Did You Use Your $3/1 Fan Central Coupon?

Did y’all find anything in Sporting Goods to use the $3/1 Fan Central item Target Mobile Coupon on? Time is running out as it expires on October 1st. I have one more store I want to check for clearance, but I may just have to go back and grab a Miami Dolphins Coozie for my Husband’s Christmas Stocking to keep his beer cold. It will be $1.99 after the coupon, and it is kind of neat with the outer part made from football-looking material and lacing on the other side.

What’s available in your fan central section of the Sporting Goods Department will differ by region, but that was the only low cost item I found. Even the Penants and Decals and other smaller non-clothing items all started around $10. Let me know if you found anything good!

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  1. I bought a UT sports bucket that had 4 clear UT cups and coasters in it-originally marked $24.99, and then clearanced down to $6.24. Funny thing is I snatched it up like it was free money, and only when I was near the register did it dawn on me that I had a $3 Fan Central coupon waiting for me on my iPhone~ One teacher gift down for only $3.24!!

  2. I’m in MN, but found a boy’s Boston Red Sox Cap on clearance for less than $3 (2.48 or something), so it was free, I believe I only saw one other cap and that was $3.99 or something, but it wasn’t a MN team. I didn’t see any vikings or twins stuff on clearance.

  3. There are plenty of Chicago Cubs tshirts in the men’s (NOT fancentral) section on clearance for $4.48, so I picked one up for my brother for XMas for $1.48. Found at the Naperville, IL store.

  4. I found a cap marked down to 3.98 and my mom found a t-shirt marked down to 4.98 so we were happy to have the coupons!

  5. I’m guessing from the dolphins stuff that you aren’t in IL 🙂 but for the people who are there was lots of Cubbie stuff left in Waukegan Target!

  6. i got my whole family Angels t-shirts practically free.. they had a baby, mens and womens clearance, shirts and onesies priced at 3.24-2.98 or something. I got 3 outfits for my baby girl a shirt for myself, cousin and Husband. All practically free.

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