Target 5% Off Every Day: Already in Place for Some

So while the official start date of the new 5% Off Rewards Program for REDCard holders  is this Sunday, October 17th, I received an e-mail from Marisa this morning that they have already put it in place at her Sioux City, IA store. Guests in Kansas City (the test market for this program) have been enjoying this program since last year! Marisa was also told that many stores in the midwest have already put this into effect. Let us know if they’ve already started this in your store and what you think!

If you have not heard of this program yet, this new rewards system will give customers using a REDcard (check or credit card) 5% instantly off their purchases every time they shop and use their card. It is my understanding that you get the 5% off upon payment (when you swipe your REDcard) and the discount shows up on your receipt. The discount is taken after all coupons and before tax and I believe any Gift Cards purchased in your order are exempt from the discount.

You can check out the comments on my original post on this new program HERE where we had several readers from the Kansas City test Market give their opinions and thoughts. The initial Press Release on this new 5% Program as well as changes to the Pharmacy Rewards program can be found on the Target site HERE.

-Thanks Marisa & thanks to all those in KC who shared their thoughts on the previous post!

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  1. It’s up and running at Targets in the south metro of the Twin Cities! I actually noticed it by accident when I used my card to buy something at Food Avenue and it went down 4 whole cents! 😉 So then, needless to say, I turned around and started shopping! My total was $90.xx and after I swiped the card it automatically adjusted down to $86 something!

  2. Dont forget today and tomorrow are the only days you could save 15% with a Target credit card approval and you dont have to use the 10% that day, you could use it within the next 30 days before it expires and automatically get 5% with and thereafter. If you get the Check card you and get the temporary card youll save the 5% right there or otherwise get your card in 7-10 days. Everyone is approved for the checkcard but only some get the temporary card. This is going to increase sales by guest knowing theyll always save 5%.

  3. how does this benefit Target? If your using a debit card and it comes straight out of your checking account target is not getting any interest . So I guess I am just wondering what’s in it for them. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for the 5% discount yippee especially when there is a 10% tax here where I live .Just don’t see how they benefit unless they figure you’ll just be more apt to shop there because of the discount.

  4. My husband tried his at the downtown Minneapolis Target yesterday and it was running. I think that is the only Target in Minnesota that will be starting early. It wasn’t in effect at the Plymouth, MN Target when I was there last night.

  5. Best part is that you get another 5% off the day you apply for the new credit or debit card! AND…if you do so before the regularly scheduled day of release, you get 10% for that day..and that is besides the regular 5%. So today as I signed up, I got 5% off and THEN ANOTHER 10%!!! WOOHOO!!!! Might go back and shop some more tonight!!! The extra 10% is only good today, the day I signed up!

  6. I live in Kansas City and have been enjoying this for a while. But now excited that I can use my card outside of the city. Does anyone know if you still get it at I didn’t in July, but that could have been since not everyone gets the 5% back.

  7. @ Gretchen in HB ~ you could also just get the debit REDcard instead – same benefits without the credit issue. See jacqueline’s comment #13 above.

  8. Darn you, Target! I paid off my Red Card in April (following Dave Ramsey’s plan!) and I cut it up! This is tempting me to order a new card, grrrrrrrrrr!

  9. 15% off sounds really nice… Maybe do my Christmas shopping on that trip and apply for the CC and save 15%… Hmm… I need to start making a list:-) Thanks ladies.

  10. Started in my store in cali yesterday. If you want to apply for a check card just take a check and have your id and if you apply for a credit card youll get a total of 15% off your total purchase if approved!

  11. Krista- The Debit card is linked directly to your checking account. It is a debit card that can only be used at Target. So great if you don’t want the credit card bill!

  12. Natalie – Thanks for the response. I guess I’m confused since I’m interested in the debit card and not credit. So, how would I pay for a purchase if there’s no money in the card since it’s debit? Thanks for the info.

  13. I shopped at my Target in the Detroit area last night and was surprised to find the 5% applied when I looked at my receipt!!

  14. Yes it is in place in stores in Boynton Beach Florida and Delray beach Florida. I work for Target and they needed to “test” the computers so it started early!! Yipee!! Swipe your REDcard and the 5% comes right off!
    Krista- you can go to your target and ask the cashier to apply for the card Debit or Credit, or you can apply online. One tip is you might want to go when you will make a big purchse before Oct 17 b/c they are still giving the 10% off your first purchse when you open up the card and are approved on the spot. You have to use it for that purchase.

  15. dumb question for those that have this already…so they give you your total, you swipe your card, and the total goes down 5% once it’s swiped? Or how does it work?

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