Catalina Deals Set to Start at Target Today 10/4!

So I am starting to get really excited and today will be the true test since there are 3 Catalina Deals that are set to start at Target stores TODAY! The reason I am excited is because in May/June when there was a Kraft Catalina deal it turned out that it was extrememly regional- I believe possibly only in NJ & TX. This time around I have so far heard from people in GA, AL, SD, IL, TX, FL, NE & IA that all got the advertisement in the form of a catalina.

These 3 deals will all offer a catalina coupon good for money off your next order (OYNO) when you buy the qualifying products. BUT PLEASE NOTE that this still may turn out to be a regional offer(s), OR it may turn out that it will only be offered at SuperTarget, or those with P-Fresh stores. But hopefully we will find out more today if some of you try this deal. If you did not get the catalina ad though- there is no guarantee you will get the OYNO catalina- but let me know if you do!

I am going to list the 3 deals below along with matchups and deal scenarios for you. If you successfully do any of these deals comments are appreciated – whether it is that you find things included not mentioned and what city & state you are in and whether you shopped at a SuperTarget, P-Fresh or regular Target Store. But PLEASE REMEMBER…


Purchase Dates: 10/4/10 – 10/31/10
Qualifying Product(s): Nature Valley Granola Bars (No size specs listed)
Catalina Variations: Buy (3) & get $1.50 OYNO, Buy (4) get $2.50 OYNO, Buy (5) get $3.50 OYNO
-$1/2 Nature Valley Granola Snack Products (clusters or bars) Target Notebook Coupon x10/31
-.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars on at zip 90210
-.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars at SS zip 90210
.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars Manuf. Q on Target Site PRINT
.75/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars (boxed) – 09-12-10 GM x11/6
-.75/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars (boxed) 09-12-10 GM x11/6

DEAL IDEA: Buy 5 Nature Valley Granola Bars ($2.25 ea thru 10/9) = $11.25
– $2.50 (use five -.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars HERE, HERE OR HERE
=$8.75 and get a $3.50 OYNO Catalina Coupon Back
= $5.25 for 5 boxes of Granola Bars or $1.05 per box. Even better if you have the Target Notebook Qs!

Purchase Dates: 10/4/10 – 10/31/10
Qualifying Product(s): Fruit Shapes, by the Foot, Gushers, Roll-ups, or Stickerz
Catalina Variations: Buy (3) & get $1 OYNO, Buy (4) get $2 OYNO, Buy (5) or more get $3 OYNO
-.50/2 Betty Crocker® Fruit flavored Snacks at SS zip 90210
-.50/2 Betty Crocker® Fruit flavored snacks Manuf. Q on Target Site PRINT
-.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit flavored snacks, 10-03-10 GM x11/6
-.50/2; $1/3 Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks 09-12-10 GM – 09-12-10 GM x11/27

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks ($2.04 ea Reg. Price) = $8.16
– $1.00 (use two -.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks OR HERE OR from 9-12 & 10-03-10 GM Inserts
=$7.16 and get a $2 OYNO Catalina Coupon Back
= $5.16 for 4 boxes of Fruit Snacks or $1.29 per box.

Purchase Dates: 10/4/10 – 10/31/10
Qualifying Product(s): Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frosting Tubs any Flavor or Variety
Catalina Variations: Buy (2) & get $1 OYNO, Buy (3) get $2 OYNO, Buy (4) or more get $3 OYNO
-.50/2 Betty Crocker Supermoist Cake Mix AND Frosting Manuf. Q on Target Site PRINT
-.75/2 Betty Crocker SuperMoist Cake Mix and Ready to Spread Frosting, any – 10-03-10 GM x11/27
-.50/2 Betty Crocker Supermoist Cake Mix AND Frosting on BettyCrocker Site

DEAL IDEA #1: Buy 4 Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frosting ($1.29 – $1.44 ea Reg. Price)
=$5.16 and get a $3 OYNO Catalina Coupon Back
= $2.16 for 4 Frosting or .54 cents each (your total will be higher if you have the higher price)

DEAL IDEA #2: Buy 4 Betty Crocker Frosting ($1.29) & 4 Super Moist Cake Mix (.97) = $9.04
-$3.00 (use four .75/2 Betty Crocker Cake Mix and Frosting, 10-03-10 GM x11/27
=$6.04 and get a $3 OYNO Catalina Coupon Back
= $3.16 for 4 Frosting AND 4 Cake Mix or .39 cents per product

*NOTE– The Betty Crocker Frosting may just be the deal to test this at your store. You can buy as little as 2 and you will get back a $1 catalina if these deals are working at your store.

