The Knorr Report: My Notes for the Week of 10/3

So here comes the Christmas & Holiday stuff folks. I thought it was pretty cute and funny that at my store anytime there was anything Christmas on the shelf or hanging they tried to put a little something Halloween on it… I found a spider attached to a Christmas door hanger, a little Halloween candle in front of the Christmas lights and more. But there is just no disguising the biggest Holiday Season to come! I was also smiling since it reminded me that it will mean big Halloween clearance eventually so they can make more room! 🙂

I think many of you are as excited as I am about the new Catalina Deals that Target is participating in, as it means a whole new way of saving money at Target if it continues. I believe I have now heard from people in at least 22 states that it is working for them. I think I will have these find a home on the Special Deals Page and will create a Catalina Deals section soon on that page. For those unfamiliar with catalina deals, make sure you read the terms of the offers carefully and are buying the right items and in the right quantity so that your catalina wil print. For now- you can find those details HERE.

I saw quite a few newly lowered prices at my store on Sunday. So many in fact, that I believe I will make it a separate post as many of them will become cheap finds. So stay tuned for that later today. I also found a few items with the price raised at my store- Cesar Treats were up from $2.99 to $3.54, Chex Mix Bags were up from $1.67 to $1.99 and Softsoap 7.5 oz pump up from .97 to $1.47. 🙁 And I sure was glad to see the Windex Wipes 2/$5 “Sale” be over and it has come back down in price at my store to $1.97.

I hear many of you are having a bit of trouble at your store when the $5/5 Kraft coupon scans at $0. If you expect a problem, you may want to keep your eyes out for the Green Save $5 Kraft peelies. This is not an actual coupon, but rather an advertisement for the printable coupon available on line which you can show the manager or cashier if you are given a hard time. I think the trouble is again register-related, since at other grocery stores, this coupon prompts the cashier to enter an amount. I believe several manuf. coupons that should prompt a cashier to stop and enter an amount scan in at $0 at Target.

Last night, a California news station picked up the story of the register glitch at Target. You can view the news video HERE by scrolling through the Video News Section on the right and find the Target story. (Thanks for the heads up to Claudia, Shauniece & Gretchen!)  Pretty much same old song, they are working on it etc and that ALL stores have been informed… etc… I know lots of you have had it- and definitely understandable. Those of you like me, hanging in there for the love of Target, are hopefully watching your coupons carefully to avoid discovering errors at home vs while still at the store. If you know and understand when these errors likely occur, it is easier to catch and fix them immediately.

The biggest thing to remember is that all coupons are currently being read by their system as $ Off ONE item, whether the coupon says $/2, $/3, $/4 etc. The register is also programmed to automatically adjust it down to meet the cost of one item. So IF the cost of ONE product is less than the total value of a coupon off multiples, it will scan for less and watch for it to have it corrected immediately. ie- Buy 2 Meow Mix Cups for .47 cents each, use a $1/2 and it will only take off .47 cents. If your store is not one of “ALL” the stores that have been informed, and you have a problem call corporate from GS. Again- what you are willing to put up with and deal with all boils down to how much you love Target, but the register problems have not gone away.

The Rubbermaid Lockits 20 pc set on sale this week is also a pretty nice buy. I completely overlooked it in the ad, but $12 for the set is a good price imo. It is regularly $18.99 – $19.99 and you can use the $1/1 Rubbermaid Lock-Its from the 10-03-10 SS to get it for $11. This brings it down to $1.10 per container for a pretty nice deal.

That’s it for now folks- I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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  1. The price of Green Works has gone from 9.99 for the 90oz bottle to 11.99. I asked the manager, and she said it was from Clorox. I emailed Clorox and they said it was Target. However, it’s gone up at Wal-Mart, too, so I blame Clorox. 🙁

  2. Can you confirm that Target coupons reset AGAIN this month? It appears that is has for me at least.

  3. Thank you for posting that news video about Target coupons. I have been having trouble with them lately and wasn’t sure what it was. One manager was nice and made sure everything worked, saying that their system is being updated. Other stores had no answer and said it was all right and it was a percentage thing or something of the such but still couldn’t explain it. I had coupons scan but the full price for the item was still charged. I won’t be shopping Target until they get the fix in.

  4. The Motts deal is my favorite this week. I’ve only been to Target once and did two transactions (all I could handle with two in tow) and the applesauce rang up $1.67 so I will go back for applesauce for sixty seven cents especially since the ‘natural’ variety is included and it has no added sugar.

