didn’t notice until I got home, of course. When I went back I explained to the manager the problem and how this is an on going problem with all the Targets, she just looked at me like I was crazy and had no idea what I was talking about. I started out nice and left cranky. She started out over her job and over me. She ended up giving me (2) $3 “Sorry for the Inconvenience” coupons (which didn’t cover the $8.20 I was owed) and told me that if I was going to use a lot of coupons to watch the register and make sure they’re going through. I told her easier said then done when I have and overflowing cart full of products and 2 children! I have NEVER had a problem with the cashiers and my very LARGE stack of coupons. I will just go on avoiding the “problem” coupons like I was and hope that Target gets it together. What makes me so mad is that they will get the full value of the coupon.

  10. Has anyone successfully used the $5/5 kraft products coupon at Target? I just got back from Target where I tried to do it—it rang in at $0 and the manager refused to adjust it. He said there were too many fraudulent coupons out there so if the register doesn’t accept it, he won’t override it. Has anyone actually gotten Target to override it?

    If I go to Walmart and have them price match the cheese, can I still use a coupon? I’ve never price matched anything before so I’m not sure if they’ll let me use the coupon on top of the price match. Thanks for any info you can give me!

  11. Talking about Kraft cheese, be careful if you guys planning on use the $1/1 SS 9/12 String or Twist cheese, I bought 2 yesterday and the 2 coupons scanned at $0.00. Luckily I noticed that while at the store. Got my $2 back.

  12. Just wanted to share my experience at Target a few days ago. The 2.5/3 huggies wipes – yes it will scan for 1.99 so even after explaining why it was doing that the cashier still refused to change so I just said I would take it to CS – she turned out to be the manager so not only I couldn’t get the wipes deal (I returned them) I lost all my 3- 0.75 target coupons because she said they can’t give it back to you. She also wouldn’t take both my $1 off kraft salad dressing because they had matching ip addresses (BUT NOT THE NUMBER UNDER THE DOTTED BARCODE) and would not take my explanation why I could have 2 of the same coupons even when I showed that they were different. Luckily I told her to void both the vaseline lotions I was buying since neither target or mq scanned (she told me one of the lotions didn’t specify BODY on it – where else would I use it?). This is a store I don’t go to but stopped by since I took my soon to the doctor nearby and I told her I never had this many coupon problems at the other targets I go to (she said their new policy allow managers to refuse whatever qs they want). I got the CS number with her and all they said she should have tried to adjust the huggies and to call from the store next time, which sounds easy unless you have a toddler getting frustrated too! Other than that experience I LOVE target and all the free/ cheap stuff I’ve been getting recently! Went to another one the next day and got my vaseline lotions (both Qs beeped and the cashier didn’t even hesitate to push them through) and merona dresses for $2!!!

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