-BIG Thanks to Karen (K10) at Start Out Saving, Crystal, Andrea and to all the readers who e-mailed me and commented for helping me sort out these deals!

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  1. All three catalina deals are running in California as well. This is confirmed from a Target team member who works as a cashier at Target.

  2. I havent tried this catalina deal at Target yet, but the safeway here in northern Ca offered this on a catalina deal yesterday (10/4/10)

  3. I did the Nature Valley one this morning at a Super Target in Indianapolis. Bought four of the 24 count boxes, used 4 of the $.50 coupons, and got a $2.50 catalina back. I think it works out to a little under $1.15 per double sized box. Great deal!

  4. I just went to my Target (not a Super Target, but they have some produce, so maybe a P-Fresh?) and did this deal – I am in Raleigh, NC. WOOHOO! 🙂

  5. Keep your eyes peeled for $1.00 off 2 peelie coupons for Pillsbury baking mixes and\or frosting. I saw these on the Pillsbury cake mix boxes at my local Price Chopper this weekend. That would make for some CHEAP frosting!

  6. Frosting and fruit roll up deal worked for me in Austin Texas at my target (not a super target).
    Found fruit roll up simplys on clearance for 1.42. Used .50/2 coupon and still got catalina
    Thanks for all the great info!

  7. What is a catalina, actually? Is it goon on anything in the store?? Sorry, I looked around the site and couldnt find the answer.

  8. Hey Erin- it is a manufacturer’s coupon that is good toward your next shopping trip and yes you can use it on anything groceries, household electronics- anything. hth

  9. Betty Crocker frosting promo worked for me at my P-Fresh in Tampa Bay, Florida store. Thanks so much for posting this!!

  10. I can’t get catalina coupons… none have printed out for me the past five times I have been… I mentioned this and ask if the machine was on and they said it was…. I feel like a red hair stepchild..

  11. Follow-up… I think my store in MI is a P-fresh… has some fresh produce (if that is what it means). That may make a difference.

  12. If you use the nature valley catalina to buy the betty crocker will the betty crocker catalina still print out?

  13. I have never recieved a cat from target.. is it good on anything? can you roll it again buying the same products?

  14. I am not sure about rolling yet- but yes it is good on your next purchase whatever you may buy. I am not sure how it will work if you are only buying ONE item and use both a manufaturer’s Q & the cat Q on it- since the cats are MQs themselves. It may just be considered another manufacturer coupon that you will have to have at least one item open for it to apply to. But it is a good question, and I really hope the register glitch does not interfere with how this coupon is applied. So I would just watch them scan as you use them and make sure the register takes off the full amount.

  15. I got the Nature Valley catalina offer this morning, shopping at a SuperTarget in Iowa. One question, though: do you have to have the printed catalina to get the deal? In other words, do I give them the catalina with the rest of my coupons or do I automatically get the deal without the catalina print-out?

  16. I received the $3.50 cat for purchasing 5 12-ct boxes of NV granola bars ($2.25/ea) today in Pleasant Prairie, WI! =)

  17. did it have to be the 24 count Nature Valley box? Ours (CO) only had 12 count. Did i also have to buy more than 2 to qualify for the Catalina?

  18. FYI, when I say 12-ct above, I am talking about the “24-ct” just to clarify (i.e. box says 12 packages, but their are 24 bars in the box). (WI)

  19. I’m in Chicago and I did the Nature Valley today (5 value packs) and received a $3.50. Hopefully, we can find out if this deal is rolling soon. Anyone try yet?

  20. Is it possible for this deal to be active only in parts of a state? I’m in NC (in Burlington) and the Betty Crocker deal did not work for me. But, the other day I got a cat for the granola bar deal. Could this be right?

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