  5. I have to say that I’ve had fairly good luck with my Super Target in Huntsville, AL, with coupons. Although I have started holding the problematic coupons (aka, Kraft $5/5 and Target $1 produce) for the very end, then handing them to the cashier while VERY nicely saying “I just want to make sure these scan correctly.” She had to manually fix both of those coupons in the register last week, but she was nice about doing it.

  6. I did a separate transaction for just my cheese last week when Kraft was $2 a package. A team leader had to come over and fix the 2 $5 coupons I had, as well as a $1 coupon. He manually entered them as $11 in store coupons.

  7. i also had to really watch the $5 Kraft coupons. My cashier had to have a supervisor approve that she could fix it, but it was all taken care of in the end with only a little extra wait time. It helps to have the $5 peelie from the cheese bag. The supervisor said it is just a computer glitch and was very nice about fixing it. Just be prepared to watch the coupon and correct it.

  8. I had a problem this past week and really wish I could take this vidoe in to the manager and MAKE him watch it! I was using Tide coupons ($3) and had one coupon for pampers wipes ($1). It applied the $1 coupon to the Tide and the $3 coupon to the wipes, adjusting the $3 coupon down to 1.97 (the price of the wipes). I took the receipt to customer service and was told a manager would have to be called. He came and then requested the advice of the supervisor. I have dealt with her before and I knew she would be of no help! At first she tried to say it was because I was trying to use 2 coupons for the Tide (one was a MQ and one was a TQ) but after I explained that was perfectly fine to do she blamed the computer. She said, we cant control where the computer applies the coupon! I was sooo tired of dealing with her and knew it would not get resolved anyway so I left! Talk about FRAUD! They are turning around and redeeming those qpons for the value and not passing along those savings to the customer! Sure hope this gets fixed quick!

  9. When I checked out at Target this week, the cashier very carefully scanned each coupon, then looked over at the computer to make sure it scanned right before scanning the next Q. It seems like some sort of memo may have gone out??? I hope that is a sign that the problems will be addressed soon!

  10. Does anyone know when generally the Halloween decor goes clearance? I want to TRY to plan ahead this year!

  11. I just dealt with the same cash register issue and matching. I matched the Nivea lip care that Walgreens had on sale at Target. The first time I tried, it was a disaster. One cashier said it had to match the “picture” in the ad. When we finally got past that, the other cashier (who was actually ringing up my merchandise) said that I wouldn’t be able to use my coupons because it took the cost down to below 0. When we finally got past that (because the coupons only brought the cost down to 0), I had 2 of the dreaded $2.00 off 2 coupons. She said that she was “not allowed” to manually adjust the coupon to account for the $2.00 off 2 but that I could use them for $1.00. By that time, my patience had packed up and gone on vacation. I left the merchandise there and went home and called and talked to a manager, who was very nice and apologized and said all employees were informed about policies and how to deal with coupons. I went back this morning and got a different cashier, who was very knowledgeable and the transection went through with no problem. I wish the employees would listen when they are educated about coupons and the registers, etc. I would make things much easier. Any time I have talked with a manager, they have always said the same thing, that the cashiers and floor managers are all trained and that this sort of thing shouldn’t happen. I will still shop at Target because I do love their store and the deals I can get there, but I hope they get this problem resolved soon. 🙂

  12. I had trouble @ Wal Mart buying the 5/$5 Kraft cheese. Once the Q was scanned it only took off $2! I brought it to the cashier’s attention & luckily i picked up bags with the $5 green peelie on it & pointed it out to them. It was over rided to $5.

  13. Here is another news tidbit, I had posted it a while back in the comments. It actually aired in August.

    Target shorted me about $8 on my last trip from coupons not ringing up right. You just have to watch what they are doing. I have started to carry a calculator with me in that store to make sure my totals match up right. Crazy…

    The Kraft Cheese coupon is not ringing up anywhere for me. Walmart, it comes in at $2 so thats an override. Target it came in at $0. King Soopers they had to manually enter it.

  14. I was looking through the ad for the Lock-Its you mentioned and noticed the FREE TARGET TECH SUPPORT number on page 3 lower right. I think we need a FREE TARGET COUPON SUPPORT number we & the cashiers can call to know how to deal with each problem, a line dedicated just for this. 🙂

  15. I haven’t been to Target in a month, since the last time they refused to take 2 Target Qs. I used to stop in every week and browse the whole store for clearance!

  16. the news video isn’t there…haven’t able to see one of these yet. Another afc member did one in La. they asked me to do sf,but I’d be too nervous. Still hoping to watch at least one of these. the news sites must make them hard to find.

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