A Few Clearance Finds & Other Tidbits from My InBox

Here’s a few tidbits from my inbox. Unfortunately most of these will need to be grabbed today, but in case you are heading out to Target today- here’s a few things that may interest you…

BRITA PITCHERS: Holly found Brita Pitchers on clearance for $4.54 at her Target Store.  There was a $4/1 MQ in the 8-22-10 SS, and there will be another $4/1 Brita Pour-Through or Faucet Mount System in tomorrow’s 10-17-10 SS as well. What a great buy if you find the same at your store! – Thanks Holly at iGoBOGO!

THERAFLU: If you have the Pharmacy Booklet- Brenda let me know about a great deal on the Theraflu sale for $3.99.  The sale is only through today but there is a $2/1 Theraflu coupon HERE and two of these paired with the $5/2 Theraflu Target Coupon in the Pharmacy booklet, gets you 2 TheraFlu for FREE. They are $4.99 regular price, so after today they will be 2 for .98 cents with those same coupons.  -Thanks Brenda!

ENERGIZER LITHIUM: Annette let me know about a $2/1 Energizer Ultimate Lithium or Advanced Lithium Batteries in sizes A or AA Manufacturer Coup0n you can print HERE.  There is a $2/1 Energizer Lithium Batteries 4 pk or Larger Target Store Q HERE you can pair it with, and these batteries are on price cut through today, 10/16 for $7.99.  *Note* This coupon is a legit PDF, but looks like an ink killer to me- but if you can find a way to print it withough printing the whole page it’s a nice high value coupon. –Thanks Annette!

PEPSI: Aly spotted a Target Coupon tear pad in her Target Cafe for .50/1 Pepsi 2 liter. – Thanks Aly!

FLU SHOT BONUS: Sindia wrote in that in with her paperwork from getting a flu shot in the Target pharmacy, she got a coupon for a $10 Gift card with a new or transferred prescription. Definitely something to ask about at your store.  – Thanks Sindia!

OLAY BONUS PACKS: And if you are headed in to Target TODAY (last day for this deal)- be sure to look for those clearance Olay Bonus Packs that are part of the $5 Olay/Venus/Skintimate/Secret Gift Card Deal! They have been spotted as low as $3.48 at some stores. If your store is participating in this deal, you will need to buy 3 to get the Gift Card, use three $1.50/1 Olay Bar, Body Wash, In-Shower Body Lotion or Hand & Body Lotion 9-26-10 PG to get some super cheap Olay Body Wash!

If you are doing this deal and this deal ONLY- your coupons are NOT going to scan properly. There is what I like to call the $10 Invisible MQ Coupon Glitch that will affect your deal. Unless your store realizes that they are having issues with their registers and is willing to push these coupons through as store coupons, it will not work. If you know you are likely to have problems- and want the coupons to go through without a hitch- you need to have enough non-coupon merchandise to absorb your coupon value. Example…

Buy 3 Olay Bonus Packs for $3.48 = $10.44 – $10 in ivisible MQs = .44 cents. MINUS $4.50 in coupon value (the 3 $1.50/1 Olay coupons you want to use) = $4.06 in needed merchandise to absorb your coupon value. Consider purchasing Produce or Milk or other items that will be used and are not just being purchased randomly so you can get the deal. If you try this deal without other items, and find them for $3.48 too, right off the bat your first coupon will not work properly and will scan at .44 cents and the other 2 will scan at zero.

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  1. Kerry,

    It seems to me what you are saying is that Target is deducting the value of the free gift card promotion (+more) to the value of your bundle before any coupons are deducted.
    That’s very sneaky!


  2. Thanks Kerry- everything worked out just right for me at Target tonight. Olay was $4.24 but still a good deal all around.

  3. Kerry, thanks so much for explaining about the gift card deal. This happen to me at Target today. I did 2 GC deals: FREE $5 Gift Card wyb any 3 Select Venus Embrace and FREE $5 Gift Card wyb any 3 Olay BW. I also bought some other miscellaneous items. I gave the cashier the 3 $2.50 gillette/venus embrace TQ first but they wouldn’t scan. Did you have any theories why? So the cashier enter them as store coupons. When I handed the cashier the 3 $2 venus embrace MFQ, the first two came off the full value, but the third coupon only took off $.73. Shouldn’t the full $2 value come off since I bought a bunch of other items like bread, toritilla, and candy to absorb the cost. The olay gc deal work fine and the cashier was able to scan the 3 $1.50 MFQ. I hope I made sense.

  4. Kerry- Thanks so much :)! I think you are right-it shouldn’t add in the gift card. It even looks weird on the receipt. I am heading to Target now and will post and let you know how it goes.
    Thanks again

  5. Hey April- you will get that gift card no matter what- even if by some fluke you find the Olay on clearance for .50 cents each it won’t matter. The computer is only looking for 3 of the right qualifying products to prompt the gift card, not what the prices are.

    The problem is- the register is applying a mysterious $10 in manufacturer coupons when gift cards are involved. So for example- you buy 3 bonus packs of Olay at $3.48 each and the cashier turns around and says $10.44 please- you have not even handed over 1 coupon yet- BUT inside the computer when those items scanned it is convinced that you have already applied or used $10 in manufacturer’s coupons already. That is why when you go to scan the first coupon- it will only scan for .44 cents because that’s all the computer sees as you having room left for.

    When something higher priced is prompting a Gift Card you don’t have interference like this because there is plenty left in your total to absorb the coupon value. For Example- take the Arm & Hammer deal that starts tomorrow- buy 2 Arm & Hammer Cat Litter for $12.99 get a $5 Gift Card. So you buy 2 cat litter = $25.98 – $10 in invisible MQs = $15.98 still left to absorb your coupon value. SO unless you had some HUGE Cat litter coupons in your arsenal to use ;), there is plenty left to absorb your coupons even after the invisible $10.

    hth- but let me know if you have another question.

    imo this whole thing is a result of how when doing a Gift Card Deal- Target adds in the Gift Card as if it is a purchase and then minuses it out back at the end- but I am no computer expert. They have been doing that for a long time, BUT perhaps there is some sort of conlict when they put the new POS system into place in June that causes this $10 to now be read as a manufacturer coupon(s). That’s when it started happening for me. Before that I never ever had problems using coupons on GifT Card Deals. But even though it is a PITA for now- I just have managed to figure out when it happens and when it is going to cause problems and how to work around it.

  6. Hi Kerry – I don’t understand the $10 invisible MQ glitch…can you tell me what it is? I think it’s that you have to have $10 worth of merchandise to qualify for the gift card but with 3 $1.50 coupons it puts you lower than the $10 and won’t trigger the $5 gift card. Is that right?

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