Help Target Donate Books To Children In Need

Through January 29, 2011 you can join Target in their efforts to help put kids on the the path toward graduation by taking a pledge HERE to read to a child.  By taking this pledge, Target will in turn donate a book to a child in need.  Your pledge can be to read to any child in your life.  Simply fill out you name and email address, at the above link or you can text the word “read” to TARGET (827438).  There is a limit of one pledge per person.  You can go HERE to read more.  Target will be donating up to one million books, so this is a great way to do something that can make a big difference.

Thanks ChiTownCheapskate!

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  1. I saw this a couple days ago, and I love it. I must say regarding your post earlier about people sticking with Target through their register issues because they love Target, these types of programs/donating to local communities is why I am loyal to them, even with all the coupon issues!

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