Build a FREE Mini Monster at Lego Stores Tonight

Participating Lego Stores will be having their monthly mini Lego Build tonight, October 5th at 5 pm.  While supplies last, kids will be able to build a mini monster and take it home with them.  You can go HERE to find your local store, then scroll down to the events section on your local store’s home page to see if they’re participating.  This event is for children aged 6 to 14 and there is a limit of one build per child.

– Thanks CouponingToDisney!

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  1. i went to this last night. i live in silicon valley, california. lego store is in a popular mall here. event started 5:00. i arrived 5:15 with my kids. we were in line for 2.5 hours to make the little frankenstein guy. 49 pieces. took my kids 5 minutes to assemble. kid had to assemble at the table there. they do not just hand you a kit to take home. this is the first time i’ve attended and the last. family in front of us said they were in line for several hours back in september too. employee said they will come out with the set in a few months but we got to make it then. i think it would sell for $8 at target. i think my time is worth more than that. other kids were doing homework while in line.

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